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Baby Just Say Yes

Holding Out For Hope

Rayleigh heard movements on the other side of the stone door, and she looked up from her crouched position in the corner of the room. There were no windows and no furniture in the room, just cold, clammy walls and a disgusting carpet floor.
"So, I see you haven't moved from your former position yet." The woman who had kidnapped and separated her and Brian said, a sardonic smirk on her face. "Why so uncomfortable? I think we've been rather gracious, giving you this room."
"Fuck you." Rayleigh spat quietly. The woman smiled and kneeled to Ray's level.
"Your husband will be, soon." She said to Ray, her tone implying that it was more promise than threat. "And just for you, we'll let you watch."
Rayleigh's head jerked up, and without a second thought, she slapped her hard across the face and glared at her. "You will not touch my husband." She told the woman in a throaty voice. "Do whatever the fuck you want to me; you will not hurt my husband."
"But really, Rayleigh, what condition are you in to be telling me what I will and won't do?" Andrea asked sarcastically. "That's okay; Mitch has shown an interest in you. Maybe you'll get a little enlightenment on the male anatomy."
"Fuck you." Rayleigh whispered before shoving her head down on her arms again, not wanting to look at the woman any longer. She felt as if she was going to be sick. And with that, the woman sat up and laughed coldly one last time before walking out of the small, prison-like room, leaving Rayleigh to herself in the darkness, only a small sconce on the wall to light the room. Without much choice on her part, Rayleigh began nodding off; in part from the exhaustion, and in part from sheer stress. She didn't know when she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she opened her eyes to see that her small room had been left unchanged. No furniture, no food. Nothing. Just the grungy floor and the cold, chocolate-brown walls she assumed were there to give her the hallucination that she was suffocating. The hallucination worked, and she felt as if she couldn't escape it. Suddenly her pocket began to vibrate, and she curiously checked to see what object was in there. When they'd been kidnapped, she'd assumed that she'd been completely searched before being placed into the room. She saw that it was her small cellphone. A text had come in from Matt Berry, one of the band's friends. She opened it, reading his message: Where are you? Haven't heard from you in 3 days
So it had been three days since they'd been kidnapped. She'd had no food, and barely any water in those three days, and fleeting sleep. But here was the light at the end of her long and bleak tunnel: she had a cell-phone with two battery bars, and full service bars. She heard movement on the other side of the door again, and quickly turned her phone off before shoving it back into her pocket. Just as she was getting back into her hunched, painful position, a man she had never seen before walked in, a tiny bowl with a minimal amount of food in his hand, along with a tiny bottle water.
"Here's your food. Better enjoy it; Andrea isn't too pleased with you." He said, putting it on the floor.
"Who the fuck are you?" She asked in her cracked voice. He looked at her, a confident smirk on his face.
"First off, Ms. Coslov, we are the ones who ask the questions around here. Secondly, foul language will not be permitted. You will not be given a meal for every day that you swear; tomorrow you will not eat. And thirdly, to answer you're hideously asked question, my name is Mitch Slovman."
The color drained from her face when she realized she remembered the name faintly from somewhere: Mitch had been one of her father's best business associates.
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