Status: Completed, after eleven months and four days. XD

Baby Just Say Yes

Day Four

"It's been five days, guys." Matt said angrily, pacing back in forth in the living room of Brian's home. Cayden and Jaimee were under the care of Val and Lacey upstairs, being kept away from all the stress of their missing parents. "We need to act now."
"Our source says he's found where they most likely are. Right now, he's working on getting on the inside." Charlie said. "Shouldn't take long for him to get in; he's a genuinely bad guy."
All heads whipped to face him. "Then why are we trusting them?!" Zacky yelled at Charlie.
"Because he's been our friend since before he went bad, and he doesn't like to see innocents hurt."
"That's what they all say," Jimmy said angrily. "Tell me where they're at; I'll bust the damn doors down myself."
"You can't do that, Jimmy." Leana said, walking into the room from the kitchen, where she'd been making coffee. It was four o'clock in the morning; they'd hardly slept at all, and even when they had slept it was only under the influence of a crushed sleeping pill slipped into the coffee by one of the girls. "That won't solve anything."
"How long until we can get to them?" Matt asked Charlie, who looked at the floor.
"A week, tops. This guy has been in an on-and-off drug relationship with Coslov for a year and half or so."
"What can we do in the meantime?" Johnny asked.
"Sit and wait." Charlie said. "And keep the twins safe. I'm sure they haven't forgotten about Cayden and Jaimee; they'll want to completely tear Rayleigh's family apart."
"MATT!" Val screamed from the upstairs. Immediately everyone ran upstairs to where she was, in the twin's room, where she and Lacey were crying hysterically.
"What's wrong?"
"C-C-Cayden's gone!" She sobbed angrily. "Lacey too!"
"What? Where is she?" Johnny asked, fear in his voice.
"I h-had to take J-Jaimee into the b-bathroom with m-me because L-Lacey couldn't watch them both a-and when I g-got back they w-were gone!" She wailed.
"I'm going to fucking kill him!" Johnny said. He turned to Charlie. "You tell your source that he has a day to get in and get them all out of there, or I'm going to fucking kill him!"
"Johnny, that's--"
"Don't tell me it's not logical, Leana!" Johnny screamed at her. "First two of my best friend's are kidnapped by a pair of psychotic assholes. And then my girlfriend and nephew are kidnapped!"
"I'll tell him." Charlie said quietly, walking out of the room to call the source, warning him to get in sooner rather than later.