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Baby Just Say Yes

An Unexpected Allie

"Would you just shut up already? I'm trying to help you." The man known as Mitch grunted at her as she struggled against him. He was currently trying to remove her bindings, which her father had put on her just earlier that day.
"Help me? You tell me you're trying to help me? How stupid are you? Seriously, like I'm gonna buy that bullshit." She said at him, backhanding him with her now-free wrist.
"I'm not really Mitch," He told her. "I'm his brother Billie. Please believe me, or you're gonna get us all killed."
"What do you mean all? It's just me and Brian here, not you too."
"They got Lacey and one of your kids yesterday." Mitch...or Billie...or whoever he was said to her. She widened her eyes, and then she spat on his face.
"You're an asshole. Using kids like that! You're fucking pathetic!"
"I'm not--"
"Get away from me!" She screamed at him. "Just kill me and be done with it!"
"No one's going to kill you, Rayleigh. I promise." He told her. "Just calm down, okay? We're going to get through this."
Finally, after another twenty minutes of her struggling, she realized she didn't have a choice but to at least try to trust him. She had no reason to believe he was going to hurt her, since he'd told her about Lacey and Cayden. And he promised her he'd help get Brian, too, once she was safe and sound.
"Okay. Here's the plan," Billie told her in a hushed whisper. "You see that vent up there?"
She looked up at the ceiling, where there was a small vent in the center of the room. She looked at him like he was psychotic, and then nodded.
"Yeah. I see it. I'm not going to get through that. I'm fat." She told him. He shook his head and then smiled at her.
"You're not fat, Rayleigh. You're one of the smallest adults I know."
She looked at him sarcastically. "Thanks. No comments from the peanut gallery, please."
He smiled in spite of himself, and then stood up on the chair to which she'd been tied, and then unscrewed the vent covering. When he was done doing that, he got back on the floor and looked at her.
"Okay. We don't have much time."
"I don't have much time, you mean." She corrected him. He sighed and nodded.
"Yeah. You need to keep following that vent until the end. I'll make sure the end is unscrewed so you don't have to kick it in and make noise. Just plop to the ground and run."
"What about Brian?" She asked him. "And Cayden and Lacey?"
"We'll worry about them after you're safe, Rayleigh. I promise they'll get out too."
She gave him one last uncertain look before nodding and climbing into the vent, using all of the strength she had left to hoist herself up into the small, claustrophobic area.
"Here goes nothing," She muttered to herself as she started crawling herself quietly to freedom.
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Sorry it took so long for this update. In my defense, I had a lot of stuff going on and then there's the fact that I was on a standstill on what to do and how to get her out of the mess I put her in.