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Baby Just Say Yes

The Great Escape

"What do you mean, she's gone?" Rayleigh heard a voice that sounded like Andrea ask who she assumed was Billie. She stopped above this duct for a few reasons. She didn't want them to hear her crawling above them, and she wanted to see exactly what Billie would say.
"I mean, she must have figured out a way to get loose, because she's not in that room." He told her.
"Mitch, you're not stupid. How did she get out? Did she crawl through the vent system?" Andrea asked. "Maybe we should send someone up there."
This question is what it all came down to. If Billie was indeed trustworthy, he would tell them not to go up in there; that she had found another way to go out. But if he wasn't as loyal as he said he was, then he would give it away. She felt her heart stop for a minute when she heard his reply.
"No," Billie said casually. "She couldn't go through the vent system. It's too small, and it gets too hot up there. She'd have already died if she went through there."
Andrea stopped for a minute, and Rayleigh waited to hear what her response would be. After a second, she breathed a breath of relief. "Yes, you're right. Check all the gates leading off the grounds."
"Already underway." Billie said. "I've set up cameras on all gates."
Rayleigh inwardly groaned. Now she wasn't quite sure how she was going to get out of the vent. She continued climbing slowly through the vent. She could see the light at the end of the venting system when she heard a baby crying faintly. A baby who's cry she'd know anywhere. It was her baby.
"Shhh," She heard Lacey say. "It'll be okay, Cayd. We'll get out of this. I promise"
"Lacey?" She whispered down into the vent.
"Ray? Where are you?" Lacey asked, her voice fearful.
"In the vent." She said quietly. "Help me get in there."
"I don't--wait, no! You need to get out of here, Ray! Go!" Lacey said in an urgent whisper.
"No, Lacey. I can't leave without you or the other two." She said, moving the vent. Somehow she must have convinced Lacey to help her, because a few seconds later, the vent became loose, and Lacey grabbed it. Rayleigh jumped into the room, and saw Cayden sitting on the chair. When he saw his mother, he squealed happily, having not forgotten her. She ran over to the baby and picked him up into her arms.
"Cayden!" She said, tears falling out of her eyes. "I missed you so much! Mommy loves you so much, Cayden."
"We gotta hurry." Lacey said. "I'll hand him up into the vent with you. We have to go."
"Not without Brian." She told Lacey. "Take Cayden and get out of here, in case me and Brian can't get out right now. Get an exact location and tell the others where we're at."
Lacey saw the urgency in Rayleigh's face, and then nodded uncomfortably. "Fine, I'll do it." She told Rayleigh. "But you need to realize that it's not what I want to do."
"Thank you, for being such a good friend." Rayleigh said, hugging her. "I'm not going to forget it."
"I know," Lacey said, hugging her back. Rayleigh gave Cayden one last kiss on the forehead. "Mommy and Daddy will be home with you soon." She told her son, before helping Lacey up into the vent. She handed the baby to her, and then replaced the vent. She heard Lacey start to go, and then looked around for Brian.
"Okay," She said to herself. "Where's Brian?"
"He's in that room over there, Andrea." A voice that was passing by in the hallway said. She looked over to see an idiotic-looking man walking past them. She smiled at her sheer luck, and walked into the room the man had pointed out. Brian was tied to a chair and appeared to be sleeping.
"Brian?" She asked quietly. "Brian, are you dead?"
His head shot up, and when he saw Rayleigh, his eyes widened.
"Ray, you need to get out of here." He said urgently. "Forget me, just go!"
"I'm involved now," She smiled, quoting her favorite movie line. "I can't just go."
"You stole that from Titanic." He smiled weakly.
"You guys have to get out of here now." Billie said from the door. "I can only hold her away for so long. Andrea's livid, and it's only a matter of time before she figures out who helped you get out. The gate on the east end of the estate will be open with no cameras going. Now scram!"
Rayleigh quickly untied Brian, and then they made a run for the window, which they crashed through. Billie gave them an oh, shit look, but left the room. They ran for the east gate, and five minutes later, it was open.
"Hey! Stop them!" Andrea's yell came from behind them. Brian grabbed Ray's arm and pushed her forward.
"Go!" He said. "Run in front of me, in case she has a gun."
She was going to argue, but there wasn't enough time. She did as he told her to, and they made it through the gate with gunfire behind them.
"Shit, now what do we do?" Brian asked her. She looked around, trying to find a taxi on the busy street. She had no idea where she was at. A taxi finally reached them just as Andrea was running through the gate, and she flagged him down just in time. She opened the door and Brian pushed her in, climbing in behind her. He shut the door just barely before Andrea reached it.
"Go!" Rayleigh screamed at the driver.
"What's going on, Ma'am?" The driver asked.
"Look, she has a gun. Drive first, then ask questions." Brian told her.
"Who has a gun?" The driver asked, his face draining of color as he began driving quickly.
"The one chasing us. When we get far enough away, pull over. We need to pull the lisence plates off."
"What? Look, I'm a city driver. I can't--"
"It'll save your life," Rayleigh told him. "She's got your plate numbers, and she'll come after you. She'll kill you and your family. She tried it with us, there's nothing stopping her from doing it to you."
"Okay, alright." The driver relented anxiously. "I have a four year old little girl."
"We have newborn twins." Brian told the driver, trying to make small talk. "Her parents are the ones behind this whole mess."
The driver looked through the rear-view mirror, as if he recognized Rayleigh from somewhere. "You're couldn't be them." He told himself.
"Who? Who do you think we are?" Rayleigh asked the driver.
"You couldn't be Rayleigh and Brian Haner, could you? They have been all over the news for the last three days."
Rayleigh and Brian looked at each other, and then back to the front. "What for? Are they in trouble?" Brian finally asked.
"No," The driver told them. "They were kidnapped, as well as their little boy and a friend of theirs. Police are trying to find them as we speak. Why? Do you know them?"
Rayleigh threw her head back and laughed before looking at the Hispanic driver. "We are them, sir."
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