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Baby Just Say Yes

Finally A Family Again

"So you're Rayleigh and Brian Haner. I never would have--I mean, is there anything---" The driver started quickly when Rayleigh told him their identities.
"There's nothing we need but to get home and make sure that Lacey got Cayden home too." Brian told the man kindly. "We appreciate your kindness, and you'll be paid when we get where we're going."
"Oh, no." The driver said humbly. "I cannot allow you to pay me after such a horrible event. This is my pleasure, to help you."
Rayleigh smiled, and then laid her head on Brian's dirty shirt. "You don't think she followed us, do you?"
"No," He replied. "It's in the middle of sunlight in Los Angeles. She wouldn't have followed us. She'll wait until later to go after the lisence plates."
At the mention of that, the driver pulled over and handed Brian a screwdriver.
"I'm not very good with tools, would you get the lisence plates off?" He asked him. Brian nodded, and then walked out of the vehicle to the rear end, where he kneeled to get the plates off. Five minutes later, he returned with the screwdriver and plates in hand.
"Here," He said, handing them to the driver. "Just make sure that they're somewhere she can't see them. Take them into your house or something. Then get new lisence plates tomorrow, or as soon as possible."
The driver nodded, and they started driving again.
"It'll be a long drive," He said, looking into the rearview mirror. "I'll take you all the way to Huntington Beach. The two of you should get some sleep."
Brian nodded, and Rayleigh laid her head on his lap as she spread out along the length of the backseat. After she was asleep, Brian looked at the driver.
"Do you have a cellphone that I can use?" He asked him. The driver nodded and grabbed it from the visor, handing it back to Brian. He dialed Johnny's number, and after a few seconds, he answered.
"Look, you sunsuvbitches, if you don't--" Johnny started angrily.
"Johnny, chill. It's me." Brian said with a sigh. He could hear the tension ease away when he said that.
"Seriously, dude? How the fuck did you--where are you at--where's Ray?" He asked quickly.
"We're in a cab just leaving Los Angeles, headed for Huntington. We kinda just got out, I'm not sure how Ray managed to get loose, and she's sleeping."
"Don't go to your old house," Johnny said quickly. "It...they burned it down, Brian." Johnny said. "The new one is in Van Nuys. Remember that house Ray always liked that she never told her parents about?"
"Yeah," Brian said, smiling. "You guys got it for us? We'll pay you back when we get there, okay?"
Johnny laughed. "Not necessary. Turns out one of the HU guys knew how to hack, and he got into your bank account to do the whole thing legally, but still illegally, you know?"
At that, Brian laughed again.
"Alright, dude. We'll see you when we get there."

A few hours later, the cab parked in front of a beautiful, Victorian mansion with a beautiful circular drive in the back with flowers of all kinds bordering it.
"Brian, why are we here?" Rayleigh asked him, confused. "This isn't our home."
"It is now," He told her. "They burned down the other house, Ray. So Johnny and the others got this one."
Her eyes started watering, and she hugged him. "Where's--JAIMEE!!!" She said, seeing Val carrying her baby girl out to the taxi. She ran over to the the woman and hugged her tightly before taking her baby girl, holding her in her arms.
"I missed you so much, Jaimee." She said, kissing her daughter's forehead. Brian came up behind her and stroked his daughter's hair as well.
"I missed you too, Jaimee." He said quietly, looking at his baby girl, who's eyes had brightened upon seeing her parents.
"Now all we need is for Lacey and Cayden to get here."
"We're right here," Lacey said, walking out of the house with Cayden in her arms. "I had to change his diaper real quick, though."
She walked over to Brian and Rayleigh, and handed him to them.
"We're finally a family again," Rayleigh said, hugging her little boy and little girl, Brian's arms around her shoulders.
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This isn't the last chapter, but the next one will be a little bit in the future when Jaimee and Cayden are older.