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Baby Just Say Yes

5 Years Later

"Cayden, play nice with Landon." Rayleigh called to her little boy five years later from the porch of their home, Matt and Val sitting next to her watching their child play with their friends.
"But he spat on me, Mommy!" He called back in a whiny voice.
"Then go spit on him. Don't hit him, though." Val called to her son's friend. "That's what little boys do."
"I'm not a little boy!" Cayden called to her. "I'm a big boy!"
"Yes, we know." Rayleigh sighed, placing a hand on her forehead.
"Mommy!" Jaimee called from inside, where she was playing with Johnny and Lacey's three year old daughter Paige. "Can we have some lemonade?"
"Sure, sweetie." Rayleigh said, getting up to get it out of the fridge.
"I'll come help make a snack." Val said, standing as well. She looked at Matt and then pecked him on the cheek. "Can you watch Cayden and Landon for awhile?"
"Sure," He told her, kissing her on the lips again. "I'm sure they'll be hungry after awhile."
"Hey!" Zacky said, coming around the corner from the garage, where he'd been working on a birthday present for Cayden and Jaimee. "Did I hear someone say something about a snack?"
"Don't--" Rayleigh started.
"Uncew Zacky!!!" Cayden and Landon called enthusiastically at thet same time, running over to him. All the kids loved hanging out with Zacky, and he liked playing with them since he was still just an over-grown kid.
"They've grown up a lot in the last five years." Val said as she started preparing the ant logs she'd decided to make. Rayleigh nodded as she poured the Limeade she knew her daughter meant when she said lemonade into four glasses for the kids.
"I know. I'm just glad they don't remember what happened when they were little." Rayleigh told Val.
"Mommy," Jaimee said from the table. She looked over at her daughter and smiled.
"Didn't Gamma say she was coming over today?" The little girl asked impatiently, referring to Brian's mom Suzie. She smiled warmly at her little girl.
"Yes, she did. She's bringing you guys your gifts today, too."
"Is Papa Gates coming over?" She inquired again. She nodded, starting to pour the fourth glass of Limeade.
"Yes, he's coming with Grandma." She replied to her little gir.
"Then what about my other Gamma and Gampa?" Jaimee asked inquisitively. Rayleigh froze, and she almost over-filled the glass before Val calmly stopped her.
"They won't be able to make it this year, Sweetie."
"But they didn't come last year, either!" Jaimee said, tears starting to form in her eyes.
"I know, Sweetheart. But they're busy people." Rayleigh tried to explain, not sure how to put it. "They sent a card, though."
At this, Jaimee's eyes brightened.
"They did?"
"Yeah, they sure did." Brian said, walking into the kitchen, holding two cards. One was in a blue envelope and the other was in a little pink one. Neither Rayleigh nor Brian were planning on letting Cayden and Jaimee know that they themselves had gone and gotten the cards; that Suzie and Papa Gates had signed them sloppily to make it look like another set of caring grandparents.
"The pink one's mine!" Jaimee said, reaching out for the card and accidentally bumping Paige in the head. The three year old started to cry, and her father soon entered the kitchen.
"What's wrong, Buggy?" He aked, kissing her nose.
"Jaimee hitteded me!" The little girl sobbed.
"I'm sure she didn't mean to, honey." Johnny told his daughter. "Jaimee, did you apologize?"
"I sorry, Paige." Jaimee said, kissing the toddler's forehead. "Let's go play Barbies!"
"Yeah!" Paige said, the nonexistant pain from the so-called hit that Jaimee had given her gone. She followed Jaimee up the stairs to her bedroom. When Rayleigh was sure the girls were gone, she slumped onto a chair, ready to break down in tears.
"There's nothing you could have done to stop that question, Ray." Val said, knowing what Rayleigh was thinking. "Sometimes kids just figure things out like that."
"I could have done something else," Ray said, her voice cracking. Brian walked across the room and hugged her to his chest, kissing her cheek.
"She's fine, Ray. You're fine. We're all fine."
"I should h-have told them th-that they're dead." She sobbed, clutching at his shirt. "Then th-they wouldn't m-miss them!"
"They'd find out one way or another, and then they would have just been madder than hell. Especially with Brian's temper in their genes." Val smiled, trying to make a joke out of it. Just then, the doorbell rang. Rayleigh gave Brian a strange look.
"Was Adam supposed to come over today?"
"Not until later." He told her. "He's still getting their cars worked on."
"Then who's at--" Rayleigh asked. Brain cut her off and went to his small, but still deadly, gun cabinet that was locked in the basement. He came back upstairs with a revolver, and walked to the front door. He peeked through the peekhole to see a UPS delivery man, and sighed a breath of relief. He put the gun in a drawer and shut it before opening the door.
"Is this the Haner residence?" The delivery man asked, holding a small envelope.
"Yes, it is. How can I help you?"
"Someone sent this lettter, but for some reason it didn't go into your daily mail. I thought I should probably get it to you." He said, handing the innocent-looking envelope to Brian. He nodded with a smile.
"Thank you," He said, shutting the door as the man walked back to his truck.
"Ray!" He called to his wife, who walked into the living room.
"What is it?" She asked him, seeing the envelope.
"There's no address except ours on it, Ray." He told her, his eyes giving away what he thought. He handed her the envelope when she held her hand out for it, and she opened it slowly, exposing what seemed to be an innocent-enough card. She opened it, and her face went pale as she read the contents aloud:
"Dearest Rayleigh, Brian, Cayden, Jaimee, and Friends,
It's been five long years since we've last seen each other. Wouldn't it be terrific if we could get together for awhile? Await our visit,
Mother and Father Coslov
"They wouldn't." Jimmy said angrily. "I thought the cops dealt with all this shit."
"Uncew Jimmy said a bad wowrd!" Cayden said, pointing at Jimmy and laughing.
"Sweetie, take Landon and go play in your room." Rayleigh said.
"But, Mo--"
"Now, Cayden." She said, making her tone more motherly-serious. The little boy immediately understood, and nodded. The two little boys ran upstairs to his bedroom.
"Not again," Rayleigh moaned in part anger-part sadness. "This can't be happening again."