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Baby Just Say Yes

San Quentin State Prison

"What do you mean there's nothing you can do?" Brian asked the cop angrily. The sheriff, who had been there when Rayleigh and the rest of the guys had been arrested in the infamous pot incident, sighed and leaned back in his chair, trying to crack his back.
"There's no way to prove it came from them, Mr. Haner. And even if it did come from your wife's parents, there is no way Richard Coslov could be a part of it. He will be in San Quentin for the rest of his life." The cop explained.
"Could you tell those kids out there that they're in immediate danger because of something the cops never took care of?" Brian asked, pointing through the glass window leading to the lobby area of the police head quarters, where Cayden and Jaimee sat playing with building blocks. The cop looked at them and sighed, throwing his hands up.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Haner. But there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe if there were actual evidence something could be done." He told Brian, who sighed irritably.
"So now the letter's not evidence. Is that what you're saying? It's in her mother's handwriting. That should be enough for you to get off your ass and do something before my family has to go through what we did five years ago!" Brian yelled angrily.
"Mr. Haner, calm down." The sheriff said. Brian glared at him angrily, and then stood up.
"If your police department won't do anything about this, I'm going to the press. Maybe they can change your mind." Brian said, starting to walk out of the room.
"Is that a threat, Mr. Haner?" The policeman asked him, also standing up. "I don't take kindly to threats around here."
Brian turned and faced the man. "It's not a threat if I actually do it, Sheriff. Have a good day."
Brian stormed out of the sheriff's office and over to Rayleigh, who stood up when she saw her husband exit the room angrily.
"What's going--"
"Let's go." Brian told her, picking Cayden up.
"Jaimee, come on. It's time to go." Rayleigh said, holding her daughter's hand. They walked out of the police station, the sheriff glaring angrily at them as they left. As soon as he was sure the Haners were out of the building and well on their way to wherever it was they were going, he picked up his cellphone.
"This is Sheriff Doug McCray. Have Inmate 2205 in a waiting room in about six hours. I need to talk to him." He said into his cellphone. After confirmation was given, he hung up his phone and got into his squad car, driving the entire way with his lights on.
When he got there, there was a female guard at the entrance.
"What is your name?" She asked stiffly.
"Sheriff Doug McCray of Los Angeles County. I need to discuss something with Inmate 2205." He said, showing her his badge and registration. She nodded.
"He's in Waiting Room 20." She told him.
"Thank you, Ma'am." He said, walking into the building and down several hallways before he finally arrived at the waiting room. He opened the door, and Richard Coslov was sitting there, his hands shackled to the stainless steel table and his legs shackled to the chair he was sitting on.
"Sheriff McCray, how nice of you to drop in." Richard said, perhaps a little too warmly.
"What the fuck were you thinking, Richard?" McCray said through gritted teeth. his face mere centimeters away from Richard's own face.
"Whatever do you mean, Sheriff?"
"Cut the shit, Richard. We both know why I'm here." McCray told him. Richard's face brightened.
"Tell me, how are they? The children, I mean. Abigail told me she hasn't seen them since they were babies. For that matter, neither have I." He said, his voice too pleasant to be real. Underneath lay something sinister; something darker than McCray had seen in any of his prisoners.
"That's why I'm here," He told Coslov. "I'm done. I'm going to a federal judge first thing in the morning and reccomending your execution."
"I wouldn't do that, Doug." Richard told him. "I hate it when my friends backstab me."
"They're an innocent family, Coslov. They haven't done a damn thing. They had just moved on from all the shit you put them through five years ago, and then you pull something like this," He said, throwing the letter onto the table in front of Richard, who smiled.
"Ah, so I see they got Abigail's nice letter. Tell me, how did they take the news?" He asked Doug.
"I'm done talking to you about them. The only reason I did this in the first place was because I honestly thought you wanted to make sure they were fine."
"Oh, Doug. Be honest with yourself; you knew what I wanted all along." Richard told him. "It's what I still want. And I must tell you, I will get it."
"Lock him back up," Doug said to the guard who had stood outside the door the entire time. "And make sure he doesn't have any company unless it goes directly through me."
"Yessir." The guard said, walking over to Coslov. Without another glance backward, Doug walked out of the San Quentin State Prison and drove the six hour drive back to Los Angeles, determining once and for all that he was going to see to it that Coslov never bothered the Haner family again.

With Rayleigh and Brian

"What was all that about?" Rayleigh asked as they buckled Cayden and Jaimee's seatbelts. When they were done, Brian got behind the wheel and looked over at Rayleigh.
"He says there's nothing he can do." He said angrily, through gritted teeth. Then he looked back at Cayden and Jaimee. "What do you guys say to going and spending the day with Uncle Matt and Aunt Val?"
"Yeah!" Jaimee said excitedly. "Can we? Pwease, Mommy?"
"I don't see why not." Rayleigh smiled at her daughter before grabbing her iPod. "What do you two want to listen to?"
Cayden and Jaimee looked at each other and had a hushed discussion before looking back at their Mom.
"We wanna listen to Daddy's band, Mommy." Cayden said, sounding more grown up than she'd heard from her son before. She knew that he took after her personality, but didn't know he was quite that much like her.
"Uh," Rayleigh said, looking at Brian.
"Do you have the edited CD in here?" Brian asked her in a quick whisper, so the kids wouldn't hear it.
"Yes." She told him, grabbing down the copy of Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled CD. She popped it into the CD player, and then smiled back at Cayden.
"I lub this song, Mommy!" Jaimee said when she heard Critical Acclaim's starting organ. Smiling at herself, they drove the rest of the way to Matt and Val's house.
When they got there, Val was playing in the yard with Landon, and Matt looked like he was barbequing on the porch.
"What's up, guys?" Val asked, standing up when they got out with Cayden and Jaimee.
"Can you guys watch Jaimee and Cayden for awhile?" Brian asked her. "It won't take a long time."
"This about the letter?" Matt asked them, walking over.
"Yeah," Brian told him. "The cops aren't doing anything, so we're going to the press. Maybe that will change their mind."
"Okay," Val said, smiling at Cayden and Jaimee. "We're having brats tonight for dinner. What do you two say? Wanna stay with us for the night?"
"Can we, Mommy?" Jaimee asked, looking at her mom.
"Sure," Rayleigh nodded. "We'll bring some clothes by for them after we're done."
"See you guys later. Good luck." Matt said, giving Rayleigh a warm hug and doing the awkward man-hug thing with Brian.
"Thanks," Rayleigh said as they walked back to their SUV. Looking back at their kids as they drove away, Brian smiled and headed for the Los Angeles Times.