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Baby Just Say Yes

Change of Heart

"Ray, you're phone's going off." Brian told her as they stopped in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Times. She looked down at her purse and pulled her phone out, seeing a blinking light.
"I don't know who it is, but I'm pretty sure it's not my parents." She said, answering the phone. "Hello?"
"Who is it?" Brian asked quietly. She shushed him off with one finger, and went back to the conversation.
"Sheriff, I don't know how you got this number but...What?....He's going to face execution...Is this some sort of trick?...Yes, well, thank you. I appreciate....yes. Thank you. Have a good day, Sheriff." She said, hanging up the phone. She looked at Brian and smiled. "We don't need to go to the press, Brian."
"What?" He asked her. "McCray changed his mind?"
"Not only that, he's going to take my father back to trial and reccomend execution. And my mother's being arrested as we speak. For endangerment of young children and harassment." She smiled widely. "We can go home, now."
"Wait," He smiled at her. "Didn't Matt and Val say that Cayden and Jaimee could stay with them for the night?"
"Yeah." She said. His smile grew wider.
"So we'll actually be home alone?" He asked. Realizing what he was getting at, her smile widened and she nodded.
"Why yes, Mr. Haner. As a matter of fact, we will be home alone."
"Well then, Mrs. Haner," Brian smiled as he moved the car back into drive. "We better get to that warm bed."

"Brian, I meant it when I said not to come into this bathroom," Rayleigh told him as she pushed her body against the door to stop him from opening it. She laughed when she felt him push feebly against it.
"I know you're all hot and stuff, but it will have to wait for just a few minutes," She told him. "Just go sit on the bed and be ready for me when I get out there."
She heard him sigh, but could also mentally picture the grin that was most likely on his face.
"Fine," He mumbled, walking towards the bed. "But hurry up. Mini me can't take much longer."
"I'll be right there," She promised, making the final adjustments on the simple outfit that she had been waiting to try on for him. She knew he'd love it, but just to add a little more frustration for him, she took his black pinstripe shirt that was hanging on the hanger of the door and pulled it on around her, hiding the lingerie.
"Are you on the bed?" She called through the door.
"Yes," He replied eagerly. "Now get your fine ass out here."
"If I come through that door and you look like you're thinking Arby's, I'm gonna--"
"Trust me, sweetie. Arby's is the last thing on my mind right now." He chuckled, remembering the last time they'd done something like this. Jimmy, of course, had ruined the moment by coming through their door rather unexpectedly and shouted 'I wanna go to Arby's!', thus killing the mood for both of them.
"Alright. Just making sure," She said as she opened the door. She sauntered over to the bed and kneeled over him.
"What's so hard about putting on my shirt?" He asked. "Which, by the way, looks way better on you than it ever could me."
She chuckled and smiled at him. "Oh, it's not the shirt, Brian. It's what is underneath the shirt."
His fingers automatically went for the buttons, but she stopped his hands.
"But--" He started. She cut him off by placing her lips over his. He tried to switch their positions, but she wouldn't let him, and he eventually gave in and let her straddle him.
"Now," She said as she broke of their kiss. "We're going to play a little game. For every right answer, you can unbutton a button. But for every wrong answer, you're going to have to button one back up." She grinned at him. He groaned.
"What kinds of questions?" He asked her. She smiled.
"The first question is, where did we first meet?" She asked him. He gave her a confident grin.
"Easy. The sandbox at Middlegrasper Elementary." He smiled at her, using his fingers to unbutton the top button.
"What did I say after we built the sand castle?" She asked him. He got a deer-in-the-headlights look, and grinned sheepishly.
"Alright, Mr. Button up the shirt again." She grinned. He growled and ripped the shirt off of her in one motion.
"The hell with the game," He smiled, attacking her mouth with his lips. She didn't argue with him, and just wrapped her arms around his neck as he smiled at her outfit.
"You know, dear. I love those panties on you," He murmured as he looked at them. He then met her gaze. "However, they're in my way."
"Then get rid of them," She said. He used one hand to pull them off of her body, and within a minute, they were both completely naked.
"Do you want me to--" He asked. She knew what he was asking, and she shook her head.
"No," She replied. "Let's let whatever will happen happen." She smiled at him. He nodded, and then they made love for the first time in awhile.