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Baby Just Say Yes


One Year Later

"Ray, we need to get going now." Brian called to her from upstairs as she was finishing getting dressed.
"I'm coming!" She said as she walked down the stairs. Brian smiled at her, and she smiled at his own outfit, the same suit he'd worn in the video for Seize The Day.
"Let's do this," She said with a shaky breath as they walked out of their house. They walked to the Avalanche that she had just gotten, and headed for San Quentin State Prison.

When they got there, there was walkway with guards on both sides of it.
"God, I feel like I'm getting the royal treatment." She muttered as they walked through the guards.
"They're here to protect you," He reminded her. "In case your father--"
"Yeah, I know." She sighed. "In case he has any accomplices."
Once they reached the main building, the sheriff was waiting for her.
"Are you ready?" He asked her. She nodded.
"Would you like to see him before the execution, Mrs. Haner?"
She held her head high, and nodded. "Yes I would, please" She said. Brian rubbed her back reassuringly. Last night they'd gotten into an argument about it because she didn't want to see his face before he died. In the end, Brian had convinced her that she needed to see him, have a chance to say goodbye. And in the end, she had grudgingly agreed. He led her into the same room where the sheriff had told him that he wasn't going to help him anymore, and she sat across the table from her father. He was handcuffed to the metal table, which was bolted to the floor, and his feet were chained to the chair. It looked painful, but she had no sympathy for him.
"Well, what a surprise." Her father said with a small chuckle. "A pleasant surprise, of course."
"I came to say goodbye, father." She told him, keeping her voice as emotionless as possible. "There's nothing else to say besides that."
"Oh, there's plenty to say, Rayleigh." He told her. "Aren't you curious as to why?"
She laughed coldly. "I gave up on wondering why a long time ago, Father. And in all honesty, I really don't care anymore. Because in the end, you didn't kill me, you killed yourself."
"Talking like I'm a dead man already, are you? Does that help you to cope?"
"I don't need to cope," She said.
"If that helps you get over this, I hope it works for you," He said sarcastically. "You do know I love you, don't you?"
She laughed bitterly and then looked him straight in the eyes; the eyes she had inherited from him. "You have a perverted way of showing it then, Father."
He sighed, his eyes looking weary. "Can't you at least give your father a hug before he dies?"
"No," She told him. "I'm not going to touch you. Hell, I wonder why I'm even talking to you."
"Tell me, are my grandchildren here to see me?" He asked her. She laughed.
"As if. They don't even know you exist. They think you died a long time ago. Mother, too."
"Ah, my poor Abigail. Was she allowed out to see me?"
"Yes, Mother will watch you die." She said quietly.
"And I'm sure the press is here. Unless your husband barred them, of course."
"Brian didn't need to bar them; the police did it on their own." She told him. She stood up, seeing the time on the clock. He was set for execution at midnight, and it was 11:35.
"Goodbye, father." She said, walking out of the room.
"Goodbye indeed, my daughter." He said quietly as she left.

Rayleigh sat down in the viewing area standing up only to look at the execution room.
"Are you going to be okay?" Brian asked her, holding her hand. She smiled and nodded.
"Yeah," she said. "I think I'll be fine."
They sat down in the front row, and Rayleigh bit back a sardonic laugh. An execution was the last thing you wanted front row seats for, and yet she couldn't deny that she wanted to be the first to watch her father die. She wondered if that didn't make her as sick as he was, but she decided it didn,t because she had never tried to kill anyone.
"Why's she here?" She heard her mother ask angrily when she was led in by a police officer. She was handcuffed, and her ankles were cuffed as well.
"She's the victim, ma'am." The police officer explained, obviously not aware that she was Abigail's daughter.
"Take me to the other viewing room, please." Abigail said. "I'm family; she's not."
The police officer sighed, obviously tired of Abigail and her demands. But he led her out of the viewing area and to another viewing room. Rayleigh looked at the clock on the wall, and it read 11:45.
"It's almost time," Brian whispered to her. She nodded, and stood as her father was led into the execution room by two officers, one of whom she recognized as the woman cop who had arrested her for the pot. She smiled ironically, and then watched as they strapped him down.
A priest walked into the room and said his prayers for her father, blessing him and asking him to confess. Her father had not wanted the priest to come to his execution, but Rayleigh had insisted upon it. She didn't want the fact that her father was going to burn in hell on her shoulders, and thought she should at least give him a chance to get redemption. Instead, her father shook his head, saying he wouldn't confess his sins to God. A few minutes later the priest left, leaving the room with just him and the two cops.
"Do you have any last words?" The female police officer asked. He smiled.
"I'm sorry, Abigail, that I had to leave you this way. And Rayleigh, you know what I had to say to you." He said, closing his eyes. The lights in the viewing area were turned off, and then Rayleigh could suddenly see everything as if it were on the screen of a plasma TV. She took a shaky breath, and Brian held her hand in his. They watched as a man readied the needle above her father's eyes, and finally injected the pancuronium bromide into her father's arm. She and Brian sat there for the five hours it took for her father to slowly die.
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