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Baby Just Say Yes

It's Not Over Yet

"They waited up all night for you guys," Matt said when they got back to Matt and Val's to pick the twins up.
"Yeah," Val said quietly. "They remember what happened last time you guys weren't around."
Cayden was now sleeping on Brian's shoulder, and Jaimee was looking expectantly at her mother, who sighed.
"Mommy and Daddy just had some business to take care of." She told her daughter, who gave her a dubious look. Though she wasn't very old, she was already very alert and very smart.
"Hey, Jaim. Don't cry." Brian said when he picked her up. He smiled at her and kissed her nose when she layed her head on his shoulder too, and he gave Rayleigh a look that said, 'help me'. She laughed and shook her head.
"You're on your own, Bri." She laughed, looking at Val and Matt. "Thanks for watching them last night."
Val nodded and stroked Cayden's hair quickly. "You're welcome. Have a safe drive home." She said as they walked out to the Escalade.

When they got back to their house, both the twins were quiet and asleep in the backseat.
"I'll take Cayden if you want to take Jaimee." Brian offered as he pulled up in front of the garage. She smiled and nodded at him.
"Sure," She said as she unbuckled little girl's seatbelt. She carried her into her bedroom, and then watched as Brian laid Cayden down in his own bed. They walked into their bedroom quietly, and then shut the door. But when Rayleigh saw the bed, she couldn't help but scream in terror.

Laying on the bed was what at one time had been some sort of animal, it's blood soaking into the sheets.
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