Status: Completed, after eleven months and four days. XD

Baby Just Say Yes

I Love You Like Mars Bars and Hershey Kisses

Two day after the phone call from the mystery woman, Rayleigh found a package of pictures sitting on the living room floor, the manila envelope clearly addressed to Mr. Brian Haner. She was curious as to what could be in the envelope, and knew that Brian wouldn't get upset with her for opening it. After all, she was his wife and they had been together technically since elementary school. What she found when she opened the envelope made her blood run cold, her body turn pale.

Inside were pictures of a dark eyed little girl who reminded her of Brian. She was confused. Brian hadn't slept with anybody but her. She read the captions on several of the pictures, which seemed to catalogue the little girl's life. The first few on the pile were of the girl when she had been a baby, with labels such as, "Cassidy, age 1 1/2. Got into my CD collection," and "Cassidy, age 3. After eating a bowl of spaghetti by herself. Took an hour to get her cleaned up." She felt Brian's presence from behind her and smiled at him.

"Brian, you never told me that one of your brothers had a daughter now." She smiled at him, showing him the pictures of the daughter. "Who's daughter is Cassidy?"

"Shit." Brian mumbled, looking at the floor. "That's not Brent or Johnny's kid, Ray. I don't know who's kid that is, but I know who sent you those pictures."

Ray's face dropped when she too realized who had probably sent the photographs. "Michelle," She said the name slowly, looking at the floor along with Brian. A few moments of awkward silence passed between the two of them before he put his hands on her shoulders.

"Ray, you've always believed me before, always trusted me. Listen, that little girl is not my daughter." He told her. She spent a few more minutes in silence before smiling at him, hugging him.

"If you say she's not yours, I believe you." She murmured against his shoulder, reaching up on her tip toes to kiss his lips.

"Mommy, you're so much shorter than Daddy." Jaimee said, running into the room and hugging her mother's legs. "Why?"

Rayleigh sighed and rubbed her daughter's head.

"Mommy's not short, she's just fun-sized." Brian laughed, picking the six-year old little girl up. She giggled and looked down at her mother.

"Like a Mars candy bar?" She asked her father, who nodded dead seriously.

"Yes. Your mommy is to me what your Mars candy bars are to you."

"So you really must love Mommy then, huh?" Jaimee asked her father, who laughed and nodded.

"Yes, I really love Mommy." He told her. "And I love you and your brother too."

"So...We're like your Hershey Kisses?" Jaimee asked confusedly. "'Cuz they're my second favorite next to Mars bars."

Brian and Rayleigh couldn't help but laugh at their daughter's remark, and Brian nodded. "Yeah. I love you guys like Hershey Kisses."

The laughter stopped when there was a quick knock on the front door of the home.