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Baby Just Say Yes

Adam Has A Kid?

The laughter stopped when there was a quick knock on the front door of the home.

"Who's here, Mommy?" Jaimee asked her mother impatiently. "Why aren't you opening the door? Isn't that what you're s'posed to do?"

"Who wants to play hide and seek?" Rayleigh asked Jaimee and Cayden, who had just run into the room.

"But the door is still knocking." Jaimee said.

"Daddy's going to open it. We're going to play hide and seek. I'll count down here," She told them. Cayden dragged Jaimee up the stairs after him, and Rayleigh started 'counting.' When she was sure the kids were upstairs and hidden, she looked at Brian and he opened the door to expose none other than her brother, Adam.

"Jesus, Adam. You nearly gave me a heart attack!" She told her brother angrily, punching his arm playfully.

"Why?" He asked her curiously. "I was just knockin' on the damn door."

"Because we thought you were mother or someone like that." She told Adam. When she saw a little dark haired boy standing behind him, she gave him a curious look.

"Who's he?" She asked friendlily, smiling at him to be kind. He grinned back.

"This is my girlfriend Sophi's little boy, Jared." He told her with a smile. "He wanted to meet Jaimee and Cayden."

She smiled and walked inside the house again, letting Adam and Jared follow her.

"Mommy, are we still playing?" Jaimee's voice called from upstairs.

"Come down here, sweetheart. Bring Cayden with you." She called back up the stairs. A few minutes later the two of them came downstairs, and saw Jared standing beside Adam.

"Uncle Adam!" Cayden squealed happily, running and hugging him. "Who's he?"

"Cayden, Jaimee, this is Jared, my girlfriend's little boy. Jared, these are my nephew and neice."

"Hi," Jared said, happy to have new friends.

"Come play hide and seek with us. Mommy's really bad at finding us." Jaimee said, dragging her brother and new friend up the stairs after her. The rest of the day was spent much that way.
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There won't be many chapters left on this. I'm thinking about doing a sequel, but I'm not sure, so some feedback on that possibility would be nice.