Beast and The Harlot

This is MY story, no stealing.

I don't own any of Avenged Sevenfold, including the managers.

I do own Cait, Joss, Kimper, and other future characters that do not pertain to a celebrity.

Caitlyn is Avenged Sevenfold's new tour manager after their first one leaves. She's loving the life she has with the guys, the new places, listening to them playing their music.

Nothing could be better.

When she ends up falling in love with all of them, things aren't as great as they seem anymore.

What happens when she sleeps with all the A7X boys and winds up pregnant?

  1. Chapter 1
    It's too late, you've wasted all your time
  2. Chapter 2
    She's a Dwelling Place for Demons
  3. Chapter 3
    When sin's deep in my blood, you'll be the one to fall
  4. Chapter 4
    You know I make you want to scream
  5. Chapter 5
    A Little Piece of Heaven
  6. Chapter 6
    If only I could find a place to rest
  7. Chapter 7
    And I'll paint over the evidence
  8. Chapter 8
    What could possibly go wrong in a hotel?
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
    Heaven Help Us
  11. Chapter 11
    Dirty Little Secret
  12. Chapter 12
    Even Boys Lie
  13. Chapter 13
    Not Everything Is What It Seems
  14. Chapter 14
    Friends are Life's Medicine
  15. Chapter 15
    Estrogen Pills?
  16. Chapter 16
    Those Feelings Pleasuring
  17. Chapter 17
    Birthday Surprise
  18. Chapter 18
    You Lie Through Your Teeth
  19. Chapter 19
    Taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth
  20. Chapter 20
    The Longest Night of Your Life
  21. Chapter 21
    I Give My Heart To You
  22. Chapter 22
    Nothing In This World Can Compare to You
  23. Chapter 23
    Who Says Grown Men Can't Act Like Boys?
  24. Chapter 24
    Cause I Can't Feel My Face, I Won't Struggle On
  25. Chapter 25
    I'm not the last but I sure ain't the first
  26. Chapter 26
    Biggest Bitch Ever
  27. Chapter 27
    48 Ways to Say that I'm feeling Helpless
  28. Chapter 28
    Becoming the Bull
  29. Chapter 29
    Woke up with my heart beat in my head
  30. Chapter 30
    You Better Pray
  31. Chapter 31
    I'm Going Under
  32. Chapter 32
    Trashed and Scattered
  33. Chapter 33
    Second Heartbeat
  34. Chapter 34
    Baby Shower Part 1
  35. Chapter 35
    Baby Shower Part 2
  36. Chapter 36
    Breathe For Me
  37. Chapter 37
    Not Meant to Be
  38. Chapter 38
    How Do I Say That I Love You?