Status: Complete. Deleted scenes posted 12/12/12!

He Comes in Peace

She was walking down her street towards the nearest corner store, hood of her dark purple jacket pulled up.

She walked against the battering raindrops, her head bowed down against the weather. Hands stuffed deep inside her pockets as her numbed fingers tried to get warm, a bright blue and red flashing brought her head up.

Three police cars could be seen racing down Brittley Avenue in her direction. A funny shape was leaping from the cherry trees lining the sidewalks; from one trunk to the next, the thing flitted faster and faster, staying just a couple of meters ahead of the police cars.

"What the-?"

As the boy made a long jump over Skye's head, the sound of a bullet being fired could be heard, ringing through the neighborhood.

The boy, who seemed to have spikes growing down his back, twisted in mid-air, and dropped to the ground, rolling down the little hill, down into the forest, and out of sight.

Writing is 100% © puzzle piece. (Originally: metaphwoarr.) Steal this baby and I'll beat you to death with a pastry cutter.
  1. Chapter One
    What's this? A Girl
  2. Chapter Two
    What's this? A Boy
  3. Chapter Three
    What's this? Acrophobia
  4. Chapter Four
    What's this? Freaky Alien Powers
  5. Chapter Five
    What's this? An Excuse
  6. Chapter Six
    What's this? An Upheaval
  7. Chapter Seven
    What's this? An Unexpected Visitor
  8. Chapter Eight
    What's this? Some Language Issues
  9. Chapter Nine
    What's this? An Uproar (Sort Of)
  10. Chapter Ten
    What's this? An Obvious Observation
  11. Chapter Eleven
    What's this? A Nickname
  12. Chapter Twelve
    What's this? The Great Escape
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    What's this? Double-Oh-Seven
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    What's this? Rest Stops and Whatnot
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    What's this? Porcupine Hitch-Hiker
  16. Chapter Sixteen
    What's This? Powers Unknown
  17. Chapter Seventeen
    What's This? Dinner and A Place to Crash
  18. Chapter Eighteen
    What's This? The Legend of Quetzalir
  19. Chapter Nineteen
    What's This? Something Friendly from a Friend
  20. Chapter Twenty
    What's This? School and News (**A.N MUST READ)
  21. Chapter Twenty-One
    What's This? An Escape
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two
    What's This? Spirit-Heart
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three
    What's This? Sanctuary
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four
    What's This? Kartayon Busts a Fuse
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five
    What's This? A Filler
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six
    What's This? The B's With an Itch
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven
    What's This? Abandonment
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight
    What's This? Blackberries
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine
    What's This? On the Run Again
  30. Chapter Thirty
    What's This? To Escape, Or Not to Escape?
  31. Chapter Thirty-One
    What's This? Scaling the Empire State Building (Not Literally)
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two
    What's This? Run, Run, Run Away
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three
    What's This? Unexpected Help
  34. Chapter Thirty-Four
    What's This? Some Stupidity On Both Parts
  35. Chapter Thirty-Five
    What's This? Squirrel? Bird? Flesh-Eating Zombie?
  36. Chapter Thirty-Six
    What's This? The Beginning of an Explanation
  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven
    What's This? Like Bees
  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight
    What's This? Things Are Sometimes Not What They Seem
  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine
    What's This? From One Place to Another
  40. Chapter Forty
    What's This? Whu-Oh
  41. Chapter Forty-One
    What's This? Some Time Alone (*A.N MUST READ)
  42. Chapter Forty-Two
    What's This? Our MCs Get Some Time Alone
  43. Chapter Forty-Three
    What's This? The Getaway
  44. Epilogue
    What's This? What Humans Use Much Too Lightly
  45. Deleted Scene
    What's This? A Deleted Scene and an Explanation