The lights are dim, but not so much that I can’t see your teeth exposed by a soft smile, and eyes that are brighter than they’ve ever been before. Metal gleams from purposeful holes in skin, and I wish I could see my face in the shining chrome. I hope I don’t look too scared. I want this to be perfect.

Soft sheets cover exposed patches of skin. They rustle softly in the near darkness, but the sound is lost in the frantic beating of our hearts. Your hand finds its way to my chest, fingers resting over where my most vital organ threatens to burst from its bone prison. You slide your hand downwards, tracing the ribs that are barely visible under my breasts. The flesh of your hand is cold, almost clammy, belying your sense of confidence. I know you’re just as nervous as I am.

Each one of your fingers is perfect, slightly longer than mine, and the skin is almost rough. Your palms are large and they rest gently on the swell of my hip. Those perfect fingers stroke my skin softly, rubbing invisible art into my side. A creak like the crack of a gun fills the air for a moment as I slide closer to you and your soft, beautiful smile gets just a little bigger as you take me into your arms.

Hands rove over hot, waiting flesh and delve into new, secret places. Clothes are lovingly removed and discarded, tossed off into the darkness surrounding us. Our breathing is slow at first but quickly becomes ragged, and your voice is husky as you tell me how beautiful I am, and how often you’ve dreamed of this situation exactly. Inexperienced bodies move together slowly, and skin is slick with nervous sweat before the act has even begun.

Embarrassed laughter occasionally cracks the silence as we move together. Through that, though, we both know that we’re in the perfect place, together. As we join together finally, any apprehension is lost. This is right, and our hearts reaffirm this as backs arch and breath quickens. Muscles tighten and release, and gasps pervade the still air, lost in the blackness around us.

Our bodies are brought to a peak, and there is a lazy satisfaction in us as we lay together. Lips press together occasionally, and you murmur sweet things while I kiss your neck. This act is over, but our play has just begun.
♠ ♠ ♠
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