Overdramatics and Soundeffects

Over-dramatics and Sound-effects

I hated him.

His striking eyes, his arrogant smirk, his conceited big head.

I hated everything about Zackary James Baker.

He was the main reason I didn’t want to attend my sister’s Christmas party, but after much thought and reasoning with my friends I had decided to come.

Besides he would be too busy flirting with other girls to bother me.

I arrived with my friends Amanda and Matt greeting everyone nicely except for him of course. I never greeted him.

With him being friends with everyone in our group but me he was a bit inescapable, but over the last couple of months I had gotten used to ignoring and avoiding him as much as possible.

The party had only begun a half hour ago and already there was some random girl throwing herself at him. Of course being the big whore that he is complied by shamelessly flirting with her.

It started off with a few small gestures, like grazing her shoulder or brushing her hair out of her face and then progressed to his hand around her hips and a few kisses on her neck and cheek.

Guys would certainly learn a lot from him. I thought rolling my eyes.

He was such a whore.

Suddenly he grabbed her face tenderly and I knew what was about to happen. He was going in for the kill, or in this case the kiss.

After this, the girl was helpless. A kiss from him was deadly. You’d never be able to leave his grasp because you were hooked.

Of course I didn’t know this first hand, but from what some of the girls he’s been with tell me it’s pretty bad. I didn’t believe them though. They were probably just exaggerating.

As he leaned down only moments away from the girl’s doom he suddenly glanced in my direction with a look that would make most girls heart stop. He sent me a small smirk before planting his lips on hers sealing her fate.

I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks warm up, not from embarrassment of being caught but from anger. I couldn’t believe that he had the nerve to look at me like that knowing how much I hated him.

Wanting to get him off my mind I started talking with my friend Amanda and my sister Tabitha. It worked for a while, until he showed up.

“Hey Manda, Tabby…Tiffany” He said trying to join our conversation. I hated the way my name sounded coming from his lips. Did he think that just because he said hi to me I would suddenly become his best friend or something?

He sounded friendly but I knew better than to trust him.

I sent him a glare obviously trying to tell him that he wasn’t welcomed but he ignored me as usual. Before he could say anymore I excused myself, mumbling something about getting a drink.

As if being in the same room as him wasn’t bad enough he had to stand right next to me.

I walked into the kitchen seeing a few unfamiliar faces drinking beer and drunkenly laughing. At least they were enjoying themselves.

Now I wasn’t really one for drinking but I figured since it was Christmas Eve I might as well loosen up a little.

Before I could even blink there was a cup being shoved into my hand by one of the tipsy strangers. I only hesitated for a moment before taking a gulp feeling the strong alcohol burn the back of my throat. I suppressed a cough and took another gulp.

If I got myself drunk enough maybe I would begin to have a decent time. It sure was working for these people.

I grabbed a beer from the cooler after I had finished the cup, deciding to slow down with the hard alcohol. After all I had all night. I had taken a sip or two before I heard an overly seductive voice in my ear.

“Since when do you drink?” The person said lightly putting his hand on my shoulder trying to conceal the flirty gesture with his friendly voice.

It was Zacky. I could tell. The way his voice was soft and deep with a bit of a rough undertone, and besides I knew that move. Any girl would have been weak in the knees by now, but I stood tall, his voice not affecting me…much

“Since when do you talk to me Baker?” I spat back, pushing his hand off my shoulder.

“I was just being nice…it is the holidays after all.”

Damn this loud music. He used the noisy apartment as an excuse to lean closer so I could hear him better. His distance was really getting on my nerves.

I was so focused on the nearly nonexistent proximity between us that I forgot to answer back with some dreadfully sarcastic comment.

Once I noticed this I took a sip of my beer to seem occupied making a face at the unusual taste. I stormed away from him a second time, mad that he had made me speechless just like so many other stupid girls that he had flirted with. I didn’t get far though because he came up from behind me grabbing on to one of my arms.

I stopped at the doorway of the kitchen, turning around to glare at him. Couldn’t he tell when someone didn’t want to be messed with?

“What Baker?!”

“Why don’t you want to talk to me?” He seemed almost hurt. I mentally laughed. Even if I did have a small moment of weakness at least I had deflated that ego of his a bit.

“If you haven’t noticed you’re not my favorite person in the world.” I retorted. If he didn’t notice that already then maybe he was dumber than I thought.

“Why not?” He grimaced. For some reason I loved the way his lips curved downward. I loved that I had put that frown on his face

“Oh let me see, I don’t know, maybe it’s because you’re an egotistical whore!”

Another stab to his ego! I could almost see him flinch. I was on a roll.

Maybe coming to this party wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was actually enjoying myself.

He was the one who was speechless now. I guess he wasn’t used to people, especially girls, tell him off like that. Sadly I wasn’t one of the typical girls that were usually on his menu.

I hadn’t noticed the attention we were getting from people trying to enter the kitchen as they watching the astonishing scene before them. Zack was getting told off, and not by a jealous boyfriend of overprotective brother like usual but a girl.

I was going to walk away from him, hopefully for the last time that night when someone opened their big mouth and blurted out something that made me sick to my alcohol filled stomach.

“Aw you guys are under the mistletoe.”

I don’t know who said it but I wanted to punch their teeth in. This was officially the worst night of my life.

I looked up and dreadfully found that the person wasn’t lying. I groaned.

Zack merely replaced his frown with a smirk. It infuriated me. Suddenly I wanted to punch his teeth in. At least then he wouldn’t be smirking.

“Come on. Kiss her!” Someone in the crowd shouted again futilely trying to encourage us. There was no fucking way in hell that I was going to kiss him.

As I was debating on whether or not to punch him half to death he closed the distance between us and gave me a small lingering peck on the cheek. I gasped, shocked at his actions and couldn’t help but inhale his intoxicating scent.

I blushed despite of myself. His hand was on my waist and I couldn’t help but love the feeling I even felt myself get close if that was possible. Even after the peck I couldn’t find the will power to walk away. I hated myself for it.

He seemed to have the same effect because he hadn’t moved either. It wasn’t until I came to my senses that I backed a few steps away involuntarily, shaken at the sudden effect he had on me.

Maybe those girls weren’t over exaggerating like I thought.

“You pussy! Give her a real kiss.”

This crowd was really getting on my nerves.

I rolled my eyes and was going to walk away and ignore the last comment when Zacky grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

Before I could blink he had pulled me toward him again and attached his lips to mine. If I thought I liked the peck on the cheek it was nothing compared how I felt when he kissed me.

I was suddenly weak in the knees and couldn’t help but deepen the kiss against my will.

Man those girls weren’t exaggerating.
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I know a Christmas one-shot in January lol
Written by Meghan my best friend lol Check out her other story!