Fear and Love

Molly is a small town girl from southern Oregon, studying abroad in England. Her whole life she has always been, pardon the pun, molly-coddled, and she wants to change that. She decides that 6 months abroad will make her more independent, and hopefully her unexciting life may just change into something worthy of retelling in her old age.

She leaves her friends, and family, and everything she knows back in the States, and has quite an experience in London. From finding a friend away from home that gets her so well and helps her with a tough transition, to hanging out with a movie star, and trying to decide what is best for her when it comes to school and relationships, everything is an adventure. However exciting things may be, will it be a fairy tale ending?

Also, I have created a playlist for this story, on playlist.com. As I post chapters, I will also post the songs that go with those chapters. These songs are a huge part of the story, and to get a real sense of it, I highly recommend you check out the playlist and listen to the songs, or if you don't know the songs already, at least google the lyrics. :)

The link for the playlist is: http://view.playlist.com/14619358987

I will be posting the link at the end up each update, so no worries about having to come back here to get the link each time you read an update.

This is NOT a Robert Pattinson fanfic. However, one of my characters is BLATANTLY inspired by Rob. It should still be fun to read, so please check it out and let me know what you think.
  1. Fear and Love
    An explanation of the story's title (for lack of a better plave to post it)
  2. How Does A Duck Know?
    Molly ponders everything, and what she'll be leaving behind, and wonders if leaving the country is really the answer.
  3. It's About Time
    Molly has an interesting flight, giving quite a start to her adventures abroad.
  4. Dark blue, dark blue...
    Molly finally makes it to foreign soil, but not without some toils long the way.
  5. London Calling pt. 1
    Molly reaches her final destination at last, but not without a few more shocks to really make the arrival memorable.
  6. London Calling pt. 2
    Molly meets a new friend, and gets some exploration time
  7. Daylight Robbery
    Molly runs into someone unexpected, makes some plans, then makes more plans..
  8. Author Update
    Just letting you guys know where I am at right now...
  9. I'll drink to that, let's drink to that!
    It's time for Molly to let loose and have some fun.