She'll Fall in Love With You

[Pierre Bouvier Fanfic]
Emma-Lee was doing just fine living her humdrum life, but when a surprise from a friend leads her to meet the lead singer of her favorite band, things get a little crazy.. From running into an important person from her past, to experiencing things she never thought possible, her trip turns into something quite unforgettable.

I wrote this story ages ago, and although it is still not finished, I have a hefty lump of stuff to work with, so I'll be posting it on here as I work with it, probably editing the story a bit as I g along. Keep in mind, I was 15 or so when I wrote this, so it is not insanely creative.. but I got a good reaction to it the other places I have posted it, so hopefully you will all enjoy it.
  1. Drive at Five
    Emma-Lee's best friend has something in store for her, what could it possibly be? ;)
  2. Everytime
    Emma-Lee learns what her surprise is, and oh how surprising it ends up being!
  3. You Know I Like It Rough
  4. Cool Runnings
  5. Comic Book Conventions Ruin Everything!
  6. Duck? Luck? Chuck!
  7. Just A Simple Girl, Living her Simple Life
    ... but she could be falling for a 'Simple' Man...
  8. Save your money for Pay-Less
  9. It's Emma Hyphen Lee, not E-m-i-l-y.
  10. I Wish I Had A Claim To Fame
    Emma-Lee has been holding out.. seems like she has some pretty big musical connections without Pierre..