Crashed and Nowhere to Go

Well, in this story the band (Green Day) is going to get some coffee. Kat, and her mom Sue are heading to go pick up Kat's daughter Rachel whose at the mall with a friend. The band crashes into Kat and her moms car. They all end up in the hospital, Kat's mom dies in the crash. Kat has never seen or met the real father, and Kat has never seen the father of Rachel since she got pregnent. She thinks it might be Mike because his face remindes her of her old boyfriend from high school who got her pregnent.
  1. Crashed and Nowhere to Go
    This is the intro and this tells you whats going on.
  2. What the hell happened?
    You know that Kat and her mom were in a crash, but who hit them? Are they alive? Where's Rachel?