Love by the River


Tessa, an average highschool girl at the tender age of 15, of course, boy crazy...though in a different way. She has a deep and secret love for three of her best friends. Ricky, Joseph, and Billy. Tessa could have any boy in the school even those three. She was very pretty. Long, lucious blonde hair at shoulder length, an adorable disposition added up with soft cream colored skin, slim with long legs, and a sweet scent and lovely smile. Tessa was only about five feet tall, but that's what made her adorable. She was also a very intelligent girl making straight "A's". All boys go ga-ga for her. Ricky was about half a foot taller than Tessa, semi-long hair for a boy, about down to his nose. It was dark brown. Ricky wore lots of short sleeve muscle shirts that exposed his slim, yet attractive muscular body. He was moderatly strong as well. He commonly wore converse shoes, dicky's shorts or bell-bottom denim pants. He, like Tessa, had a beautiful smile and was at the age of 16. Joseph was a kind and gentle fellow. All girls loved him for his romantic and sexy voice. He was about as tall as Ricky and had hair just like Ricky's but it was a dirty-blonde color. He wasn't muscular, but his slim arms and legs made him a definate hottie! He didn't smile much which made him mysterious...Tessa when crazy for him becuase of that. He was the class clown as well. Billy was twins with Joseph, but he was more clueless and out there, ya know? All four of them, Tessa, Ricky, Billy, and Joseph went to Riverveiw Highschool and were in for one hell of a romantic ride of great emotions!

Enjoy the story!! I'll be making one chapter per week!