Love by the River


Tessa was going home from school on a beautiful spring day. Partly cloudy with plenty of beautiful sunshine. Ricky was the only one that was able to walk with her for the day, the twins ( Joseph and Billy ) had to help set up a surprise party for their aunt.

Tessa looked at Ricky's eyes timidly, blushing afterwards and smiled cutely looking down at the sidewalk while strolling along with him, "Hey Ricky?" Tessa asked in her soft voice, "Have you ever wondered what it's like to be kissed?"

Ricky stopped for a moment and stared at Tessa suspiciously, digging into the very recesses of her heart, searching for what he meant, "Pardon?" Tessa knew what Ricky was searching for, she wanted to pull away and stop looking at his eyes. His addicting chocolatey brown eyes...but she couldn't.

"...Nevermind," said Tessa, still hypnotized by his eyes

Ricky let a large grin escape his lips and continued walking along the paved path, "Tessa, you're such a goober!" He said teasingly and jogged ahead.

"Hey! Ricky! Get back here!" Tessa shouted in reply, chasing after him. After about 3 steps Tessa tripped and let out a lound scream.

"Tessa!!" Ricky was in shock and ran towards her, "Tessa!!" He jumped forward and landed smack dab under Tessa before she hit the ground, instead she plunked on top of Ricky's back.

She let out a sigh of absolute relief, "Thanks Ricky..." In curiousity, she found she was sitting on Ricky's back as his face was burried in the concrete, "Uh...Ricky? You okay?" Tessa pulled his face from the sidewalk to find him with scuffs and a bloody nose all over his face. "Oh no! Ricky! Are you alright?" Tessa had a worried look on her face.

Ricky's eyes wandered over to Tessa's face and grinned, "Nice catch huh?"

Tessa laughed softly and pulled a tissue out of her purse and put one up Ricky's nose and used a second tissue to wipe away dirt off his scuffs and scratches. Every once in a while, he'd wince and lightly grab her hand. She would blush everytime he did that and eventually asked, "Ricky...may I snuggle against you?" She inquired softly, blushing a deep red.

Ricky stared and blushed a deep red as well and nodded softly. They sat there and watched the sun set. It was a beautiful emerald color mixed with a bright pink.

Sorry if it sucked D: I was tired when I came home from a comedy show >.O