It's Not Gay If You Don't Cum

It's Not Gay if You Don't Come

(Excerpt fro Gabe’s FOE journal)
I came out here on monday to shoot a video on tuesday with william and travis for snakes on a plane (more on that in a miinute). i was supposed to leave tonight, but the academy are shooting their video tomorrow so i decided to stay one more day. but i kinda got kicked out of the hotel, so i had to sneak into william's room for the last night. ok, that's a lie. the truth is i ate all the pringles from the minibar and didnt have the cash to pay for it, so they wouldnt let me stay an extra night. ok, that's also a lie. the truth is the hotel was sold out. fine, another lie. if you really want to know the truth, i just want to snuggle next to William

“William! Im home...” I called out, looking around the hotel room, hoping for a sign of him. So maybe you couldn’t call it a home and maybe I was hoping to sneak a cute little I love Lucyreference in there, but it must of worked because a minute later I saw William emerged from the bathroom, rubbing his damp hair with one of the cheap towels the hotels always give out. The bottom half of him was covered in a towel, leaving very little to the imagination. Honestly, by now you would have figured he would have learned to bring his own towels by now.

He smiled and blushed, “Gabe-y!” He wrapped his wet arms around me and pulled me to his chest, dampening my shirt. “Gee, thanks Will,” I chuckled. “Anytime. One minute let me get some pants on before you jump me.” Yeah, he knew I was gay, as did the rest of The Academy Is…, and constantly gave me shit about it, but, no matter how many times he joked about it, he had failed to realize I always had the upper hand.

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you.” I wiggled my eyebrows, one of those secret talents no one, but the people who actually know me, know about. “Not as much as you would.” He walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a pair of boxers, he slid them on under the towel before removing the towel and sliding pants on over them. “Well, lets see about that,” I grinned, walked over to him, wrapped my arms around his neck with a smile, and pushed our lips together. After a few moments I was pushed back, “Gabe, I...I cant, I have a girlfriend, she’d freak out, and the band mates what would they say if they…” I pushed a finger against his lips, “Shh… its not gay if you don’t cum.” I smiled and removed my finger before pushing our lips back together again.