I Promise

I promise

“Kay Tavie, you win, you had the better surprise.” I pouted. Today was our one-year anniversary and he had surprised me with dinner at my favorite local Italian restaurant. The tables had been lit with candles and a cup of Pepsi sat in between us straws on each side. When we got there our food had already been prepared. Our hands clasped together across the table and I drew little circles around the top of his. “Aw come on yours wasn’t to bad.” He grinned. I had gotten him a big gold necklace with that must have reached down to his waist with a guitar in the center; a little bling never hurt anyone. “Thanks.” I reached over and pecked his lips. That was one of the things about being in a public place when you are homosexual, you have to watch what you say or do as to not to get stares from other people, that and I’m sure parents wouldn’t appreciate their children seeing two men kiss.

I stared into his eyes for a moment and smiled after I sat back down. “So how’d your day go babe?” I asked picking at my spaghetti. “Fine I guess.” He shrugged, not the greatest sign when it comes to his moods, most of the time a shrug meant he wasn’t in the mood for anything ‘special’ tonight, thinking about that saddened me, especially on our anniversary.

“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked squeezing his hands tightly. “Nothing I have just had a lot on my mind lately.” He shrugged one more. This wasn’t a good sign. “Aw come on tell me!” I made my pouty face once more. “Well..” he started and I loosened my hands from his and balled them up into fist and rested them under my chin in anticipation of the story to come. “I have just been thinking lately about having to leave you to tour, I mean its kind of sucky that we have to be apart for months.” He frowned. “Awe Baby,” I brushed my hand against his cheek, “It will be find I promise.” I reached across and gave him another peck on his soft lips. “Promise?” he grinned. “Promise” I nodded.