Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch. 11

Billie stormed off to his house and went to retrieve his stash from under his bed. He was going to roll it up in joints and exchange it for meth at Tightwad Hill. He needed something stronger than pot, but not as detrimental as coke. He wanted to get fucked up, lose himself, stop thinking about her. He didn't know why he cared so much. It wasn't really like him to obsess over someone that appeared out of thin air. Much less want to be with a girl just for her company. He didn't know exactly what was going on, and he didn't like it. Once he reached Tightwad Hll, he rolled up the joints and gave them to some homeless dude, who gave him meth amphetamine and a needle. He didn't know if it was sterilized, and he figured he'd care about it later. After injecting the meth into his arm, he layed back down and watched everything swirl around, losing focus. He did see a figure that looked like Kelly shaking nearby, gasping for breath, asking for help. Then he heard silence from her direction. Oh well, prolly something corrosive...He felt disconnected fromthe world, which was all he wanted.
~~~~Fast-forward a few hours~~~~
Amy had gone to the house. She didn't know if she should call it billie's house or her house, since she had started living there. Ollie was concerned about Billie, and Amy tole her what had happened. Ollie just shook her head. SHe knew Billie meant well, it was his damn hormones...
After three hours had passed and Mike and Tre came over for band practice to find Billie still not there, she knew something was wrong. Billie was a perfectionist, always scheduling more practice sessions and overworking his bandmates. He just wanted everything to be just so. It wasn't like him to miss a practice before a gig. Green Day had a gig at Gilman's in two weeks, and still had to practice. She decided to send Mike, Tre, and Amy around town on a search party since she had work and couldn't do it herself.
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I decided to chop up the big chapter i was about to post. I know I'm being mean, but i need to know that i'm not wasting my time. And that you guys really love this story. Cause i don't want to pour myself into something that doesn't get the recognition I feel it deserves.