Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch. 12

Amy saw him first. He was lying down on the hill. "Guys, I found him!" She shouted to Mike and Tre. They ran over and helped her drag him to the car. More like do it themselves, Amy was too disturbed by his vacant stare and the memories it provoked of seeing someone she used to know in a similar state many times before.
Her name had been Maria, and she was Amy's best friend since kindergarten. Amy was sitting all alone and Maria sat next to her and offered to play on the swings with her. As they grew up, they definately had their differences. Like how Amy hated phones and Maria talked on it 24/7. Amy hated parties, and had never drunk or smoked anything, unlike Maria. Maria was the more punky one but still loved Amy as a sister.
One night changed everything for Amy and Maria. It was yet another party with yet another one of Maria's boy toys. That night, Maria didn't come home. Someone had slipped something in her drink, and she OD'd. Amy became withdrawn, wore all black, and only left her room when necessary. This had happened two years ago, and she was only starting to get better. She wore more color and liked the sun. Now, she is a hard-ass when it comes to substance abuse but there is a reason for it. Which is why she hated it when she learned that Billie smoked pot, and why she cares so much about him now. He reminded her of Maria in boy form. They could have been twins, both in the physical and personality aspect.
Mike noticed her distress, and said, "He'll be ok. This happens all the time." Amy gave him a look. "Well, not all the time, but pretty often. Right Tre?"
Tre just nodded like a nimrod, and mike hit him upside the head.
"How can you guys not be taking this seriously?"
They looked at Amy with concern in their eyes. "Billie's a very resilient fucker, it'll take more than some meth to get rid of Billie Joe Armstrong."
"I don't even know why I care so much, especially after what happened this morning..." Amy wasn't aware she had been thinking out loud.
"Oh really? What happened this morning? Hot, steamy sex?" It was Amy's turn to smack Tre upside the head.
"Why is everyone fucking hitting me?!" Tre rubbed his head.
"Cause you're being a douchebag!" Mike and Amy chorused.
"Now shut the fuck up, i'm driving!" Mike yelled. Tre just rolled his eyes, but stayed silent. They got to Billie's house and all helped drag him inside. They plopped him on the couch in the living room.