Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch. 14

Amy yawned the next morning. Why did I wake up again? Then she heard the yelling. Oh yeah, that's why. Ollie and Billie had been yelling at each other for hours. She was trying not to be nosy and listen in on their conversation, but she could hear them all the way from upstair in BJ's room.
"You're wasting away your life!"
"No I'm not, mom!"
"You almost OD'd on meth!"
"Yeah, so?!"
"SO??!?! I was worried sick about you! And so were your bandmates, and Amy!"
"She was the reason I was on meth in the first place!"
Amy's jaw dropped. What the fuck?!?! How dare he!
Apparently Ollie was of the same opinion as Amy, because she heard a slap. Ooh, that's gotta hurt. Amy winced in sympathy, even though that fucker deserved it.
"If you're going to disrespect me and the people living in this house, then you can find your own fucking place! I am done with your attitude!"
"You know what?I will!"
Amy felt that this was ridiculous, and was fucking hungry, so she went downstairs and into the kitchen. She saw Billie and Ollie staring at each other, red faced and breathing harshly. They both smiled at her as she made herself a bowl of Coco Puffs. She ran out on the porch because it was getting too fucking awkward. She munched on her breakfast as she heard Billie stomp up the stairs and put stuff into a bag. Wow, I guess he really is leaving. Amy and Ollie both shared that thought. Both had a sense of regret, but knew that it needed to be done.
Billie almost stepped on Amy as he stormed out of the house. She scooted over before he could. She put her bowl of cereal down and walked over to him. He was walking to his blue Fairlane and was putting his bag into it.
"So you're really leaving, huh?"
Billie sighed and turned to face her slowly. "Yeah."
"Where will you go?"
He shrugged and gave her his signature smirk. "There's a warehouse in the slums that Mike, Tre, and I thought about living in. I guess we'll live there, y'know?"
Amy sighed and looked down. I don't want him to go. She felt tied to him, in a way that couldn't be described.
Billie felt the same about leaving her. He didn't know why, but he felt connected to Amy in some inexplainable way.
"C'mere," he said, putting his arms out to hug her. She ran into his arms, and hated herself for crying on him, again. It felt to her like all the people she had ever loved had left her. Wait, loved? Do I love Billie? She did know that she liked him, a lot. That could turn into love...
He rubbed her back and made soothing sounds like he did the day before yesterday. "I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you, too Billie. Can I come visit sometime?"
"Sure. It would be my pleasure."
They shared a moment, smiling at each other. They were about to kiss when they were rudely interrupted.
"So we're really going to live in the warehouse, Bill?"
Billie sighed and said,"Yeah," to Mike.
"Alright. I'll just give you two a moment to...yeah," and he walked away, presumably to pack his own bag.
"So what does this make us?"
"Are we just friends, or something more?"
"Well...I, um. I feel....Ilikeyou." Billie mumbled the last part.
Amy knew what he said, and wasn't going to make him repeat it, for she felt the same way.
"I feel the same way." Amy did something she usually never did: she made the first move by kissing Billie gently on the lips. It made her feel warm all over, a wonderful feeling. Something she didn't question. She was pleasantly surprised when Billie pulled her back to him as she tried to pull away, deepening the kiss. He was about to french her when they heard a wolf whistle, which could only be one person.
This was the first time Billie actually wanted to have a "mature relationship" (you know, want to comfort them, be around them, kiss them, love them)with somebody, and Tre had to ruin it!
He was about to beat the shit out of Tre when Mike held him back.
"We need our drummer to be in one piece for the show at Gilman's, man. Besides, there will always be more face time. Now ask her out already!"
Billie blushed, something he rarely ever did. "Amy? Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes!" She ran to Billie and hugged him, something that was hard to doconsidering Mike was still holding him around the waist. He let go when they made out. Ew! I can't believe they would do that with me still there! But you gotta admit, they look fucking cute together.
Ollie agreed. She knew Amy would be good for Billie.