Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch. 15

Amy and Billie were walking to the grocery store. Ollie had asked them to get some things, but they all knew she was giving them a chance to be alone with each other. Of this they were grateful. They could hold hands without Tre pantomiming the act of vomiting, or kiss without Mike pretending todry heave. They were in fact holding hands, and stopping to give each other a small kiss at even intervals. They were basking in each other's happiness when Amy gave a dejected sigh.
"What's wrong?" Billie asked, concern creasing his brow.
Amy sighed again before speaking. "We have school tomorrow."
Billie rolled his eyes as if to say 'school is for losers'. Amy stopped walking and turned to face Billie.
"I know school isn't very improtant to you, and that you're dropping out soon to focus on your band, but I don't have an innate talent like you do. I need school to stay afloat. I want to be a lawyer, and that takes time and dedication. School is very important to me."
Billie gave Amy a solemn look. " I didn't know you felt that way."
"There's a lot of things you don't know about me Billie." Amy said this with a playful tone.
"Oh yeah? Like what?" A smirk graced Billie's face.
"Like...I want to dye my hair blue."
"Blue?" A questioning glint was in Billie's green eyes.
"Bright, electric blue. And I want to get a nose ring."
Billie took a step back and looked at Amy very closely.
"What are you doing?"
"Looking to see which side it would look the best on."
"Oh yeah? Which side, then?"
After a moment of contemplation, Billie said,"The right."
Amy smiled. "Good, cause that was the side I wanted it on."
"See? I know you!"
Amy rolled her eyes and said,"You only know what I want you to know."
Billie raised his eyebrows. "Ok then...."
"Oh shut up!" Amy playfully hit Billie in the arm.
Billie faked pain and said,"Ouch! Why do you hurt me so, oh girlfriend of mine?"
"You pussy."
Billie's mouth dropped open to become a perfect 'O' shape. "You're the meanest girlfriend ever." He turned his back on Amy.
"Oh come on, you know I didn't mean it. Don't be mad at me, please?" Amy pulled on his sleeve.
"Well, all right." They hugged.
"I think we should actually go to the grocery store now." They had only gone about two blocks.
Billie scratched the back of his head and said, "Yeah, that would be a good idea."
They came back to the house and put the groceries away. It was already dark outside.
"I guess we'll have to move out later."
"Yeah, you said you wanted to move in with me remember?"
"I didn't say that,I just said I would visit you."
"Yeah, but that was before you were my girlfriend."
"Oh, so now I'm your girlfriend I have to drop everything to be with you?"
"I didn't mean that!"
"The hell you didn't!"
Ollie popped in the kitchen and said,"What is going on here?"
"Billie wants me to move in with him, andI said no."
"Billie, you can't make her do something she doesn't want to."
"I know that! I just tought she'd want to spend more time with me now that we're together."
"I said I'll visit. Isn't that good enough?"
"You're just being stubborn, Billie," Ollie chided.
"I don't need this! I'm going to my room."
"You mean my room!"
"My room now, asshole!" Amy stomped up the stairs and slammed the door behind her.
I got a knack for fucking everything up.