Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch. 16

Billie sighed in frustration and punched the kitchen wall.
"OW!" He cradled his injured right hand in his left, whimpering in pain.
"What'd you do that for, Billie?"
Billie jumped in surprise. "Where'd you come from, Tre?"
"I was bored, and thought I should see what's up with you."
Billie blinked. "Oh...kay?"
Tre smiled in a crazy fashion the people who knew him had come to know was his trademark. One of them, anyway.
"What's up?" Tre jumped up on the kitchen counter.
Billie sighed.
"Trouble in paradise?"
"Ha ha. Yeah..."
"Tell Dr. Tre what happened and I'll make it all better."
Billie rolled his eyes, but told Tre what happened.
"Hmm..." Tre said, stroking his chin. "Methinks you expect too much of her. Although, she has done so much for you already. Much more than any mormal person would for someone they barely know...My diagnosis is that you asked her out too soon, before you could really get to know each other and figure each other out. You like each other, that is true. But Amy's just been through so much lately and should be left alone for the time being."
Billie stared at his crazy friend in shock.
"I'll take that expression as upmost grattitude."
"Yeah, sure."
Tre gave Billie a huge grin. "Glad I could help. Now if you don't mind there's another person that needs my assistance. AWAY!" With that, Tre ran with one arm up in a Superman fashion in the direction of Billie's old room.
Billie shook his head and said, " He's one crazy fuck," with a half smile on his face. And a kickass drummer. I should ask him to drum for Green Day.
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Sorry it's short. The other part I had planned to go with this just didn't seem right to me. A short update is better than no update at all.