Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch.5

------Billie's P.O.V.------

Billie walked down the stairs and into his living room, thinking about Amy. She's so different from any other girl I've ever met. This troubled him greatly. Up until then, Billie had thought that he had girls all figured out. Apparently not, because for the next half hour he tried to figure out what was so different about Amy. He was thinking so deeply he had completely zoned out. He didn't hear his best friend and bassist in his band Mike knocking on the door and yelling for him, and his mom letting him in. "Earth to Billie," Mike waved his hand in front of Billie Joe's face. "I've been yelling for you for hours."

Billie blinked and said,"Sorry, man. I was just thinking."

"You? Thinking? Must be the apocalypse."

"Oh, fuck you."

"No thanks."

They both laughed. Mike and Billie always joked around like this, ever since they met each other in the cafeteria in fifth grade. When they stopped laughing Mike asked,"Did that chick from Social Services get here yet?"

"Yeah. Her name's Amy."

"Amy, huh? That sounds like a really girly name."

"Haha, yeah. But she's not. She's pretty awesome."

Mike gave Billie a look. "You don't like her, do you?"

"What? No! We're just friends." Billie looked shocked. Because the truth is, he really did like her. Mike knows me too well...

"Uh huh," Mike said with sarcasm dripping form his voice. Billie rolled his eyes.

"Dude, do you want to call John over so we can practice?"

"Yeah, sure. We haven't practiced in ages."

They both got up and went to the basement. Ollie let them practice in there on weekends. Billie grabbed the phone and dialed in John's number. Ring. Ring Ri- "Hello?"

"Hey John. It's Billie. Come over here so we can practice. Mike's already here, we just need you, you lazy fucker!"

"Yeah, um, about that..." His voice trailed off.

"What?" Billie asked sharply. Green Day (formerly Sweet Children) was his life. He was going to drop out of school so he could devote all his time to his band. Who needs high school, anyway? School is for practice, and practice makes perfect. No one's perfect, so why practice?

"Bill, I've been thinking about this for a long time. You and I both know that Green Day won't go anywhere! It's just a pipeline dream. I'm sorry, but I can't be a part of this anymore. I'm going to college, where I will actually make a life for myself."

"You can't fucking do this to me!" Billie yelled.

"I already did." John hung up.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!" Billie bellowed, knocking over everything in sight.

"What happened?!" Ollie had run downstairs, thinking Billie or mike had hurt themselves.

"John quit the fucking band, the cock sucking waste of semen!"

"Billie, watch your tongue!"

Billie took a deep breath and let it out. "I'm going."

"Going where?" Ollie used her concerned mother's voice.

Billie looked at Mike and said,"A place."

Ollie sighed. Billie was going to Christie Road to smoke pot. "Just be careful, ok? I don't want you getting hurt."

"I'll be fine, Ma." Ollie sighed.

"Bye, Mrs. A." Mike was gong with Billie. The boys trudged up the stairs.

"Crap, I left the stash in my room."

"Why is that a bad thing?"

"Amy's sleeping in my room." Billie was on the verge of having a panic attack. It was either blow off some steam at the tracks at Christie Road, or have a full-blown panic attack.

"It's ok. Just be quiet."

Billie nodded and said,"Ok. I can do that." He walked up the stairs to his room and slinked in quietly. Amy was sleeping peacefully on his bed. He smiled. Then he reached under the bed for the shoe box that had his stash inside. "Got it," he whispered to himself. On impulse, he bent down and kissed Amy's forehead quickly. Then he ran the fuck out of his room, down the stairs, and to his car. Mike, used to Billie's oddities, just ran to the car and got inside. Billie started it up and drove the way to Christie Road, where he and Mike smoked half of his stash.