Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch.6

-----Amy's P.O.V.-----

Amy yawned and rubbed her eyes. What the fuck time is it? She looked around for an alarm clock. She saw one on Billie's bedside table. It read 3:15 in glowing red letters. Fuck! She hadn't wanted to sleep so late, because now it would be a pain in the ass to go back to sleep. Amy decided to get up, albeit reluctantly. Billie's bed was fucking comfortable, and it smelled like him. She yawned again and got up. She wobbled through his sea of crap and walked out the door quietly so she wouldn't disturb anyone. Her Social Service agent told her that Billie was the youngest out of six brothers and sisters, and she didn't want to make them hate her before they even got a chance to know her. She tiptoed down the stairs. What to do know, what in the motherfucking hell to do now...She decided to watch TV quietly. Late night cartoons were always the best in her opinion. She walked over to the sofa and sat down.


"What the fuck?!" Amy had sat on someone.

She heard someone walk up out of the basement. "What the hell happened?" Amy looked to see who it was, and looked away quickly when she saw it was Billie Joe in his white boxers, and nothing else. Except the slut with her arm around his small waist. Amy looked the whore up and down: bottle-blond sex hair, traces of way too much make-up on, and one of Billie's shirts on. Well isn't this fan-fucking-tastic!

Amy's disgust must have shown on her face, because Mike started laughing, and then said,"It's ok I hate her, too. I don't see why he took her back after she fucking dumped him like that, oh wait I do!I've heard she's an awesome fuck. You must be Amy, I'm Mike."

"Hi." They shook hands. Looks like I mad a new friend to balance out my new enemy. Nice.

Billie had a look of amusement and anger on his face. How dare he insult Kelly like that! But at least he's getting along with Amy, that's good...

Amy felt really uncomfortable, so she decided to take a walk in the cool night air. "I'm going for a walk. Let me know when the slut leaves." Then she walked out the door without looking back.