Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch.7

----Rewind Eight Hours, Billie's P.O.V.----

After their respective highs wore off at around seven, Mike and Billie decided to go back to Rodeo. Billie let Mike drive because he was too distracted with his thoughts to focus on the road. What the fuck is wrong with me?! I have an awesome girl in front of me and all I can think about is the whore that dumped me because I wasn't cool enough for her!

Mike must have known what he was thinking about because he said,"Don't think about Kelly, she's just some preppy bitch that's fucked half the school, teachers included. There's no way she could have gotten a higher grade than me in Civics if she hadn't slept with Mr. Hall." Mike was still a little pissed off that the girl who can't do basic arithmetric got an A in Civics and he only got a B.

Billie gave Mike a half-smile. His ex was quite the slut. Her only redeeming quality was that she was the greatest fuck he had ever had. He sighed and said, "I need a beer."

Mike looked over at him and smirked. "Me too." They went to the bar that let underage kids drink, as long as their fake ID's looked passable. Mike parked the car outside and looked around. "It's kinda early, it's only eight o'clock," he checked his watch as he said this.

"It's never too early for alcohol!" This being said, Billie ran inside the bar and went straight to the bartender. "Two beers, please!" Billie wanted alcohol humming through his veins, and fast. Mike came in and sat next to Billie. What happened next was typical: Kelly, Billie's ex, saw him and ran over to him. She apologized for leaving him, giving him all her best excuses. They made up, and made out like they would die the next day. Billie asked Mike if he could get a ride home (to his place) and Mike said yes, knowing they were going to fuck like rabbits in a parking lot. Billie left with Kelly, mike stayed for another few hours, then decided he'd rather walk and enjoy the night air on the way to Billie's house. When he got there he tried to ignore the noises coming from the basement and decided to sleep on the living room couch. It's so...comfy... Then he fell asleep.