Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head Ch.8

----Billie's Basement----

Billie had shoved Kelly in the car after a forceful make out session and drove the way home quite well considering the fact that Kelly was giving him a handjob the whole way there. He almost reached his peak when she took her hand out of his pants and wiped it on her short dress. He muttered, "Bitch!" in a starved voice.

She grinned at him with smoldering eyes. "I can't give it to you all at once, now can I?" They rushed out of the car and ran to his door, which was thankfully open. Thank God my mom has the late shift tonight. They ran down the stairs to the basement.

Billie Joe was shoved onto the bed by Kelly forcibly. She then started to striptease. Smirking as she undid the back of her dress, it slid off and left her standing in barly there panties.
Billie smiled. No bra, That saved time.

She came forward and kissed him, ripping away his pants and boxers as he slid off the panties and then she kissed down his chest and stopeed to suck on his nipples. When he gasped at her nibbling she continued down and sucked hard. Billie Joe screamed and exploded in her mouth, which she swollowed. She was the best deep throater in town, she continued to jerk him off while she removed her mouth.

"Still got that whip?" Kelly asked smirking.

"On the- Phew! Oh my God." Billie blinked trying to stay focused but the motion she was doing made it hard.

"Never mind, found it." She grabbed it and hit him across the chest which made him gasp. And then they got in position. First, Billie hit her on the ass and across her back, sucking on her neck and as she was turned he shoved his dick up her anus which made her gasp and moan as his hands worked her nipples.

Then it was Billie's was handcuffed to one of the posts and Kelly began hitting his bare ass making him squeal like a donkey. And after his ass was bright and red she got a second pair of handcuffs and undid one of his hands putting that one around the other bedpost.

"Hungry?" She asked.

"Starved." He smiled and she sat on his face and he began munching down. Stuffing his tongue up her vag instead of his dick. Pussy was awesome and the fact he made her cum with just his tongue was an accomplishment.

"Oh Billie!" She moaned leaning back.

When she was all eaten out she moved down and shoved his dick in and pretty much did all the work as she was on top, she moved back and forth and he cummed in her, screaming. She made it quick and rough and left them breathless when she finally rolled off.

"You're still the best." Billie said dazily, playing with her sex hair.

"I know." She said indifferently. Kelly rolled over on her side and Billie wrapped his arms around her small waist. All thoughts of Amy had left his mind completely. he had his girlfriend back, slutty, yes, but she was his.