Let Us Dance

Well, I'm embarrassed by this one, it's more of a lovey dovey kind, and it makes me ill, but a friend of mine bet I couldn't write a sappy love story about myself, and I used my favorite characters to do so, so this makes me ten bucks richer. But it's not to bad. Here's the Description:

Remus is madly infatuated with a girl named Lila Bigson, Gryffindor's own personal resident, for lack of a better word, bitch. She believes that the Marauders, especially Mr. Remus, are all freaks who need to get lives and not pull pranks on others, herself included.

Bekka is just another Gryffindor who's friends with said Marauders, and she just happens to like a certain Mr. Remus, but does he know? Will he ever know? Read on, and find out.

Remember, not all romances have happy endings.
  1. Cheesey As Pie
    Insert Double Sneeze Here