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Worry Rock


Billie Joe smiled back. “Thanks for making it for me. And for washing and getting me clothes, and--,” Billie Joe slid onto a stool next to me. He placed his head in the palms of his own hands and threaded his own fingers through his hair. “And everything. If I were you, I would have just left me on the floor this morning. Especially after yesterday and last night.” He smiled sadly into his hands. “You don’t deserve this.”

I forced a weak smile to my husband and moved closer to him, rubbing his back sweetly. “Chill, darling.”

“You’re fucking afraid of needles,” he mumbled, “and I became a total brat when you wouldn’t take a blood test. I’m sorry,” he apologized, “I’m such a fucking idiot.”

“Yeah,” I agreed with a chuckle. “You are. But I married you, so I guess I’m cool with that if you are.”

  1. New Years
  2. Homecoming
  3. It's not a problem.
  4. Love can really suck
  5. A Problem
  6. Make ups and Break-ups [only not quite]
  7. Sometimes, Sorry Isn't Good Enough.
  8. You're a Cold Little Chick
  9. Bed Potatoes
  10. He Who Must Not Be Named
  11. Holding my Liquor
    Billie Joe has a hard time writing new music. He goes into the studio with nothing and comes home drunk.
  12. Widower
    Day after Billie Joe drinks. He thinks that Mandy is annoyed with him.
  13. Supersitious
    Rachel is superstitious about Billie and Mandy's marriage. Mandy has a nightmare.
  14. I Have No Lice!
    The next morning after the dream. Mandy goes shopping with Travis.
  15. Babies
    Mandy get home that night, the next morning theres talk about a new addition
  16. Birthday Boy
    Billie Joe's birthday.
  17. You Had Two, We've Had One
    Song is - Sex And The Single Man by RAY PARKER
  18. The Lie
    The day-before Mandy's birthday. She finds out the brutal truth. [Lyrics from Church on Sunday - Green Day]
  19. Drop It
    Mandy's birthday. Mandy confronts Billie.
  20. I Love You, I'm Sorry
    Mike and Billie talk.
  21. Apples and Oranges
    Billie's back.
  22. A.k.a, Cuddling While Standing Up
    Mandy and Billie spend the day together, meanwhile Adam [her brother] helps bring back memories.
  23. What Does This Look Like?
    Drama + Mandy&Billie = Worry Rock =] Comment? <33
  24. False Alarm / I’m Trying to Kill You
    The truth about how Mandy has been feeling. Billie Joe feels guilty.
  25. If You Can Get Up
    Mandy snaps and finds out she has to go back to one place she hates most
  26. I Hate New York
    Day one in New York. Does this show how it'll be already? [I appreciate comments like WHOA]
  27. Like a Ball of Yarn
    I know this took FOREVER, and I apologize. It's not my greatest. Mandy has trouble sleeping now. Comments are love. They give me motivation. :]
  28. Never Marry a Liar
    Here's the deal. I lost ALL of what I had of 28...which was all of it. I crashed my whole hardrive and had to get a new one [Zippity do dah] so I wrote this all in one day, just for ya'll. It's short, and still not my best but it IS important. Commen
  29. Signed Away Privacy
    Holey crap that was fast. :] Mandy talks to the one person that she knows she can trust with her life...will things be better
  30. 1:43
    To be perfectly honest I didn't know what else to name it. :] Comment are my motivation :] <3
  31. What Could Kill Him
    Could Travis possibly save the relationship? [Ahah, I know. How cheesy] Yeah. It's pretty long so do tell me how much you love me. :]
  32. Clear as Day
    Oh snap. :]
  33. Alternate Reality
    After Billie Joe distributes the news. Mandy's mind flips between reality and her alternation of reality. Comments are my motivation =]
  34. The Confession
    “It really makes you feel worthless when you fail.”
  35. Let Her Cry
  36. Sleep
  37. Touchdown
  38. The Call
    Bonding time for Billie Joe and Travis :)
  39. Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
  40. Here Goes Nothing
  41. Three Months
  42. Mother's Intuition
  43. Strawberries?
  44. Bullshit
  45. Amen
  46. Story of Our Lives
  47. Thirteen
  48. Wigger
  49. Cheer up, Buttercup
  50. Oh Billie
  51. Vital Signs