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Hope Begins to Fade

An Avenged Sevenfold story!! Finally, i know!
Syn loves her, she loves Matt. Matt loves Val. How will they find each other? Is love really all it's cracked up to be or is there less pain in being alone...?
M. Shadow's neighbor is stuck in a boring life; working hard at her job, hanging with friends, and being bored. What happens when her best friend, Jasmine tells her they got front row tickets to an Avenged Sevenfold concert!? The man that left her to make her favorite band won't remember her...or will he?
And will she find his love again or will it be someone else who steals her heart...?
someone from the band♥?

Hope Begins to Fade © A7XLover created on January 16th, 2009. (1-16-09)
  1. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 1- No End In Sight
    Glancing down, I saw the wing of the Deathbat I’d gotten tattooed on my left hip the year he left and his band formed. I smiled, hopeful but then it faded as tears filled my eyes. ‘He won’t remember me…’
  2. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 2- Moonlight Café
    As we waited for our orders, we saw a guy walk by; he had snakebites, tats on his arms, and he was wearing shades. I recognized him instantly! Zacky Vengeance!! “Holy mother of God! Jaz! That’s Zacky!” I whispered. She turned. “Oh. My. God!” she sque
  3. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 3- Regression
    As the vocals came in and Matt jumped up on the speaker, my grin faded. I played with the card on the lanyard around my neck and looked down. The thought came back into my head as I looked up at Matt. ‘He won’t remember me…’
  4. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 4- Wherever I Stand
    “You’re SO my favorite!” she stated. I blushed a bit and she pulled back, smiling at me. “Thanks, Synny!!” she giggled as I blushed even more at my new nickname.
  5. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 5- Wouldn’t Be Gone
    I put my head on his shoulder for a second then sat back. I saw him staring at me and suddenly felt self-conscious.
  6. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 6- Anxiety
    gasped, air entering my lungs in painful bursts. Every pulse of my heart pained me, my body aching as I shivered; the tears still falling onto Brain’s shoulder.
  7. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 7- Love That We Had
    I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way. I used to listen. You always had just the right thing to say.
  8. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 8- My Heart Won’t Break
    Spin the Bottle!! Not to mention a fight scene!!!
  9. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 9- Things Could Get Better
    “Yeah, we were in love.” Matt said. I felt a slight surge of jealousy run through me. “But Gates, I think she likes you.” My eyes jolted up a bit.
  10. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 10- Everything To Me
    He shakes his head but stands and walks over to me. “I know how it is to fall for someone who loves someone else…” without another word, he planted his lips to mine.
  11. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 11- Crimson Regret
    And this time, I knew I wouldn’t regret it…
  12. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 12- Betrayal
    “You know what, you told me that you’d never hurt me; like Matt did. But honestly, this is worse. And it’s gonna leave a few marks.”
  13. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 13- The Plan
    "But you can’t tell her we’ll be there. She won’t go. Say it’s just you and her. Will you be able to do this?”
  14. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 14- Yours To Keep
    And that’s where it hit me… I was in love with her…
  15. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 15- Tease
    The ride home seemed to take forever. I was jittery, running my hand up her skirt, kissing her neck, and ready to burst. I’d never been this horny in my life!
  16. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 16- Lust and Burning Desir
    “You ready?” I breathed. She nodded then looked down to my hips as they inched closer to hers…
  17. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 17- Eager To SYN
    ‘Calm down…’ I tried to tell myself. It wasn’t working.
  18. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 18- What’s Left of Me
    …This was going to be even harder…
  19. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 19- Scream To The Silence
    The Great Synyster Gates was crying. Kinda comical.
  20. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 20- Without You…
    And Syn just stood there, being effected by every punch but not bothering to block or dodge. Tears flowed freely as blood gushed from his nose and a pop was heard.
  21. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 21- Dreaming Alone
    “We were leaving the hospital.” His voice was shaky. “And…we got hit.” So, what if I never hold you, yeah, or kiss your lips again? I beg don't leave me...
  22. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 22- Hide Behind
    I stopped dead, my eyes wide. “Scar, what is it?” Brian asked. My mouth grew dry as he walked up to us; that same crooked grin on his face and the deep brown eyes meeting my hazel ones.
  23. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 23- Let Me Out
    She was tied to the bed; cuts all over her, blood seeping, and bruises on her. I untied her from the bed posts, noticing the raw flesh on her wrists blood coming to the surface.
  24. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 24- Behind the Pain
    READ A/N... My heart stopped. Today was the day they were leaving to go on tour.
  25. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 25- Starts with Goodbye
    “So, they’re goin on tour soon. You planning on goin with ‘em?” I shook my head nervously. “Good. Don’t. You’ll stay here with me now, right? Like the good old times!”
  26. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 26- Beautiful Sunrise
    Her voice was almost a whisper, though we could hear it clearly. It seemingly flowed along with the breeze. The orange hue of the sun tinting in her eyes and flooding over her pale skin; casting shadows that accentuated her beauty.
  27. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 27- Not Gonna Come Down
    read author's note!!.......: "And I can’t lose her again. She’s everything to me and I need her more than ever."
  28. Hope Begins To Fade Ch. 28- Down Off of These Clou
    Before I knew it, he had me pinned up against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, his arms on either side of me against the steamy wall and thrusting harder continuously into me.
  29. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 29- Wake Up
    “I’m a terrible girlfriend.” Wake up. Please.
  30. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 30- If You Only Knew
    Silence befell the room again. What could we say? She was having nightmares about her past. I swear, one day I am going to beat the shit out of this guy…
  31. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 31- Belong Here
    READ A/N! “You see, my woman stole my fedora.” He paused, laughing. “So, I’m gonna need it back.” He pulled me to him, his guitar behind him, kissing my lips as he took back the fedora.
  32. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 32- She’s There Between Us
    glanced back a second to see Brian standing in the parking lot; eyes wide, mouth agape, looking like a little lost puppy dog. And there’s Michelle, holding onto him, pretending to care, and smirking after me. I sobbed but faced foreword, running down
  33. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 33- Distraction?
    I couldn’t stop myself, I’d been wanting this for so long and now that she threw herself on me; I was going to take advantage.
  34. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 34- Never Enough
    if he was stupid enough to cheat on her and now ‘hang out’ with his ex, then I was gonna be stupid enough to take advantage of a woman I had feelings for…
  35. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 35- Heal This Hurt
    “I have wanted to do this for so long.” I nodded breathlessly, my eyes closing as he slid in. My back arched as he pushed in farther.
  36. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 36- Need You More than Eve
    I turned over, closing my eyes. Good…it was just a dream. Brian doesn’t hate me; he’s right here…
  37. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 37- Apology Notes
    Scarlet Aleece Kilbane. Wherever you are; I love you.
  38. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 38- Just a Dream
    Brian Elwin Haner Jr.… I still need you…
  39. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 39- Stupid Boy…
    i suggest you listen to Stupid Boy by Keith Urban for this chappy :P
  40. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 40- Pouring Rain
    “How can you still love me when I don’t even love myself?” my words must have stricken him bit I turned over; crying myself to sleep another night.
  41. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 41- One Remains
    “Yeah. I know. But what’s even more wrong is I’m falling in love with you.” I opened the door; surprised I’d told her.
  42. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 42- Her or Me
    “Brian, I just got back! You told me you love me and now always kiss Michelle!? I’ll admit it; I’m jealous! She’s your ex, you’re best friend, and now you’re kissing!? I still love you but if you took all this time to come find me because you suppose
  43. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 43- Fallen
    My boyfriend loves me but is going on a date with his ex mother***ing girlfriend! How the *** can I stay with him!? I can tell that a taste of his own medicine is hurting him but he’s too headstrong to say anything!
  44. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 44- Comfort
    I held her chin, pulling her lips to mine. That kiss reminded me of old times. We both fell asleep and I heard Michelle and Val yelling.
  45. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 45- Impossible to Find
    “I love you Scarlet Aleece Kilbane. And you’re my everything. Please forgive me.”
  46. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 46- The Fight
    I couldn’t hold back any longer. I quickly cracked my knuckles, my hands in a tight fist, and released my punch; hitting her in the jaw.
  47. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 47- Normality
    Perfect end to an amazing day! I honestly love these people!
  48. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 48- A Model?
    “That’s not what I’m here for. Would you mind spinning for me?” she asked. I turned slowly in a circle; her eyes and my friends’ eyes on me. “So, how would you like to be in our magazine?”
  49. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 49- Myself
    I could tell Brian was enjoying himself… he continued to stare at me, covering his lap, and grinning.
  50. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 50- The Issue
    I stood up. I’d been sitting next to Brian and Jimmy with everyone around me talking. They watched me as I looked down at the ground, shocked.
  51. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 51- Self-Respect
    You have made me see that beauty is not always skin deep. In your position, it is both.
  52. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 52- What Perfection
    “Scar. I love you.” He whispered, kissing me with such affection that tears fell from my eyes. When the kiss was over, I hugged him, never wanting to let go.
  53. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 53- Tangled Up With You
    I breathed out as he traced kisses up my body, biting at my neck.
  54. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 54- Never Again
    I’m ready to show her how much I love her. I won’t let anything get between us. Never Again.’
  55. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 55- Can’t Let Go
    I climbed on top of her, staring into those beautiful hazel depths… and then…
  56. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 56- Drowning In My Mind Ag
    “You never loved me!” he smirked as I hit him again, the blood of his nose dripping to my knuckles. “All you did was rape me!
  57. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 57- So Unsure
    I looked at the clock. It’s time…
  58. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 58- Drown Me in Love
    The ringing was gone now. No sound. Nothing. I held my breath, feeling the pumps of my heart pulsing through me.
  59. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 59- Kicking
    With my hand on top of his, we smiled, looking up at each other.
  60. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 60- Arms Wide Open
    Please, let me always be here with her. We’ll get lost together. But please, God. Let her shine…
  61. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 61- Home
    But I’m all for second chances. That doesn’t really mean anything when you’re on your hundredth.
  62. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 62- Walk Away
    “And I’m not gonna let you control my baby either!” I placed a hand over my lump as it kicked. Probably worried about all the screaming.
  63. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 63- Sweet Bliss
    No words were needed. I knew how they felt. Both of their eyes holding tears of joy.
  64. Hope begins to Fade Ch. 64- Twisted Path
    What we did, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is we found each other. We fell in love. Sure, we went through a lot, but that just shows we were strong enough to go pick up the pieces and love again.
  65. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 65- Open Wounds
    My tears fell so hard. I think I just completely ***ed up…
  66. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 66- Given Chance
    I glanced up to her open window, finding her sitting there staring at the clouds. From here, I could even see the tears that streamed from those hazel depths…
  67. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 67- Run Baby Run
    We sang together with the rest of the guys. But I couldn’t help but look into his eyes from time to time. We’re in love! We’re starting a family! This is the best feeling I could possibly ever know…
  68. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 68- Bottled Inside
    Glancing at the clock, I found it was 10. Scar should be awake at 11 and now’s the time…
  69. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 69- From This Moment On
    “Will you make me the happiest man and marry me?”
  70. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 70- Believe in Me
    “What if we’re not ready for this?” I whispered. He sat up a bit, looking at me.
  71. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 71- Anticipation
    “So, you wanna know what you’re having?” We nodded, excitedly…
  72. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 72- Baby Bells
    “Just tell us!” Matt begged.
  73. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 73- She Will Always Be
    In her eyes I’m Prince Charming. But to him I’m just some fella riding in and stealing Cinderella
  74. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 74- Sam
    READ A/N The grins on Daytona and Jimmy's faces were complete ecstasy. You could just feel the happiness in the air.
  75. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 75- Interruptions
    You know when you’re half asleep how you don’t feel or see anything but your hearing is insanely good? Well, that’s where I am now...
  76. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 76- Leave How I Arrived So
    “You belong to me. There’s nowhere to run so let’s just get it over…”
  77. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 77- Forget
    I promised to help her. That wonderful girl, I promised! But did I succeed? No. I guess that’s just what I do. I let those I care about down. And now, I guess I just had to let her down too…
  78. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 78- The Only Thing
    Dear God, the only thing I ask of you…
  79. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 79- In Your Eyes
    My heart pounded when I heard the heart rate monitor; the beeping was getting faster.
  80. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 80- Please Don’t Leave Me
    I kissed her lips. "…I love you."
  81. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 81- Stealing My Time
    My hand rest on the cold, steel doorframe for what seemed like minutes, my chest rising and falling rapidly in a weak attempt to hold back the sobs. My quivering was bit harshly as I stared up at the ceiling, “Scarlet, I love you.” I whispered throug
  82. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 82- New Morning Shines
    And when she kissed me, it was like and addiction; I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. I just wanted to prove we were meant for each other
  83. Hope Begins to Fade Ch. 83- Laid Into Place
    I stifled a laugh, loving the feeling of tranquility that had begun to rise up in my chest; swelling my heart with pride.
  84. Ch. 84- Bodies Hit the Floor
    It was as if something inside me feared that if I let go, even the slightest bit, she’d be torn from me.
  85. Through Hell For You
    He looked so distraught. It pained me. Even more so knowing my thoughts for his fiancé.
  86. In My Arms
    Jimmy ran in, the sun beaming through the window, onto his face, making him look every inch like an angel.
  87. Baby, Don’t Cry
    Smiling, I pulled him down beside me and cuddled into the warm embrace of such amazing men; two people I never want to lose.
  88. Cold Feet?
    The thudding of my heart should be heard by everyone in the room…right?
  89. Last Kiss Goodbye
    Another train off the tracks...
  90. Make Me Whole
    We stood in front of the priest now…
  91. Beginnings
    I was now Mrs. Brian Haner Jr.
  92. I'm Alive
    read a/n
  93. Butterfly Kisses
    A single tear rolled off his cheek…
  94. Three Cheers for Fears
    My heart thudded in my ears. Could everyone else hear it too?
  95. Nightmare
    Maybe I could help myself…
  96. These Words
    Nothing could get better than this...
  97. Out of Control
    I dug my nails into my palms, crying out in pleasure.
  98. I’m A Dreamer For Sure
    What a wonderful group of people I’m blessed with…
  99. In My Heart, in My Tears
    Four Years Later
  100. Keeping an Eye on the World
    The A/N