Fake My Smile

Karaoke Part 2

“Come closer to me baby. I’ve got everything you need to fill your hunger pains for tonight,” Taylor sang, her gaze firm on Matt. “This can all be a reality if you just say you’ll stay with me. I’ll make sure everything is done right.”

She winked at him, a smirk playing on her lips as she bit her bottom lip gently. I looked at Matt and chuckled as he squirmed a bit, his hand gripping the edge of the table hard.

“Warm me up beneath the sheets babe, I’ve heard all about how you can save. I don’t wanna go a day without you,” Taylor sang as she moved with the music, the song slowly coming to a close. “Warm me up beneath the sheets babe, I’ve heard all about how you can save. I don’t wanna go a day with you.”

Everyone clapped and cheered and Taylor took a bow before leaving the stage and making her way back to our table. As soon as she reached us, Matt had pulled her on to his lap.

“Was there something Mr Sanders?”

Matt didn’t answer, instead just curled his hand around Taylor’s neck and pulled her down for a kiss. Not that she seemed to mind at all.

“Who’s next?” Lyndsey asked as she tried to lean over the table to look at the sheet Hayley had with her.

Hayley looked down, her finger tracing the names before she smirked evilly at Johnny. He shrugged and got up, making his way to the stage.

“Don’t you want to know what you’re singing?” She shouted after him.

He flapped his hand about as he walked away and I looked at Hayley as she giggled to herself.

“What is he singing?” Zacky asked and tried to take a peek at the paper.

Hayley placed her hands over the paper and shook her head. “Just wait and see baby. It’s worth it.”

Zacky cocked an eyebrow before pressing his lips to Hayley’s. I’d been pretty much stuck by them all night. Once we’d all started singing, we weren’t allowed to leave the table. Drinks were brought over to us so we didn’t need to worry about that.

I could slowly feel that grip on my heart whenever I was in their company and they were all couple-like. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to pay more attention to Johnny on stage, though he had yet to actually start singing. I heard Hayley giggle something and bit my lip as I reached forward for the pitcher of Woo Woo on the table. Lyndsey caught my gaze and she tilted her head a little.

“You okay?” She mouthed.

I nodded before looking over to the stage as the music started. I instantly burst out laughing, almost dropping the pitcher and I heard Hayley laugh too. No one else seemed to recognise the song but as soon as Johnny started singing they all realised why we were laughing.

“When a man loves a woman can’t keep his mind on nothing else. He’ll trade the world for the good thing he’s found.”


Hayley grinned as Sarah excitedly squealed from the stage.

“I bloody love this song!” She shouted before stumbling more to the middle.

I cocked an eyebrow before chuckling as The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson started. Sarah danced about the stage and started to sing, even singing along with the high ‘hee hee’ at the beginning.

“Dear lord what did I marry?” Jason chuckled as he watched his wife bounce about the stage, so obviously in her element.

“You married an idiot,” Lyndsey quipped. “A Michael Jackson loving idiot.”

“Hey pretty baby with the high heels on. You give me fever like I’ve never, ever known. You’re just a product of loveliness. I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress. I feel your fever from miles around,” Sarah sang as she bopped around the stage, kicking her heels to the side so she had more freedom to move. “I’ll pick you up in my car and we’ll paint the town. Just kiss me baby and tell me twice that you’re the one for me.”

She winked at Jason making him laugh.

“The way you make me feel, you really turn me on,” she sang, biting her bottom lip as she swayed her hips. “You knock me off of my feet. My lonely days are gone.”

Sarah stumbled over her discarded shoes before righting herself and carrying on dancing.

“I like the feeling you’re giving me. Just hold me baby and I’m in ecstasy. Oh I’ll be working from nine to five to buy you things to keep you by my side. I never felt so in love before, just promise baby, you’ll love me forevermore,” she sang, her gaze flicking over to Jason.

He blew her a kiss and she giggled through the next lines.

“I swear I’m keepin’ you satisfied. ‘Cause you’re the one for me. The way you make me feel, you really turn me on. You knock me off my feet now baby...hee!”

My laughter increased as Sarah grabbed her crotch and moved her hips forward like Michael Jackson does.

“And to think,” Jason started as he laughed. “She hates karaoke.”

“My lonely days are gone! Ooh! Go on girl! Go on! Hee! Hee! Go on girl!”

“Not when she’s drunk,” Lyndsey pointed out through her giggles. “She does love a good sing-a-long when she’s drunk.”

I looked over at the stage in time to see Sarah attempt to moonwalk.

“I never felt so in love before, promise baby, you’ll love me forevermore. I swear I’m keepin’ you satisfied...”

Sarah trailed off slightly as she moonwalked a bit too far and fell off the side of the stage. Jason leapt to his feet but sighed in relief as we all heard Sarah giggle.

“The way you make me feel! You really turn me on. You knock me off of my feet now baby – hee!” She giggled, though she had still yet to reappear. “My lonely days are gone. The way you make me feel. You really turn me on. You knock me off of my feet now baby – hee! My lonely days are gone.”

“You think she’s going to bother to get back up?” Matt mused as we all watched the empty stage.

Jason shrugged before walking to the stage and going round the side.

“Ain’t nobody’s business. Ain’t nobody’s business. Ain’t nobody’s business. Ain’t nobody’s business but mine and my...oh hey baby,” Sarah giggled making all of us howl with laughter.

We all heard Jason laugh through the microphone and a moment later Sarah and he reappeared and Sarah dragged him on to the stage, dancing around him as she sang.

“Give it to me...give me some time. Come on be my boy,” she giggled. “I wanna be with mine. Ain’t nobody’s business. Ain’t nobody’s business but mine and my baby’s. Go on girl! Hee hee!”

The song soon came to its end and everyone clapped and laughed and cheered as Sarah bowed. She giggled and clapped herself before running off of the stage and sitting where Jason had been, looking very proud of herself. Jason walked up, holding Sarah’s shoes, and lifted her up before sitting down and placing her in his lap. She smiled before frowning and rubbing her shoulder.

“What’s up?”He asked.

She shrugged. “I think I hurt my shoulder.”

“This is what you get when you throw yourself off a stage,” Rhian pointed out, making Jimmy laugh.

Sarah pouted and looked at Jason. He smiled softly and rubbed her shoulder gently before pressing his lips to hers quickly.

“Okay!” Hayley shouted. “Matt! Get up there!”

Matt groaned and shook his head. “No.”

“Matthew Charles Sanders, get your freakishly over muscled arse up on that stage,” Hayley yelled, throwing her pencil at him for effect.

Matt pouted as he relented and stood up, muttering about how he wasn’t ‘freakishly over muscled’. Once Matt got on stage, the music started and he glanced at the karaoke screen to see what he was singing. I smiled as I heard the song and laughed as Sarah wriggled in Jason’s lap and clapped.

“I love this song,” she called out.

Matt laughed and winked at her before launching into the song.

“When I get high, I get high on speed. Top fuel funny car’s a drug for me. My heart, my heart. Kickstart my heart.”
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If you don't know then Taylor sings Warm Me Up by The Audition. Johnny is singing When A Man Loves A Woman by Michael Bolton. Matt is singing Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue and I sing The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson =D

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