Fake My Smile


“So what are you doing for your birthday?” Mandy asked me.

I shrugged as I sipped some more of my orange juice. “Probably just hang out in the back garden with the guys.”

Mandy pouted slightly and I couldn’t help but laugh at how childish she looked.

“I thought eighteen was a big deal to you Brits,” she teased slightly

I rolled my eyes as I stood up, smiling down at Mandy.

“I’m not in England anymore,” I pointed out.

Mandy smiled softly and wrapped me up in a hug.

“Happy birthday sweetheart,” she whispered against the side of my head.

“Thank you,” I replied quietly before going out back and sitting on the edge of one of our loungers.

I sighed and pulled out my phone, hitting speed dial three and putting my phone to my ear. I chewed my lip as it went straight to answer phone again. I took a breath before finally leaving a message.

“Hey Lee. It’s Rosie. You’re not answering your phone, so I’m doing the dreaded...I’m leaving a message. Erm...I just wanted to say happy birthday. The big one eight. You can get pissed legally now. All right for some,” I chuckled. “Phone me back when you can okay? Love you ducky.”

I hung up then slipped my phone back in my jean pocket before closing my eyes and laying backwards. I settled beneath the warm sun and the surrounding silence, slowly drifting to sleep. Nearly drifting to sleep. My eyes darted open as I felt weight on me. Once I focused I saw Zacky grinning down at me, his legs straddling my waist. I rose an eyebrow as I tried to ignore the emotions stirring within me.

“Was there something?”

Zacky shrugged before he placed a card and a neatly wrapped box on my chest, leaning down and pressing his lips to my forehead.

“Happy birthday Rosie!”

I smiled as Zacky sat back, feeling heat radiate out from where he’d kissed me. I motioned for him to move off of me, which he did allowing me to sit up and cross my legs beneath me. Zacky sat down on the end of the lounger, his stance mirroring mine as he faced me.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” I commented as I picked up the card. “In fact I think I told you not to.”

“Like I wasn’t going to get you anything,” Zacky replied warmly, making me look at him. “You’re my girl.”

I felt my heart flutter at those words that I’d heard many, many times since we became friends. I knew he didn’t mean them in the way that I wanted him to and I knew that the likelihood was very slim but it didn’t stop the butterflies erupting in my stomach or the full feeling I felt in my chest whenever he voiced them.

I opened the envelope and pulled the card out, rolling my eyes at the perverted joke on the front. I heard Zacky chuckle so I stuck my tongue out at him before opening the card and reading what he’d written.

“Rosie, feel free to hit me after reading the front of this card.”

I laughed before reaching forward and smacking Zacky on the leg. He laughed and rubbed where I’d hit him.

“Happy birthday! The big 1-8! I can’t believe I’ve known you for nearly two years now. You’re my girl and I’ll always love you. Get ready for a fucking good night. We are going to get you good and drunk. Love you, Zacky.”

I smiled up at Zacky before leaning over and hugging him, feeling his arms instantly come around me as he squeezed me gently.

“I love you,” I whispered, more meaning in those three words than Zacky thought.

Zacky kissed the side of my head before pushing me back with a small grin and thrusting his present in my face. I took it from him and eyed it carefully.

“You so didn’t wrap this,” I commented glancing at Zacky.

He shrugged. “Your point is? I look like I wrap with my feet!”

I chuckled and carefully tore the wrapping away from the box. Opening the box slowly, I gasped as it revealed the silver gingerbread man charm that I’d been eyeing up at a jewellery store. Zacky must have gone back to get it, even buying a delicate silver chain for it to go on.

“Oh Zacky,” I breathed, running my fingers across it. “This was...you shouldn’t be spending this kind of money on me.”

Zacky flapped a hand at me dismissively before taking the necklace and making me turn so my back was to him. He pushed my hair away from my neck and clasped the necklace together, the charm resting just above my cleavage. I ran my hand down it, looking down at the way it shone in the sun. I knew how much this charm cost on its own and I was in complete awe that Zacky had bought it for me.

“You’re worth it,” Zacky whispered as his hands fell to my shoulders.

I shivered as his lips fell on the side of my neck, heat burning through my veins. I turned my head and looked at Zacky, realising that we were a lot closer than I had thought. I bit my lip as I wondered if I should tell him how I felt. How my feelings for him had changed from those friendly ones I used to have. How they had developed into so, so much more. Zacky smiled warmly at me before looking over to my house

I reluctantly tore my gaze from him and looked to where he was looking to find the rest of our motley crew coming into the garden. Lyndsey grinned at me and waved before wriggling away from Brian and running over to me. Zacky kissed my forehead and whispered “I love you” before rising to his feet and walking over to the guys, patting Lyndsey on the head as he passed her. She flipped him off and sat down in front of me, her eyes immediately going to my chest.

“Aw, that’s pretty,” she commented as she reached forward and grabbed up the necklace.

I smiled and looked down at it. “Zacky got it for me.”

Lyndsey looked at me, dropping the necklace back down so it rested against my skin again, a sly smile slowly forming on her face.

“Oh really,” she drawled slowly and I knew exactly what she was hinting to.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, rising to my feet and watching as she did the same.

“Rosie,” Lyndsey whined as she pouted. “If he spent this kind of money on you...he must feel something for you. Fuck he does feel something for you. I know he does.”

“I’m his friend. Nothing less and certainly nothing more,” I replied with a quiet sigh as I looked over at the guys, my eyes falling on Zacky as he laughed at something Matt had said. “That’s all I’ll ever be.”


I laughed quietly as I watched Jimmy push Brian into the swimming pool. Brian came to the surface spluttering and glared up at Jimmy before turning his glare to his giggling girlfriend.

“Lyndsey,” he growled as he swam over to where Lyndsey and I were sitting, our legs dangled into the water.

“Yes?” She asked innocently.

Brian cocked an eyebrow as he stopped in front of her, his hands either side of her body.

“There’s nothing innocent about you,” he commented.

Lyndsey smirked and nodded, draping her arms over his shoulders. “True, but who do you think took away my innocence?”

“Ew! Lyndsey!” Matt barked from the other side of the pool. “Stop with that! It fucks with my head. Bad enough my baby sister and my best friend are together. Do I really need to be reminded that you get up to all sorts of shitty things?”

“They are not shitty,” Brian defended them. “We get up to awesome things.”

“Very awesome,” Lyndsey added, sticking her tongue out as her older brother shuddered.

I rolled my eyes as Lyndsey looked back down at Brian, a warm smile on both of their lips. I stood up, not really wanting to be around them if they were going to be all lovey dovey with one another. I turned and began walking towards my house laughing to myself as I heard Lyndsey shriek and then heard a splash.

“And where is the birthday girl off to?” Zacky asked as he sidled up beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“To get myself a drink,” I explained, stepping away from him and into the kitchen instantly going for the fridge. “You want anything?”

Zacky shook his head before leaning against the counter. I shrugged somewhat and pulled out a can of Dr. Pepper, flipping the top and chugging a bit. I breathed a sigh of relief as it immediately cooled me down. Zacky chuckled so I did the mature thing and stuck my tongue out at him. I placed my can down on the counter and stretched my arms above my head, wanting to hear my back click as it had been feeling a bit stiff today. I shrieked as someone tickled me from behind and whirled around only for my jaw to drop.

“Happy birthday Rosie!”

“Oh my...God!” I ended with a shriek as I threw myself at my sister who just laughed and wrapped her arms around me.

I squealed and squeezed her tightly, thinking that this was all a dream. I even pinched myself but nope, I was awake.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I pulled away. “Why aren’t you in England?”

Hayley shrugged. “Mum’s got a new boyfriend who has a son who thinks I want in his pants. I don’t want in his pants and I’d appreciate it if he would try and stop getting in mine.”

I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing but only ended up snorting slightly. Hayley pouted as I covered my mouth with my hands, hoping to stop the giggles from erupting from me.

“It’s not funny,” she whined and stomped a foot. “He’s creepy. I even caught him rummaging through my underwear drawer. He was like a bloody deer caught in the headlights when I walked in to find him holding one of my bras!”

“Aw,” I patted her on the head and she simply swatted me away. “But he does sound like a bit of a bastard.”

“Bastard isn’t even the correct word,” she grumbled before her smile reappeared. “Anyway, I have been talking to dad for the last month or so and we’ve decided it’s best, you know for my safety and everything, if I...”

“Spit it out woman!”

“You are looking at a new citizen of the United States Of America,” she explained, ending in a really bad American accent.

My jaw dropped at the news as my mind slowly took in the news.

“You’re moving here?” I asked slowly and Hayley nodded quickly. “You...my sister...you’re moving here...as in America...as in Huntingdon...as in this very house?”

“Yes!” She laughed.

I shrieked again as I threw myself at her before pulling back and pinching my arm.

“Ow! Bloody hell! Best birthday ever!” I screamed as I hugged her again before sheepishly pulling away. “Happy birthday by the way.”

Hayley laughed before looking past me and it was at that moment that I remembered that Zacky was still in the room.

“Oh!” I exclaimed before grabbing Hayley’s hand and dragging her over to where Zacky was. “Hayley, this is Zacky Baker. Zacky, this is Hayley...my twin sister.”

They both smiled at each other, shaking one another’s hands and I couldn’t help but notice how their hands seemed to linger for a moment, remaining connected even though they had long ago stopped moving. My previous happy smile faltered as I recognised the look in both of their eyes. It was the look that told me that all I had thought was true. It was the look that told me I was in for a world of pain.

That was the moment Zacky Baker turned into my heartbreak.
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