Fake My Smile


The sound of the crowd was pretty deafening but I didn’t care. I was used to it now and it just made the whole atmosphere of the night better than it ever could have been. As the boys always say, it’s the fans that have made them who they are. Without the fans, the boys would still be playing in Matt’s garage.

I grinned and brought my camera up, aiming to take a picture of Brian. He noticed me and struck a pose, making me shake my head and laugh though I did take the picture. He winked at me and I heard a load of girls behind me shriek in excitement. I chuckled and moved around the edge of the stage, looking up at my boys as they did what they did best. I took pictures as I moved, capturing the sheer arrogance that they had onstage. They definitely transformed when they were onstage, becoming that bit more confident.

I looked through the viewfinder of my camera as I aimed at Zacky. He was always in a world of his own when he performed, sinking into the music and nothing could distract him from it. I took a few shots of him before changing my camera, knowing that the one I was using was beginning to fill up. I moved around the front of the stage and walked through the side door, flashing my backstage pass to the guy on the door and then walking up the few steps it took to get to the dressing room.

I walked over to my bag and swapped my cameras over. I grabbed a bottle of water and downed some of it before walking back out to the front.

“How you fucking doing, London?” Matt shouted out only to be answered by a good few thousand kids screaming. “I said how are you fucking doing?”

The scream that answered him was ear piercing and I couldn’t help but wince slightly. I looked to the stage and caught Zacky’s glance. He laughed at me for wincing so I did the grown up thing and stuck my tongue out at him. He winked at me and once again I heard a group of girls behind me shriek in excitement. I winked back at him before moving myself more to the centre so I could take pictures of Matt.

“We’re now going to play a song we don’t usually play much,” Matt started and I tried to work out what song they were going to do, especially as I watched the looks that passed between them.

They were up to something I could tell.

“This is dedicated to one of the coolest fuckers out there and our on the road photographer,” Matt declared, winking at me as the song started.

I felt myself blush and I flipped him off as I recognised the beginning of Girl I Know. I did love this song but I knew why they were dedicating it to me. When they released their Live in the LBC DVD, they had a party and I may have got a bit drunk and danced somewhat stripper like to this song.

“Bastards,” I muttered to myself before forcing myself to go back to work.


“I can’t believe you dedicated that song to me,” I complained and smacked Matt on the chest.

He laughed before wrapping me up in a hug. I tried to wriggle away from him but he had me in a death grip.

“Matt! Get off of me! You’re freaking sweaty and you reek!”

Matt chuckled again before letting me go. I shuddered only to complain again as three more guys engulfed me in a hug. I glared as they let go of me but only received laughter in return.

“I hate you all,” I muttered as I walked over to my bag to put all my camera stuff away. “Every single one of you.”

“Hey now, I didn’t do anything,” Zacky pointed out as he walked up to me.

I nodded. “Okay, so you I don’t hate...unless you plan on hugging me and then you are off of my Christmas card list my friend!”

Zacky chuckled and backed away with his hands up. “Okay, okay. I won’t hug you.”

I smiled. “Thank you. You can hug me later when you aren’t all gross and sweaty.”

Zacky saluted before going over to where he’d dumped some of his stuff. He grabbed a new T-shirt and pulled the one he was wearing off before changing into the new one. I couldn’t stop my eyes from staring at him as he changed and I would have probably been staring for longer if it wasn’t for my phone going off.



I smiled and shifted so I was leaning against the table slightly. “Hey Lee. You okay?”

“I’m awesome. You?”

“Grossed out,” I replied. “All the guys just tackled me when they got off stage, except Zacky. He knew to back off. But the others just got me all sweaty and...stop laughing.”

Hayley was giggling down the phone and not taking this seriously.

“Lee,” I whined. “Seriously. It’s not funny.”

“You laughed when Tom was going through my underwear.”

“To be fair we were eighteen. It was funny,” I pointed out. “And I only laughed a little bit. You’re hysterically giggling.”

“I’m sorry,” she stuttered through her laughing. “I’m sorry. And I’m sorry the guys are grossing you out.”

“Damn straight,” I muttered.

“Is my fiancé about?”

I bit my lip and nodded even though she couldn’t see me before making my way across the room to where Zacky was mucking about with Johnny. I swear they’re all just little boys at heart still.

“Yeah, I’ll just pass you over,” I told her before nudging Zacky.

He glanced at me with a smile before looking confused as I passed my phone to him.

“It’s Hayley.”

Zacky grinned, his eyes lighting up as he took my phone and pressed it to his ear.

“Hey baby...I miss you too,” he told her and I felt my stomach turn as I often do when they pass endearments between one another.

I turned away from him and went back to my camera stuff, making sure it was all packed up. I looked t o my side as someone slung their arm around my shoulder and found myself looking at a grinning Brian.

“What?” I asked warily.

“You are going to show us the best clubbing spot tonight,” he grinned.

“And why would I do that?” I questioned with a teasing smile as I pulled my camera bag over my shoulder.

“’Cause you love us!” Jimmy chimed in from the other side of the room.

I rolled my eyes and nodded slowly. “I guess. We in a hotel tonight?”

Matt nodded. “Yeah. You’ll be sharing with Zacky.”

“Okay...let’s go then and I’ll think about where we can go.”


I looked in the mirror at myself and bit my lip, fiddling with the necklace round my neck.

“You look gorgeous Rosie,” Zacky commented as he walked out of the bathroom.

I shrugged and began messing with my hair again only to find my hands taken away from my hair by Zacky. He pressed his lips to my forehead before propping his chin on my shoulder.

“Seriously, you look gorgeous,” he voiced. “You don’t need to do anything else...except possibly put on some shoes.”

I looked down at my bare feet and wriggled my toes slightly, causing Zacky to chuckle.

“You sure I look okay?” I asked quietly, my gaze moving to Zacky’s face.

He nodded and sent me a warm smile. “Just like you always do.”

I felt myself blush and had to remind myself that not only was Zacky taken, but he was taken by my sister. Zacky patted my arms before moving away so he could finish getting ready for the night. I took a breath and moved over to my bed so I could sit on the end and pull my shoes on. I tapped my heels against the floor for a moment before grabbing my bag and checking I had everything I needed.

“You ready?”

I looked up at Zacky before nodding and pushing myself to my feet, grabbing my cropped jacket and pulling it on.

“Like that’s going to keep you warm,” Zacky scoffed as he eyed up my jacket.

I shrugged. “I’m going to be in a car or in a club for the whole night.”

Zacky rolled his eyes before opening our room door and letting me through. I smiled in thanks and stepped out in the hallway, waiting for Zacky to come out too. I looked to the side as I heard someone wolf whistle and grinned at Jimmy as he came down the hallway with Brian.

“You know if I wasn’t happily married,” Brian voiced. “I’d so be doing you up against that wall right now.”

I blushed, my face probably matching the red of my dress, as I smiled in thanks.
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Here be what Rosie is wearing out to the club - Rosie's outfit. And remember that she always has a silver necklace on that has a gingerbread man charm hanging off of it =D

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