Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 1

Once upon a time…it seems we all grew up hearing those words. They are the implication that something wonderful, and amazing is about to be told. Whether be a romantic tail, or that of magic and adventure, the phrase is the gateway to another world, a better world, a world which only seems to exist through the ink of a pen, or if we’re lucky the much edited film behind a camera’s lens.

Growing up, I always wished for my ‘Once upon a time’, for that moment when I knew my life was just as I’d imagined it. Now here I am at twenty, on my own for the first time in my life, in a great little apartment that looks oddly like a coffee shop, ready to start an awesome job, and yet it seems so anti climatic. In fact, it feels like I’ve been in this place my whole life.

“Moreno!” Came the gruff voice of my editor, as he stormed down the hall of cubicles in my direction.

“Yes Chief?” I asked tipping up the fedora I’d taken to wearing to mock him.

“I’m not Perry, you’re not Clark…heck you’re not even a reporter, and must you wear that silly hat?” he grumbled trying to bite back a smile.

“Aw, you know you love me, so what is it you need boss?” I asked getting back on track. I made the mistake of running with our banter too long last time and he forgot what he was saying only to remember a week later which as luck would have it was a week too late.

“How’s the new comic strip coming? You know “Based On A True Story…” has become one of our most popular comic strips.” He smiled, yep that’s right I got big ol’ David Danes, to crack a smile, even though lets face it we all know he’s a big softy.

“All done, actually I drew a few different segments, so there’s a variety and you know some cushion on the off chance that I don’t humiliate myself throughout the week, I have stuff for next week anyway.” I smiled cheekily. Yeah that’s right I’m a “funnies” artist, not just that but the comic is my life, as in I fall, then I draw it so the world can read about it on Sunday. But I love what I do, heck it’s what I’ve always done anyway only now I get paid for it.

“Slow down mini me,” he chuckled, “but that’s good to hear, see people have been writing in wanting to know what Jenny is up to when she’s not dressing up as a superhero without a cause, or drinking a coffee shop out of business.” He said the last part eyeing my now empty coffee mug.

“Um, I don’t understand, you want to change the dynamic of the caricature?” I asked pulling my pencil out from behind my ear and grabbing a sketchbook, ready to take notes.

“Just the opposite actually, we still run the strip as is, same high jinx, only in addition you get a column as well, we run it during the week, maybe with a cute little drawing to tie it all together on the real Jenny and all the crap she seems to get herself into, and trust me I know you well enough to know you can’t walk down the hall without incident so don’t even start.” Well with logic like that how could I argue…oh yeah I’m an artist not a writer! Heck I’m not even that great at the art thing I just happen to get myself into stupid fixed, it’s like an accidental Lucy, without the awesome hair, or the friend to bail me out!

“Okay, so I’m a crazy magnet, I’ll give you that, but Chief, I don’t write, I mean I know how to, I’m not incapable, but I’m not a reporter, you said so yourself.” HAH! Using his logic against him!

“Nice try, but I’ve seen you write before, you keep flooding my email with mindless drabble, which it turns out is exactly the kind of writing I’m asking you to do. This isn’t about some ivy leaguer crashing daddy’s yacht. This is about a smart, funny, if at times clumsy, girl and all the crap she does anyway, only now when you email me about your latest adventure it gets printed. Plus you already have the hat.” He winked smacking it with a rolled up copy of last weeks issue.

“So what you’re saying is I just have to be me?” I asked uncertainly, I mean this sounds a bit too easy right?

“Exactly, nothing new, except the by line, and they pay raise.” He called walking away. And I believed him.