Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 8

At 11:59, I received a text from Kevin asking me to meet them outside. Now, I’ve heardabout Joe, I’ve reade-mails with his input, heck I’ve even watcheda few online videos when bored. But nothingcould have prepared me for the red long haired blur that tackled me yelling “JENNNAY!!!” seconds after I stepped out of the building.

Now, I’m assuming(though you should never do that I’m told), that Joe only intendedto hug me, maybepick me up. But you know how two heads are better than one? Yeah, same rule, sodoes not apply to two severelyclumsy people. So because I am me, and Joe…well he’s earnedthe nickname Danger, lets just put it that way, we ended up in a massive heap on the steps outside of the Daily Observer.

As if the situation wasn’t funny enough, the look of horror on Kevin face, mixed with Nick’s hand covering he forehead just sent me over the edge and I started laughing like a crazyperson along with Joe, not even bothering to get up. Well once they saw that I wasn’t hurt, or at least wasn’t mad…as in upset (just letting you know my craziness is yet to be confirmed), the other two Jonas boys doubled over in laughter as well.

OW!” I laughed.

“Are…y…you okay?” Joe asked holding his side laughing.

“Ye…Yeah, just…ow, laughing…too...ow.” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before laughing again, but then again and Joe was just making it worse. And Kevin and Nick weren’t much help either. After what seemed like forever, but I’m sure was only about a minute, Nick and Kevin finally calmed down enough to get us off the floor, and away from the fans that were beginning to gather, snapping photos and probably contemplating having us all committed.

“AH! Kev, I’m shortand wearing pumps here!” I yelled as he dragged me through an alley not too far behind his brothers. Okay I want to keep my arm in its sock… we stopped? ”Ah!” He just threwme over his shoulder!!!! Hmm, nice view…I mean, what the flip! I am womanhear me roar! Okay, yeah I didn't buy that ether.

Finally we ducked into a pizza parlor, and Kevin put me down. Finding a booth in the back the all three of them flopped down panting and I shoved Nick over and sat down next to him as he buried his head in his arms on the table. We sat in silence for a few minuets, the guys catching their breaths, and me wiggling my toes trying to regain some feeling in them (these shoes are SOnot made for running…or being tackled). Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed Nick’s curls moving, soon he was laughing uncontrollably with the rest of us not far behind.

Finally, we calmed down enough for the waitress to take our drink order and even managed to decide on a pizza topping…okay so Kevin asked if everyone was okay with plain cheese and the rest of us kind of grunted and shrugged noncommittally, but the pointis that the order was placed.

“I think I have a permanent stitch in my side.” I whined taking a sip of my diet coke.

“Me too!” Joe piped up. No kidding, it’s your fault!

“I wonder why?” Nick asked sarcastically, as he sent me a smile, which only made me giggle a bit more.

“It’s not myfault!” he stated causing the rest of us to share a look then laugh, which was immediately followed by a chorus of groans.

“So, now that you got you’re crazy Friday the thirteenth moment, these are my brothers, Joe” he stated mock glaring, “and Nick.” He finished taking a bite out of his pizza.

“I think I figured that out,” I laughed “and you were supposed to saveme from the crazy not sick him on me.” I explained to Kevin as if talking to a little kid despite the fact that all three boys are taller than me, even in pumps.

“Joe’s a little difficultto train, short attention span.” Nick stage whispered at me with a smirk.

“I am n…Oooh, SHINY!” Joe exclaimed picking up the napkin dispenser.

“Okay, so the crazy took a wrong turn, but I didsave you from a mob, that has to count for somethingright?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well…since it’s not only myun-birthday, but yourun-birthday too…I supposeit’s the leastI could do.” I sighed, remembering the ‘Crazy Coffee Catastrophe!’ and my patheticrhyming attempt.

“Oh I want to play… I bet could think of tink…er bell. She has a nice smell.” Joe chimed in trying to rap.

“I believe in order to play, you must first have something to say, if not…” Kevin stopped trying to think when Nick cut in.

“…you’ll fall behind, and no sympathy you’ll find.” He finished. Oh no people we’re notdorks.

“Y’all are just jealous of my mad skills, ‘cause you know they pay the bills!” Joe stated, now adding crazy hand motions.

“That actually isn’t half bad...” I commented tilting my head to the side,

“Though his wrapping attempt was pretty sad.” Nick finished looking at Kevin before they both yelled “ OH PONED!

“So, Jenny is it true that you actuallysat through 300?” Joe asked eyeing me suspiciously, trying to change the subject.

Oh man, don’t get her started!” Kevin sighed resting his elbows on the table and holding his head, at the same time as I started my rant.

“Oh my goodness! I want my life back! The wholemovie is a land of jocks! That’s it, not even the cool cute kind, that just happen to be athletic. No, the stupid meat head kind, that have a mob mentality!” Seriously I can’t believe I ever listened to Mel.

Why?” Kevin asked looking at Nick.

Exactly! Why, would anyone make that movie…okay I see why they made it, but why would anyonesit through it? I mean sureif you’re workingon it, it must be cool to see that you can CGI the muscles, and pecks on that many guys in the same action sequence, I mean as a cartoonit’d be great. Because you know what? Beowulfwas more believable. Although, I will admit the first five minuets had some historical value, so the research must have been cool. I mean the subject isn’t bad…” I finished seeing Joe look shocked and offended as Nick tried to suppress a laugh.

“But, the blood!” Joe cried out excitedly.

“Watch the Godfather, it has blood…and clothes.” I added, causing Nick to lose it, his curls moving as he buried his face in the table laughing.

“That’s what I said! Well the clothes part.” The mass of curls seemed to say. Now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of a curly haired ‘What’ from the second Adams Family movie, you know It’s daughter… Oh it could be her little brother That!

Soon we decided to head back, and after even moremindless chatter, I finally asked the question that had been nagging at me since Kevin mentioned his girlfriend, “Um, Kev?”

“Yeah?” He asked looking in my direction without breaking his pace.

“What’s Brittany looklike?” This is reallynot going where you think it is.

After a slight eyebrow raise, and a couple of eye rolls from Nick and Joe he answered in a slightly dreamy tone, “Well she’s beautiful…”

“Um, a little more specific?” Okay so I just want to know her hair color, but still.

“Okay, well she’s kind of tall, has blue eyes, and long blond hair, better?” BreathJenny, don’t snicker it’s rude!!!! Calm down…oops I kind of snickered…and he’s glaring. “Is that a problem?”

I shook my head before I trusted myself enough to talk. “No, I’m sure she’s gorgeous, it’s just she’s blond…and her name is Brittany, and you’re a dark haired Kevin….” I trailed off hoping he caught my train of thought. Well he looks confused, but at least it’s not mad.

“Like, Spearsand K. Fed?” Joe asked raising his eyebrow.

“Um…well them tooI guess, now that you mention it, but I was thinking more along the lines of…‘This is my stop, got to get off…’” I started singing. Soon a look of realization dawned on Kevin and he stopped in his tracks then doubled over laughing.

“I can’t believe I never caught that! I used to loveDaria!” He chuckled once he caught his breath, and we continued walking.

“Wasn’t that a cartoon?” Nick asked.

“Yeah it was on MTV back in the day.” WOW, I felt so oldthere! I looked at Kevin and saw a similar look on his face. I guess it’s easy to forget Nick is so much younger than us. About five minutes later, as we approached the Daily Observer steps, or as I’d forever remember it, the place where Joe first attacked me. Joe’s face lit up in realization.

“You’re the Jockand the Cheerleader!?” Joe laughed pointing at his older brother. All late!

“Yeah man. Way to catch on.” Kevin rolled his eyes. “Well, we have to get going, we have to be across town in a couple of hours, and Joe’s hair needs a touch up.” Kevin finally announced as we made it to the doors.

“Alright, well this was fun.” I smiled hugging Nick first then Joe.

“Yeah, so dinner, at seven?” he asked. Oh, wow I almost forgot, hey I was hanging out with Joe, that boy is a force to be reckoned with!

“Sure, just call me when ever you’re free and we’ll make plans.” I said hugging him, and waving goodbye.
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Okay so when i started writing the fic, i couldn't wait to get the rest of the family in. When i started writing it i realized that it's really hard to think for like five characters all at once! :o