Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 9

Stupidpiece of…weird stretchy fabric-like-substance! Does everypair of pantyhose I own have a run? Seriouslybecause I only have twenty minuets until the Jonas’ show up, so I can totallyhead out and buy…SCORE, brand new pair, wrapper and everything, lodged behindthe drawer.

So after about fifteen minuets, I was almost ready, my hair was up in a high ponytail with the ends curled, and a side swept bang, my dress was on, I have to admit I love this dress. It’s a strapless cocktail dress, with a layered skirt, and black lace and gold ribbon accents. It’s a little rockermeets Audrey Hepburn, and the light color complements my olive skin tone. Now all I have to do is finish my makeup, pick a purse and shoes, and I’m done!

“BZZZZ!” Well, at least I got my makeup done.

“Come on up!” I said pressing the little button to open the front door. About a minute later my doorbell rang, but it was just Kevin, so I felt less ridiculous standing there without shoes. “Um, come on in, I just need to get some shoes, sorry.” I said stepping aside to let him in. Well, he wasa full four minuets early!

“Don’t worry about it, Joe was taking forever, so we’re meeting the family there.” He chuckled.

“Cool, make yourself at home I’ll be rightout.” I said walking into my room. Okay, it’s been decided I have waytoo many pairs of shoes!

“Wow…” I heard Kevin exclaim form the other room.

“What’d you find?” I called out, still trying on shoes.

“You have the Rat Pack over your couch.” He called back slightly distracted. Well I guess I do have a lot of stuff. After trying on every pair that even remotelymatched, I finally settled on some simple black satin pumps and a gold colored clutch. Tossing in my cell phone, lipstick, extra bobby pins, ID, keys, credit card, and some cash I walked out into the living room to see Kevin had found my old guitar.

When I say old, I mean the thing was my grandfather’s. It had a hole in the back when I took it; my grandmother was going to trash it anyway. So now, it’s been stripped of all paint, patched, and sanded. But that’s about it, I liked the raw look, you can tellit’s old. The only real issue is, I know nothing about guitars, and I can’t play that thing to save my life.

“Couldn’t stay away huh?” I asked laughing, as he looked up from the couch, startled.

“Hope you don’t mind I tuned it.” He said sheepishly.

“Not at all, I don’t even play.” I laughed.

“Really? Well the sound’s pretty good, loud and raw.” He said strumming a few chords then setting it aside and standing up. “But we should get going.”

Once outside, he led me to his rental car, and opened my door. Well, thatdoesn’t happen often in New York. “By the way, you look beautiful.” He smiled once we were both in.

“Thank you, not too bad yourself.” I managed while trying to hide my blush.

JENNNAY!!!!!” I heard the second I walked into the restaurant, luckily, Joe just raised his hands and waved like the crazy that he is, instead of recreating this afternoons meeting.

“Hey Joe.” I chuckled hugging him as we got to the table, which was originallymeant to conceal the Jonas Family. Joe has a way of throwing discretion out the window.

“Nick! Long time no see!” I said hugging him next.

Once all the introductions were made, I took a seat between Kevin and Denise and across from Nick and Joe.

“So, Jenny tell us a little about yourself.” Kevin Sr. asked smiling as soon as our orders were taken. Okay I knowwhen people ask you to talk about yourself they’re just curious, but I alwaysblank out!

“Um, what would y’all like to know?” I asked trying to at least get a little bit of direction here.

“Well, Kevin mentioned you worked for a newspaper? Is that right?” Denise asked, looking at me warmly.

“Yes, I work at the Daily Observer. It’s a newer publication, it’s only been around about five years, but I have a permanent segment in the Sunday funnies, and I recently started writing a weekly column. So it’s a lot of fun, I really love it.” Did that sound bragy? Because I wasn’t trying to be.

“Oh really? That’s interesting, what’s it about?” Mr. Jonas asked.

“Well, me actually…well sort of. The column is almost a spin off of my comic strip, which is loosely based on me being a klutz. So the column is just more factual account of that, basically it’s the comic relief with me playing Jerry Lewis” I chuckled realizing that my outfit probably conceals my inner dork.

“Yeah, and she has a monkey hat!” Joe piped up, out of nowhere.

“Like 'Jenny'?” Frankie asked.

“You know 'Jenny'?” I asked the little boy who up until this point had been relatively quiet.

“Yeah, she’s my favorite! I like the one where she tried to skate but she fell and wanted coffee!” he laughed to himself.

“I love that one too, that was one of the first I ever drew.” I told him watching his eyes light up.

“You’re 'Jenny'! Like coffee 'Jenny'?” The rest of the Joni just looked on with a strange mix of amusement and confusion as I continued to talk to the seven year old.

“Yep, well sort of. I draw 'Jenny'.”

“That’s so cool!” he responded then went back to whatever it was he was doing before.

“Well, apparentlyyou’ve got yourself a couple of fans.” Mr. Jonas laughed.

“So now, I’ve heard bits and pieces, but how did you reallymeet my son?” Mrs. Jonas asked eyes twinkling.

I laughed covering my face before continuing, “Well, I stopped at Starbucks on my way to work one morning, and this was soon after I started the column, but I’ve been going to that particular coffee shop since I first moved here, so people know who I am. Well, this guy comes up to me and dumpshis coffee on my head, spilling mine in the process, and then as if it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread asks me to write about it…”

“Oh, no!” Denise gasps.

“So, before I can even react, Kevin here ushers him out and tells him to try again another day. Which is probably a good thing, because I had no idea what to say, it was just so out of the blue. But the whole story did make a good issue.” I finished.

“That’s quite a story.” Mr. Jonas laughed.

Once all the metalk was over the rest of the conversation seemed to flow. Which, means that soon enough we were all dragged into listening to Joe recount one of his many stories.

“So then, I was like, ‘Yo! I’m Joe, and…I’m gonna showyou…fo’ shodawg! Word!” Joe finished his insane rant as the rest of us tried to eat while laughing.

Actually, you were in the other room, and Big Rob just told him to leave.” Nick laughed.

“Did, not Nicky, you’re just jealous, because I’m down, and you’re not.” Joe argued making some strange hand motions.

“You’re down…” I repeated, with a raised eyebrow, causing Kevin and Nick to snicker, while Mr. and Mrs. Jonas tried to keep a straight face.

“Yeah,” Kevin said looking at me with what I almost swore was sincerity, “he was sittingdown. I was straightening his hair at the time.”

OH, PONED!!!” both Kevin and Nick yelled out as I tried to keep from choking on my food, while the rest of the Jonas family laughed.

“So, Jenny your birthday is on Sunday, is that right?” Mrs. Jonas asked.

“Yes ma’am”

“So, what are you planning for the big day?” she asked excitedly.

“Oh, nothing special, just hanging out, maybe watching a few movies, or something. I don’t’ really have much of plan.” I chuckled.

“Well, that’s great, because we were wondering if you’d like to come to the show with us that day.” Mr. Jonas grinned.

“We were?” Joe asked, looking confused. Meaning that this was a last minuet deal, I guess Nick realized what I was thinking because he quickly cut in.

“Yeah, Joe. You were fixing your hair when we discussed it so we left you out.” Nick skillfully covered sending me a wink.

“Well, if you’re sureit’s okay…”

“Positive.” Kevin grinned.

“But, there’s a dress code, you haveto wear skinny pants!” Joe piped in.

Alright, I’d love to thank you.”

Excellentthat means I get to be there at the end of the Birthday Weekend!” Kevin exclaimed pumping his fist, causing me to laugh.

“So, now the importantquestion…what kind of cakeare we ordering?” Joe asked me.

“Um, anything’s cool with me.”

“Nope, sorry it’s yourbirthday dinner, so youhave to choose.” Kevin said handing me the desert menu.

“Well, does anyone have a preference?” I asked only to have Kevin answer first.

No, cheating! It’s yourchoice here Missy.” He scolded, causing us all to laugh.

Fine, but if I pick something gross, youhave to help me finish it.” I glared.

“Deal!” he said sticking out his hand for me to shake, as the waiter came to take my order.

“We’ll have the Cheese Cake, Sugar Free please…”

“Jenny you don’t…” Nick started.

“What? I have to watch my figure, if I’m gonna fit into those skinny jeans Joe’s makingme wear.” I said sending him a small wink, knowing he didn’t want me fussing over his diabetes.

After eating our desert, we headed out to say our good byes, and Kevin refusingto let me take a cab offered to drive me home. After hugging, and thanking, both Mr. and Mrs. J, promising Frankie that that I’d show him my monkey hat, and reassuring Joe that I would not forget to wear skinny pants, then promising that if I did for anyreason forget, I would try(try being the operative word as I have hips and they don’t), to squeeze into one of their pairs, I finally made my way over to Nick.

“Thank you.” He whispered in my ear as I hugged him.

“Any time Nicky.” I whispered back pecking his cheek and following Kevin to his car.

“So, what was thatabout?” he asked knowingly.

“Nothing, we just get each other that’s all.” I smiled. One day, and already I’m attached to this family, great.

When we finally reached the apartment Kevin, being well, Kevin insisted on walking me up to my door, though he seemed to be thinking about something the whole way up.

“Thank you.” He finally said once we got there.

Thank you? For what?” He’s the one who took me out.

“For what you did for Nick. I know he doesn’t like to inconveniencepeople, but it meant a lot to him, it meant a lot to me. Especially you not advertisingit, you know?” He said seriously.

“It was nothing, you said whatever I wanted, and I wantedsomething we could all eat. Plus being fifteen is hard enough without having to feel awkward at dinner.” I chuckled.

“Isn’t thatthe truth.” He laughed. “Well, happy almost birthday.” He said hugging me.

“Thank you, for everything I had fun.” I smiled, knowing this was defiantly better than the movie night I had planned.

“Good, because it’s not over yet. Maybe we can still have that movie night tomorrow, if you want? Drink large amounts of coffee, eat myweight in junk food, because lets face it you’re a lot smaller than me without the shoes,” I glared; I’m not thatshort! I’m five foot two! Okay so I’m not tall. “…And maybe even talk on the cell phone while we do.” He smirked.

“That couldwork. That is if you could fit me into your busyschedule.” I teased.

ME?! You’re the one that has my brothers obsessedwith your drawings, I think it’s yourschedule we should be checking, Miss Thing.” Did he just say Miss Thing?

“True, but I only take appointments on the dayit’s scheduled…”

“Oh really?” he asked moving that blastedeyebrow, minenever does that!

“Well, it’s first come first serve, so you could tryagain tomorrow.” I stated apologetically.

“Well, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do, but now I really have to get going.” He said giving me another hug. “Night”

“G’night.” I said pecking his cheek, I’m Hispanicit’s what we do! And hey if you’re going have a cute friend... “Drive safe.”

“Yes ma’am.”