Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 10

At about ten in the morning my phone went off signaling Kevin’s phone call.

“Morning…” I answered groggily.

“Hey, just wanted to make sure I got an appointment today.” He answered seriously.

“Well it seems you’re in luck as I have the rest of the day free, and I can fit you in as soon as an hour from now.” I answered rolling out of bed.

“Excellent, is there anything special we have to do for this movie night?” He asked.

“Well, I’m glad you asked as we have strict movie night rules!” I answered excitedly, my fatigue now forgotten.

Really?” I can practically hear that eyebrow!

“Yep, first of all, there is a strictdress code, are you ready?” I asked making sure he was listening.

“Lay it on me.” He answered.

“Well you have three options, pjs, an old pair of jeans, or sweat pants. Movies are always watched without shoes, though I suggest you wear some and just take them off here.” He just chuckled in response.

“Really?” he asked “Is that all?” psh! Not even close!

“No, not really.” I laughed, “but the rest can be explained as we go, depending on the situation. I mean there are waytoo many rules to just blabber off.” I stated picking up a shirt and sniffing it. Not, too bad…well maybe I’ll go with my Zack Attack shirt to be safe.

“Alright, so what’s the plan?” he asked.

“Well, we need movies, food and coffee. I have some coffee fixings here, and I have a lot of movies, but no major junk food. We could go with a theme… or just pick whatever looks good, maybe rent some if you want.” Movie night is an event! Well not really when I do it alone, but when there’s other people involved it is.

“Excellent, I just need to tell the guys, so how about we meet you at your place, in about an hour and a half, we assess the movie situation, then go out and get whatever we need?” he asked.

“I’ll put on the coffee...oh and about the flat iron, tell Joe to just say no” I smiled as he laughed and then hung up.

An hour and a half later when the Jonas brothers showed up, not only was the coffee almost ready (I couldn’t let it get stale/ burnt), but I was dressed to kill! Okay so was wearing an old torn pair of wide leg jeans, a t- shirt, vans, and my hair in two messy braids…but oh well, at least I showered right?

Wow!” was the first thing we said when I opened the door. Me because dressed much like me, only with converse and a newsboy hat for Kevin, a baseball cap for Nick, and Joe just rocking the wavy hair, they almost looked normal, and them?

“You, look all of sixteen! If that!” Kevin laughed walking in. Gee, who asked you?

“Funny…really.” I deadpanned. Then cracked up, because lets face it how can I not? “Coffee’s in the kitchen” said motioning for them to follow me, after I gave them all hugs.

“Well, we have coffee, and some good movies.” Nick stated.

“And I brought our pjs!” Joe exclaimed holding up a backpack I somehow missed earlier.

“Now we just need junk food, and maybe swing by Blockbuster if you guys want to see anything in particular.” Kevin finished, as he and I polished off the last of the coffee pot.

“This movie sucks.” I stated for perhaps the tenth time since it started. Movie night had started out well enough, despite the initial issue of picking junk food, the actual movie watching part had gone pretty well, that is until now. But it’s movie night, and with that come movie night rules. So now all four of us are sitting on the floor in our pjs surrounded by tons of junk food, amidst a large pile of blankets and pillows, trying desperatelynot to break the ‘never turn off a movie if at all avoidable’ rule.

“Yup, cheese me!” Joe agreed opening his mouth waiting for me to throw him a puffed cheese ball (you know the kind that look like round puff cheetos), which is what we’d been doing for the last five minuets. That’s after we had a staring contest so we were already sitting across the floor from each other, with Nick to my right and Kevin to Joe’s left.

“So did I win?” I asked, opening my mouth, for a cheese ball.

“Nope, I did.” He stated doing the same.

“You sure?” I asked only to get pelted in the face with a cheese ball, as Kevin tried to look innocent. “You suck.” I pouted throwing a cheese ball at him, only to have him catch it with little effort.

“You know you look all of fivewhen you do that.” Nick laughed.

“Gee, thanks. Way to be on myside.” I said rolling my eyes, which only made us all laugh even more.

“So really, why’d we turn on this movie?” Kevin finally asked.

“I believe it was you guys doing me a favor? Something about us not having watched a chick flick, but then again Joepicked it...” I said sarcastically, seriously, this is the most annoying chick flick ever! And I usually love those things.

“Remind me neverto do that again.” grumbled Joe catching the cheese ball Nick threw his way.

“Gladly, I wanted to see Finding Forrester…” I stated finally catching something Kevin threw at me.

“So, you’re saying you would have been fine withouta chick flick?” Kevin asked incredulously.

“Yep, I mean I love them, but I could have lived without ever seeing this particularone…” here all three brothers groaned and proceeded to peltme with cheese balls! Even Nick!

Eventually they ran out of ammo, we watched Finding Forrester, and ended up sprawled all over the living room talking about…well nothing really.

“So, Nick…”I asked.

“Yeah?” he mumbled sleepily from his post on the couch.

“What’d you learn from that last movie?” I smirked.

Socks are poorly 'esigned.” He mumbled, causing Kevin and I to stifle our snickers, then curled up with his blanket and turned so his face was towards the backrest. I’m pretty sure he’s a goner, we lost Joe about half an hour ago, and after many futile attempts at waking him, Kevin called Denise to let her know they were just going to crash here tonight and head out in the morning.

My cell phone vibrating on the floor, signaling a text message pulled me out of my musings.

Want 2 talk? -Kevin

Nodding, I quickly placed a blanket over Joe who’s currently curled up with my superman teddy bear, then beckoned Kevin to follow me out on to the fire escape.

“So, what’s up?” I asked, as if we hadn’tspent all day together.

“Nothing really, we just didn’t get a chance to talk earlier.” He smiled, leaning against the railing.

“Yeah, well not when you were peltingme with cheese balls.” I laughed causing him to shrug.

“So how are you?” he finally asked. Talk about open ended.

“Right now? I’m good. You?” I asked.

“That’s good. Me? I’m okay.” He responded looking out into the city.

“Sounds, like a loaded ‘okay’.” I’m not trying to pry, but he wanted to talk.

Maybe. I’m okay, it’s just…the guys don’t seem to likeBrittany too much do they?” he asked looking at me for an answer.

“I honestly couldn’t say, I’ve never met her, or seen her with them.” I responded honestly, because aside from the oneeye roll, there’s not much for me to go on.

“True, but that’s just it. They’re neverwith her, not like we all were today, just hanging out and messing around. If it had been Brittanyin there instead of you, we would have seen nothingbut chick flicks, and Joe and Nick would have probably made an excuse to bail. Not to mention the fact that Joe actually went a full day without straightening his hair.” He finished crossing his arms.

“Okay, but how oftendo you have down time? Or time with Brittany at all? Someof that could be a time issue.” I reminded.

“Yeah, but what bout the rest of it?” he asked pleadingly, desperately wanting me to reassure him that his brothers don’t hate his girlfriend.

“I’m not you’re girlfriend.” To his confused look I continued, “Our relationship, is sodifferent than what you have with Brittany. I’ m not a threat, I’m not asking for one-on-one time with you, I have nopull, nor do I need it. I love hanging out with you andyour brothers, but I know your line of work, and as much as you actlike it, you’re not the boys next door. You’re the boys in the next lane while you’re suck in a traffic jam.” I smirked, to which he chuckled lightly.

“I guess you’re right. It’s just…she’s not a bad person you know. Sometimes I just wish I could be the boyfriend she deserves, without having to answer to my brothers about it.” He sighed.

“Well, honestly I haven’t known you that long, and given my track record, I’m in no way an authority,” I smirked standing next to him, “But I think, if you’re half as good a boyfriend as you are a person, then you have nothing to worry about.”

“You’re right…you have horribletaste!” he laughed, nudging my shoulder.
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Aw, I live Nick in this one.