Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 13


[Left to right: Nick, Joe, Jenny, Kevin, Brittany]

The week was a bithectic but by the time Saturday rolled around I was excited to see the Jonas’ again. So, donning some dark blue skinny jeans, a red-jeweled camisole, and a white tuxedo jacket, I made my way to the arena. Luckily Mrs. J was just arriving with bags of what appeared to be takeout as I made it to the entrance, I was muchless likely to get lost.

“Here let me help you with that.” I offered from behind her, causing her to jump a bit.

“Oh, Jenny! I’m so glad you made it. And that would be lovely thank you.” She greeted handing over half of the bags.

“Well, I’m glad the boys invited me. So I take it you’re on food duty?” I laughed as we made our way backstage.

Always, comes with the territory, I guess I should have thought about that beforehaving four boys huh?” she laughed.

“Oh well, you live and learn.” I chuckled opening the dressing room door and letting her go in first.

FOOD!” Joe cheered just as Nick spotted me.

Jenny!” the younger Jonas greeted.

“With FOOD!” Joe added.

Geegreat to know where I stand.” I laughed relinquishing the food to Nick, before giving them each a proper hug.

Dude, you could join the band!” Joe exclaimed once he caught wind of my outfit, red shoes and all. I’ll admit I’m a red shoe junkie, okay so I love shoes in general, but nothing makes you feel like a good pair of red pumps.

Who’s joining the band?” came a feminine vice behind me only to be followed by an all too familiar one.

JENNY!” came Frankie’s excited cry, as turned around just in time to catch him. Man, that kid is related to Joe, and almost my size too!

Tank! I missedyou hon.” I laughed, that kid is awesome; he even let me ride his scooter around the backstage area last time.

Firstthe phone calls, and now this? I think I’m being replaced.” Came Kevin’s hurtvoice. Just as I was about to retort though, someone else did it for me.

“Oh, Kevvy, at least you have me.” Came the flirty voice, which I could only assumebelonged to Brittany.

“That I do…” he said in a low whisper as he gave her a quick kiss. Awkward! Yeah, I know I’m even starting to thinklike Joe.

“Jenny, this is Brittany, Brittany this is our friend Jenny.” He introduced. Putting on my best smile, I tried my best to look her in the eye, though I felt her eyes raking over me, taking in every detail.

“It’s always great to meet one of the band’s littlefriends.” She smiled before reaching over and air kissing me. And when I say air kissing I literallymean, she kissed the airabout six inches to the right of each temple…um okay.

“Well, it’s a pleasureto meet you.” I tried, hoping it sounded sincere. I don’t dislikeher let me make that clear, she’s just…weird. I mean I guess I’m just not a valley girl type.

“So, what about that hug?” Kevin asked smirking once I got his girlfriend off me.

“Come here you big baby.” I laughed reaching out to hug him.

“What do you think?” he whispered once he was close enough so that no one else could hear.

“Seems interesting.” I whispered in his ear before pulling away not giving him time to ask any further questions, because honestlyI don’t really know what her deal is yet. But he did manage to raise an eyebrow before the guys called us all over to eat.

Sitting around the dressing room, eating fast food, I had more time to discreetlystudy Brittany while she picked the croutons off of her salad. And I have to admit that upon closer inspection, I can defiantly see what Kevin meant when he simply described her as beautiful, this girl is the epitome of pretty blond. I mean there she was sitting in a sea foam green (probably the mostunflattering color evercreated) micro mini dress, and it worked. Not to mention she’s like a size negative zero…okay so probably not, but she is very thin with legs that just refuseto quit. Way to point out the ordinary. Though I was quickly pulled out of my musings by Joe’s french-fry colliding with my nose.

“Hey! What the duck!” I exclaimed holding up my onion ring ready to launch.

“Nothing,” Joe said slightly motioning his head towards Brittany who was now eating her salad while talkingto Denise. “You’re just to far for me to poke, and I wanted to know if you were coming on stage with us?” Joe said wiggling his eyebrows, which I’m sure was some kind of code, but I’m not completely fluentin Joni yet.

“Um, I don’t know…” I answered raising my eyebrow slightly, and tilting my head to the side.

“That’s just because you can’t pictureit,” he sighed for dramatic effect. “Come on let me show you what it’s like.” He said standing up and practically draggingme out of the room calling a faint “we’ll be back” as an afterthought.

In true Joe fashion we ran/were dragged the whole way to the stage, and only stopped once we were at the end of the runway located in the center. “So, what’s this reallyabout?” I asked sitting down on the floor.

“Nothing really, just looked like you could use a break from the cheerleader.” He smirked. Apparently I’m not as discreetas I thought.

“Sorry, she seemslovely?” I asked. Okay so maybe I’m a littlejealous, but not because I don’t likeher, or because I likeKevin, she’s just a complete like, “anti-jenny” and it’s weird

Psh, yeah that’s the word…” he said rolling his eyes, “look I’m nice enoughto her because she’s who Kevin chose, but that doesn’t mean I likeher, and youdon’t have to either.” He shrugged looking out over the stage.

“Well at least you make an effort, but she hasn’t doneanything for me not to like her, in fact she’s a little Stepford Wives now that I think about it. That and, I’m not his brother, you know as well as I do, that if I don’t like his girlfriend Kevin, isn’t too likely to want to hang out with meeither.” Which, is probably the reason she seems off, she’s too perfect. People thatperfect are usually acting, which in the long run could hurt Kevin…but I can’t tell him that.

Maybe, but I doubt it.” He said simply, causing me to raise an eyebrow at him, which is about all the movement my eyebrows do, and even then it’s just the one. “You’re not justsome random person Jen, sure we haven’t known each other long, but there’s something there, with you and the family, with you and Kevin.”

Joe…” I started, but just as I was about to protest that nothing was going on there, he cut me off.

“Not like that, but it’s like you’re a part of the family already, like an older cousin or something.” He said nudging my shoulder, “I mean I’ve already claimed the good pillow.” He laughed.

“I know that’s true. But I still don’t know what I’m going to sayto Kevin when he corners me on the whole girlfriend issue, I mean last time she came up, I assured him that any awkwardnessabout her would eventually blow over.” I sighed closing my eyes laying flat on my back.

“Yeah, sure when a houselands on her.” I heard someone mumble above me.

“Well, that’s nice Nicky, but tell us how you reallyfeel.” I laughed.

“You’re the ones that just leftme there with them!” He said taking a seat next to me. “You could have at leastasked me to come along.” He pouted.

“We needed youin there so that when someone came looking for us it wouldn’t be Kevin.” Joe explained.

“Why couldn’t youstay then?” he asked indignantly.

“Because I was the one that noticed Jenny here was about to crack, and I needed to rescueher.” He shrugged.

“I resent that.” I pouted; I thought I was doing pretty well!

“So what do you think of the stage?” Nick asked smirking, mocking Joe’s lame excuse.

“Well, while it’s amazazing! I have stage fright, and I don’t’ know how your fans would react to ‘The Jonas Brothers (plus one)’” I said giggling.

Kevvywhy don’t you ever ask meto sing with you?” came the high-pitched voice, accompanied by the clicking of high heels.

“You know I don’t make all the decisions babe.” Kevin chuckled. Knowing that they would be here any second was seriously the only thing that could keep me from giggling at the moment at their characteristicuse of pet names, it’s like I’m in an episode of Daria.

Okay, so I guess I lied, because, not even a millisecondbefore they approached us I burst out laughing, not even a cute giggle, nope one of those, my-sides-hurt-and-I can’t-stop laughs. Luckily that kind of laughing is contagious because both Joe and Nick started laughing too.

“Um, what’s so funny?” Brittany asked innocently enough, but her clueless look, just made it so much funnier. So while all three of us triedto give a straight answer, and I’m sure three very differentanswers, nothing coherent actuallycame out.

Anyway, Nick mom says you have to finish your school work sometime before movie night if you plan on going.” Kevin said ignoring our strange behavior, but then again the boy did grow up with Joe.

“Aw, man. All I have left is algebrathough.” He sighed, instantly sobering up.

Really? Need some help?” I offered. Now this isn’t something advertise, okay so I don’t hideit either, but I’m a bit of a math geek; as in I did it competitivelyin high school…oh yeahI’m just awesome that way.

“Really? You don’t mind?” he asked a little excitedly while the others just looked at me as if I were some kind of Cerberus.

“Not at all, math was always my best subject.” I shrugged standing up, and dusting off my jeans. “Now come on, when I’m done with you, you’ll even understand the wallpaper on my cell phone.” I smirked.

“So, you’re saying that i is an imaginarynumber?” Nick asked confused.

“Yep” apparently he’s a little toological for math.

“But it’s a letter…” he continued.

“More like a variable, but when it’s an italicizedlower case i it’s always the same thing.” I explained.

“Okay, and if you square i you get –1…right?” he asked working out a problem.

Exactly!” see, it’s not so bad!

“so, what exactly is on your phone?” Nick asked finally putting away his math books.

“Well, it’s a picture of i telling pito ‘be rational’ while piretorts with ‘get real’!” I giggled, partially because it’s funny, and mostly because I knowI’m a dork.

“That’s lame!” Nick laughed.

Once the concert started I went over to the dressing room to watch the guys on the monitor, while Frankie played with his webkinz. Not that watching them from the wings isn’t awesome, but Frankie’s a cool kid and I feel a bit bad that he can’t come to movie night. But judging by the looksBrittany keeps sending his way when she thinks nobody’s watching it would be a disaster, plus by the time the concert/ meet and greet end and we make it to my place…the poor kid would be dead on his feet!

“So Tank what exactly do webkinsdo?” I asked, sitting on the floor next to him where he was sitting with a pile of stuffed animals and Nick’s laptop. I know it’s some kind of interactivetoy, but the closest thing I had when I was a kid was a Tamagotchithat kept dieing.

“All sorts of stuff!” he exclaimed excitedly before launching into a long explanation of all the wonders that are the webkinz.

My brain officiallyhurts! I mean not that it’s toocomplicated, I’ve held online role playing accounts before, I had a NeoPet, heck I currently have a Gaia, but dude he’s what eight?

“Wow, that ispretty cool!” I laughed, because reallywhat elseis there to do when you realize a little kid just might be smarterthan you?

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So, no I didn't draw them in concert outfits...well Jenny is in her outfit from the first show,but other than that it's just a vague representation. Also, Jenny's face came off a bit too hard in the drawing, but i think it's a nice contrast to Brit's so too bad! ;)