Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 15
Subject:Re: >.<
Next time I decide to venture out of my apartment at all, remind me that I should remain a recluse at all costs! I mean it I’m a creep magnet! I was just going about my business, looking for a book at the local book shop, when some older gentleman, and I use the term loosely, comes up to me. Now at first I thought it was just some guy trying to get a book I was blocking…then he proceeded to ask me out, but he looked a little off, and I panicked, I mean crazy people don’t like rejection! And sure he could have just been a really old guy that wanted to get a drink with me, but I doubtit! Any way, I said I had to go, and he was all ‘maybe some other time.’ And I mumbled ‘sure’ and started to walk off, and he’s all ‘I need your number…’ so I lied and then I bolted. But see things like that happen to me all the time; no I’m notjust being paranoid!

So, how’re things on your end? You’re webkinzany better?

The hermit formerlyknown as,

Subject: Re:>.<
Hey Hermit,

I leave you alone for three weeks and alreadyyou’ve relapsed into your old ways. Well, at least it’s a bookstore and not a coffee shop, that mightbe progress right? ;) Maybe you could start a new column, “What’s The Use Of Being A Recluse?” Well just throwing it out there, as you will be harshly lacking in material for “Just Jenny” pretty soon, which is too bad considering I’ve been hearing a lot of really cool things about it lately. You know, I think you’ve expanded my fan base! :P

My webkinzby the way is apparently ill…and manic-depressive, as it seems to be permanentlygreen and unhappy, thanks for asking. Frankie tried to work his magic on it, but that only lasted a week, and now it’s back to the way it was before. On the up side it was a happy pink dragon, so the depressed green look, is almost more fitting…right?

As you know tour is winding down, so we only have a few more shows before we head back to LA. Meaning I might be able to get a full night’s sleep! Yeah, I didn’t believe that either; we already have a ton of interviews, photo shoots, and other stuff planned.

Your contact to the outside world,

Subject: Re: Re: >.<


Glad to know my pain amusesyou! Now I’m reallyglad I didn’t tell you about my almost hitting a car. By the way don’t feel too bad about your webkinz, I think I’ve been black listed from buying one (they must have heard about the car incident).

But all dorkiness aside…okay so not alldorkiness, but a lot of dorkiness aside, work is good. Though I truly doubtI could expand your already massivefan base, I mean really, who’s left to add? I’m actually kind of thrown off by the amount of attention this whole thing’s been getting. I love it but still, people just randomlyknow who I am now…suuuuuuuuspiiiiiiiiiciouuuuuus(I know too many Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends reruns)! Any way, I have a trip to CA coming up in the next month or so…maybe not until September. Seems with the new popularity, I’m not only allowed but encouraged to spend time traveling and away from the city... maybe they want me to try and crash into an airplane? Sounds a lot more painful than a car... :-/

Because I’m awesome!

Once I responded to Kevin’s response I grabbed some pizza, my old worn copy of The Godfather, and curled up on the couch to read. Now normally this would be a perfectly smart thing to do on weekend. Not only is it mentally stimulating, but also there is absolutely no chance of me getting drunk and not finding my way home at the end of the night! So given the fact that I was so enthralled by my reading, it is not in the least bit shocking that when my cell phone went off just as Vito Corleone is getting shot, I screamed bloody murder, luckily (or maybe unluckilynow that I think about it) this is New York, so nobody cared.

“I knew the Italians were out to get me!” I accused as soon as I hit the talk button.

“Aww, I missed the sound of your voice too.” Kevin chuckled.

“Sorry, I was reading The Godfather.” I laughed.

“Ah, I see, so what’s this about you almost getting hit by a car? You are okaythough right?” He asked concerned, although I was pretty sure I specifiedthat I almost hit the car.

“Um, I’m fine, but it was methat almost hit a car, not the other way around. I can hearyour eyebrow, and I what I mean is I was walking, and I almost walked right into the side of a moving vehicle.” And now he’s laughing.

“Like, the deer on Gilmore Girls, when Rory’s on her way to take a test on season one?” I totallycorrupted him! Okay so the fact that there are two very pretty female leads made my job a lot easier but still!

Exactlythe deer! It was ridiculous, but at least it’s not as bad as the time, I was walking and well, because I’m walking, I see a sign moving closer and closer to me…so I go to block it, and then I realized…I was walking, the sign telling me where to get the ultra-super-cut-lower-than-low-rise-skinny-jeans-nobody-should-ever-under-any-circumstances-wear, wasn’t.SCOREI got a snort out of him! Hey if I’m going to humiliate myself then it betterbe worth it.

“So what’d you do?” he asked, trying to sound concerned, or at least natural.

“I dodgedit.” I stated simply, really what else was I supposed to do? Buy the jeans?

“Smart move. So what’s this I hear about you coming out to my neck of the woods?” Smooth, really.

“First of all, I’d hardly call Beverly Hills, the woods. And there’s this “Funny Woman’s” convention…in the media… or something and apparently I’m invited as an up and comer.” On the one hand that is super awesome!!!! On the other, I’m scared! Why isn’t he saying anything…

“And you didn’t tell Nickfirst?” he asked sarcastically. Once I tell you once, I told Nick something before Kevin and they neverlet you forget it.

“No, I didn’t tell Nick first, I haven’t told anyone yet…well I e-mailed my dad last night to see if he’ll be in town, hence the tentative schedule. The convention is in September, but that’s usually a month my dad has to travel a lot, so I might go out sooner and hang out with him for a few days.” I finished.

“Reasonable…so I’m the first person you told, who’s not a part of your family?” he asked hopefully.

“Nope.” I smiled fingering my charm bracelet.


“I haven’t told anyoneoutside of my family, but you are the first person aside from my dad to know.” I finished.

“Awesome! So what were your plans for tonight, other than reading The Godfather that is, celebrating?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I was eating pizza, and drinking iced coffee!” I tried.

“Well that’s my kind of party! And I see where the Italian reference came from by the way.” He chuckled, ‘ Well, I’m not Corleone, but would you settle for talking to me instead? I am about a quarterItalian…not much, but it’s better than nothing.” He tried.

“You know, that’s enough for me.” I laughed, “ Wouldn’t want to overdoit or anything!”

“Well, glad I could save you from an Italian overdose.” He laughed.

Exactly! So what’s up?” I asked finally setting my book aside knowing there would be no getting back to it tonight.

“Not a lot…I mean we have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow, but it’s still pretty early on this side of the country, and I’m bored.” He sighed…I thought that was myline!

“Okay, well why don’t you try listing everycup of coffee you’ve ever had?” I smirked.

Psh, after youfellow junkie!” he scoffed.

“Okay fine, that’d be ridiculous, not to mention impossible…so let’s talk?” I asked.

“Alright, lets talk. So…are you excited about coming down?” ah, small talk.

“Yeah, I haven’t been to California in forever, so that’ll be fun…although I am kind of nervous about this convention thing.” I admitted.

“Really? Why? It should be great, you get to dress up, meet some awesome women…it’ll be fun!” okay, that boy is more excited than me.

“Yeah, but I’m not really any good at social situations…I’ve never even been on a job interview!” Okay, great just succeeded in making my self even morenervous.

“You’ll be fine…wait, you’ve never been on a job interview?” he asked.

“No, well oneand I got the job, but I moved so I never took it. But usually it’s like ‘Hey Jenny we have an opening for a tutor, and I remembered you liked math right? So if you want it, you can start in an hour.’ And yeah.” I know that’s not exactlynormal, but it’s just the way it happened.

“And the paper?” he asked in disbelief.

“Well I was doodling at a local coffee shop that I was going to apply to, when Chief walked by and saw my comic strip. Then he asked me if I’d like to freelance, later that turned into a permanent post…then I was kind of toldto write the column, they had my emails to Chief as a writing sample, now it all just took off.” I finished with a shrug I now realize he couldn’t even see.

“Okay, Jen, you’ve reallybeen reading The Godfather too much, that’s notthe way normalpeople get jobs.” He insisted.

“Maybe not, but that’s just how it works in my world.” I sighed, because lets face it, this solves nothing!

“Alright, so you’re ‘gangsta’, but you spoke to meright? So you can’t be thatbad.” He reassured.

“Okay, first of all, never, and I mean never, say ‘gangsta’ again. Second of all, we were on myturf, and youtalked to me!” sad but true.

“True, wait why do youget to say ‘turf’ but I can’t say the g word? Anyway…what about when you met my parents? Thatwasn’t your turf, and you were in formal-ish clothing.” Snap, he got me there.

“But youwere there…” okay that sounded pathetic, I’m not five, I don’t need a blankie!

“Yeah…” that sounds like a thinkingsound…should I be worried? “Don’t worry about it, you’ll know at least one person by the end of the night.” Okay…that was anticlimactic.

“Alright, I’ll try.” I sighed wanting to change the subject. “So what’s up with younow?”

“Um, nothing really…Brittany’s madat me…again.” At Keven? What the heck could thatboy do? Be toonice?

“Why? What happened?” I asked in what I hoped was a concerned voice, and not just incredulous disbelief.

“What didn’t happen?” he sighed, and I pictured him running his fingers through his unruly curls. “Shejust…then I…I’m not sure she and I still work. Does that make any sense? It’s like, I keep trying to give her everythingand it’s just never enough…I’m never enough. I don’t know what to do…” he said quietly, but before I could answer he kept going “I can’t pick between her and my career…my family, Jen I just…I thought she liked that I was a musician, and now it seems that my music is what’s keeping us apart, what am I supposed to do?”

“Kev, I can’t answer that…she’s your girlfriend, it’s just…not my place.” As much as I wantto yell at you to listen to your own song ‘Video Girl’, I can’t; stupidmorals!

“Even if I wantyou to?” he asked pathetically.

“Yep, eventhen, sorry hon.” I reallyam.

“Okay…so I think…that I shouldn’t be with someone who makes me feel badabout myself.” He almost asked. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner folks.

“I knewyou were smart. Kev, you deserve somuch better than that, if she really makes you feel anythingless than awesome” I caught my self before I said amazing, “then it just can’t be right.” Okay so I interfered a littlebit, but he told me I deserved better, why can’t I do the same?

“Yeah, I know…so does sheI’m sure…I can tell she’s not happy. It’s kind of sad when the only song that can honestly describe my relationship is John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’” he sighed.

“I love that song.” I mumbled.

“Me too, but not when I’m living it.” He chuckled humorlessly.

Oopssorry “yeah, I guess so.”

“Jen?” he asked quietly after a while.

“Yeah, Kev.”

“Why do I even bother?” okay, that’s mylogic, not his.

“What do you mean?” I tried; maybe he’s notplaying the jaded card.

“Well really, every time I think I’ve found someone…it just falls apart! ‘When someone breaks your heart, don’t lose faith restart’ seriously? What the heck am I talking about? No wonder they call me Sherlock, I don’t know anything! Either that, or it’s just me.” He finished in frustration.

“Kevin, I know it sucks, but thisisn’t you. You’re not this jaded, even if right now you wantto be. You knowall girls aren’t horrible, mostyes, but not all, and you know you’re not the problem…and if you don’t then trustme on this one, you’re not.” I’ve met enough jerks to be an expert!

Youdon’t date.” He argued weakly sounding even more pathetic than before.

“No, I don’t, but there’s a very good reason for that. I’ve had a beyondhorrible run with men in the past, and now that I live alone in a big city, it makes letting someone in even harder.” I reasoned.

“You let mein.” he argued, boy you have noidea…I mean, yeah.

“Yep, and that right there says something about you.” That sounded naturalright?

“What’s that?” he asked hopefully.

“That you’re goodpeople.” I said in a bad Italian accent, causing him to chuckle.

“I’m good people?” he asked amused

“The best.” What, that was natural!

"It still hurts." he mumbled.

“I know babe, but it’ll get better.” I soothed, yes soothed! I can be soothing.

“I hope so…thanksJenny.” Aw, he sounds almost normal!

“Any time Kev.” Like he hasn’t done more for me since I met him.

“I think I should call Brittany now, and get this over with…can I call you back?” he asked…hopefully?

“I’d expect nothing less.” I laughed hanging up.

Now I’m not quite sure whatI was expecting, in fact I really wasn’t expecting anything…I didn’t have a chanceto. But I do know what I wasn’t expecting as the phone call that I received about three minuets later.

“I was right.” Came the hollow voice on the other end of the line as soon as I picked up.

“About?” I asked carefully, noting how eerily out of character he was.

“She wasn’t happy…” his voice almost cracked.

“Kev…are you okay? Babe, what happened?” I asked trying not to sound frantic despite the growing knot in my stomach.

“She was cheatingon me.” It was hardly a whisper.

Kev…” I started, not entirely sure what to say, but if he heard me he didn’t acknowledge it and kept going.

Heanswered the phone…she didn’t even denyit, she just told me…” he trailed off taking a shaky breath to stead his cracking voice. “She just said…it was myfault for never being there…andand…” he couldn’t continue as he let out a strangled sob.

That BITCH! I mean…no that was pretty accurate.

Kev, no! Baby listento me…” I paused until I heard him sniffle, then something remotelyresembling a listening noise, “this was herdoing, notyours. You bent over backwardsfor that girl, if she wasn’t happy then she should have broken things off with you. It’s not like you couldn’t have done the same thing.” I told him firmly.

“I didn’t have time for herlet alone, someone else.” He argued, and a small part of me wanted to shout that he’s always had time for me…but I’m family, and I suppose it's just not the same.

“That doesn’t really matter, girls throw themselves at you all the time, and you neverexploited that.” I defended.

“I guess…I knew she wasn’t happy, but…she said she lovedme.” He finished quietly sniffling, and breaking my heart.

“I know babe.” Even though really, I don’t. Loveis a nice idea, but really I doubt it exists, it can’tnot when stuff like this happens, when guys like Kevinend up cryingon the phone over a witchto a jaded girl. “It’s hard when someone claimsthey love you, and then in the samebreath they turn around and crush you.” Well, that much is true at least, and now I’m tearing up withfor…well the point is he’s involved, Kevin.

“People, suck.” He sniffled, causing me to chuckle softly despite myself.

“Yeah, Kev, they really do.”
♠ ♠ ♠
LOL, okay sorry this is a bit rushed, I TOTALLY intended to drag out the break up, like have Brit in there a few more times and what not, before even getting there, but what was supposed to be a simple seed planting conversation turned into this. I guess I did too good of a job writing Brittany's character because I really couldn't stand her.