Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 17

“So, I’m meeting you guys where, and why?” I asked Joe over the phone. I’ve been in L.A. for about a week and a half now, but the only time I got to see the boys so far was at Six Flags with my dad…he’s an older Joe…yeahwe were allscared. Although it was fun, there was no time for what Joe and I talkedabout, which I consider a goodthing, but now i realize if I’d tried to fix Kevin then, I wouldn’t have to worry about it now.

“By the giant glasses, because they’re easy to spot!” he informed me with an exasperated sigh.

“The why, was more of a ‘Why are we in this shopping center to begin with?’” Don’t get me wrong I can shop, but the guyssuggested this…really?

“Oh, because they have the cooleststores duh!” he said hanging up as they came into view.

“Jenny!” Kevin hollered twirling me in a tight hug, okaynot the Jonas I was expecting that from, I guess he caught my surprised look. “What, I’m the only brother who hasn’t done that…I felt left out.” he shrugged, causing me to laugh and ruffle his curls, just because I can...even though I had to stretch.

“So, where to?” I asked once I greeted the two younger Jonas brothers.

“How about there?” Joe asked pointing to a funky suit shop… and so it began. About three hours, and every store within walking distance later, Joe and Kevin each had about ten shopping bags while Nick had five, and I had…a slice of pizza.

“Wait a minute, where are all yourbags?” Joe accused as we piled the stuff into the back of Kevin’s car.

“Um, what bags? My purseis right here.” I said raising an eyebrow, and waving my purse in his face.

“You didn’t buyanything?!?!” Kevin asked shocked.

“I got a pizza…” I trailed off holding up the half eaten crust.

“Even Nickgot more than you!” Joe accused…again, man he’s snippytoday.

“That’s it, we're going back in!” Kevin announced grabbing my hand and dragging me back towards the shopping center leaving the jeep to lock itself as Joe and Nick ran behind us.

“Y’all it’s okay, I really don’t needanything…” I tried to argue, I honestly don't, and I was having a little more fun than I’ll everadmit watching the guys (coughKevincough) try on different outfits.

“But it makes uslook bad if we out shop a girl,” Joe explained leading the way to an edgy boutique, “so yousit there, he pointed at a shoe shaped chair, and we’ll find stuff for you to try on.” He announced…oh boy.

Here!” Joe said shoving a pile of clothes at me then pushing me into an open dressing room.

OWW! I can do without the help in the fallingdepartment!” I shouted sarcastically. Well at least the clothes broke my fall.

SORRY!” he called back. I was about to accept his apology, then I looked at the clothes he picked out…whatwoman was hedressing?

“Joe! Did you even look at the sizes on these?” I asked noting that one shirt was a size sixteen while the leather pants were a size two…what the heck am I supposed to do with those? Wear them as a scarf? There is no way they are going up my kneeslet alone my thighs!

“What’s wrongwith them? I got you a variety! Just stuff that looks Like it would fit...I have a great eye for this sort of thing!” he reassured through the curtain and I heard his brothers snicker.

“Oh really?” I asked walking out in the size sixteen shirt which fit me like a dress…an uglydress. “Can we try to keep the varietyin the middle ranges next time, somewhere between four and ten, shoes eight through nine?” I asked handing him all the clothes that didn’t fit this description, or the stuff I just reallywouldn’t wear. I know it’s a wide range anyway, but you just never know in stores like this, everything depends on cut, and style and stuff.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after a while I just let them run a muck and tried everything…well almosteverything on without argument, Joe even got my size down.

“How about this?” Nick asked handing me a deep red tie, to go with a tuxedo cut halter I was wearing along with a plaid vest, pinstripe skirt and high-heeled Converseboots.

“That I actually like…” I smiled taking the tie and adding it to the otherwise ridiculous out fit.

“Okay, the sad part is that works.” Kevin laughed coming up behind me as I adjusted the tie in the mirror and placing a newsboy hat on my head.

“Well what can I say when you’ve got it you’ve got it!” I laughed striking a pose, as he pulled out his iPoneto take a picture.

“Okay enough admiringhere! New outfit!” Joe demanded shoving some clothing in my hands; he’s defiantly the pushiestJonas.

“Joe, what exactlyis your obsession with making me your personal Barbie doll?” I asked through the curtain as I started to remove all the layers of clothing I’d been wearing.

“We neverget to shop for girls! You guys have so much fun stuff! It’s like, guy stuff…plus more, with more sparkles!” He explained.

“And the shoes! You guys have amazingshoes! They should be in a museum!” Kevin piped up. So they were worried about out shopping a girl but this, is totally masculine, yeah sure okay.

“Y’all are crazy…” I trailed off looking at the shirt Joe handed me, “Joe, am I supposed to wear this with the skirt I had on earlier, because it’s a little long, or the pants we decided to buy?” I asked confused, he’s usually veryspecific about these things.

Neither, it’s a dress.” I can hearthe eye roll…wait dress???

“Well in that case, where’s its motherI don’t think it was quite ready to leave the nest?” I yelled back.

“Very funny missy, just put it on, I want to see what it looks like!” he whined.

“Okay, babe as much as I’d loveto help you, it is on, but this thing is practically indecent!” Okay so it covers all the essentials, but still, I can’t walk too fast without it going up, let alone sit! “And I don’t even have shoes!” I added as an after thought.

“I do!” Kevin piped up.

“Well that’s great, but I’m not coming out.” I pouted, not that it looked bad…not really, but I couldn’t help but think how amazing long-legged-slightly-less-curvy girls like Brittany look in this kind of get up.

“Well then I’m coming in, because you have to see these shoes!” before I even had a chance to process what he said he came barging in one hand over his eyes and the other holding out the most beautiful shoes I’d ever seen. Okay maybe not ever but still, this my friends, is love!

Oh, I want those!” I said taking the shoes and sitting down to slip them on, forgetting about the tiny dress, I was currently wearing.

“Can I open my eyes?” He asked just as I was standing up, to look at the shoes in the mirror.

“Yeah sure.” I responded distractedly admiring the shoes, they really do look awesome, why the classic black and white wingtip shoe wasn’t converted into a pump years ago the world may never know…actuallynow that I think about it I think they tried it in the 80’s.

“I like the dress…” Kevin mumbled quietly standing awkwardly in the corner of the dressing room.

Really?” I asked self-consciously tugging at the hem.

“Yeah, I think you should take it, maybe even wear it to the conventionnext week?” he suggested.

“It’s not too short for something like that?” I asked uncertainly, I don’t want to look all trashy.

“Not at all, because of your height it just makes your legs look longer, tall girls would killnot to look trashy in a dress like that.” He winked at my reflection now standing right behind me, causing a small shiver up my spine.

Okay, now when did youget so smart?” I asked incredulously.

“You know I really think it was all that Latin.” He answered stroking his chin in a contemplative pose.

“Are you guys evergoing to come out?” Joe whined from beyond the curtain, about a second before Nick simply waltzed in.

“Nice look,” he said offhandedly before turning to Kevin “Joe’s about ready to burst a blood vessel.” He added.

I didn’t know I could do that!” Joe protested marching in.

Okay, that’s it, all of you out, or everything stays here.” I threatened.

After a chorus of ‘fine’s and Joe’s proud proclamation that hechose the dress they all cleared out and we were able to finally leave the shopping center with about eight bags, which they wouldn’t let me pay for.

“You still need at leastthree more.” Joe pouted as we piled my purchases in the car along with the guy’s stuff from earlier.

“Joe, these bags are bigger than the ones you guys got, I think I officially out shopped you.” I reasoned, even though, lets face it theybought all this stuff too.

Fine, but movie night stuff counts in yourpile then.” He declared jumping in the back seat with Nick leaving me to ride shotgun.

“Alright, it’s a deal.” I laughed, “But now youhave to pick a movie night spot.” I smirked giving him the task we’d all been avoiding.
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