Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 18

“So, Joe, where am I going now?” Kevin asked as we walked out of the video store; the fifthstop Joe had us make, to keep from making a decision no doubt.

“Gah, fine, home okay, I choose our house, because hanging out in Mr.M’s house when he’s out of town is weird, going to Jen’s suite might get us in trouble with the press, and well mom and dad love Jenny so they won’t mind if she stays the night there you happy!” he ranted waving his arms about causing me to snicker.

“Wow…all you had to do was name a location…” Nick commented raising an eyebrow, and climbing into the Jeep.

“Shut up, youdidn’t have to choose.” Joe pouted as we finally made our way over to the Jonas house.

“We’re HERE!” Kevin announced pulling into the driveway of a large two-story house.

“And you called thiswoods?” I asked with a raise eyebrow making my way out of the car carrying a couple of bags of junk food.

“You haven’t seen the back yard, it might as well be.” Nick interjected.

“Hey buddy, whose side are you on anyway?” I pouted.

“Just tellin’ it like it is, that’s all.” He shrugged and walked inside.

Once we unloaded all the guy’s stuff, the movies, junk food, and Joe’s massiveego…okay so he’s not that bad, the boys ran off to put their stuff away and I started setting up the lounge with blankets and pillows and such. I was right in the middle of my very importanttask of centering the big fluffy blanket between the television and large overstuffed couch and love seat when all of a sudden out of NOWHERE; I get pelted by a Milk Dud!

Hey! What was thatfor?” I asked the offending party picking up the chocolate and throwing it back, successfully pelting the now pajama clad Joe on the shoulder.

“You’re not wearing the uniform!” He accused pointing at my charcoal skirt and cream-colored top, the plum pumps having been discarded in a corner the second I walked in the door, although I still had my pantyhose on.

“Um, sorry but we didn’t exactly stop over at my place for a change of clothing, and everything youhelped me buy today is even moreformal than what I’m wearing now.” I pointed out with my right hand on my hip and a raised eyebrow, knowing I had a point.

“Oh, well…okay, I guess…but it’s tradition!” he pouted plopping down on the floor and hugging a pillow as he ate more chocolate looking all of five years old.

“What’s tradition?” Kevin asked walking into the room in his pj’s and glasses, which I must admit make him look adorable[i/].

“Well, movie night’s about to begin, and apparently I’m not properly attired for such an endeavor.” I supplied giving up on the blanket seeing as Joe was now in the way.

“Oh, I can fix that, follow me!” Kevin said excitedly pulling me up the stairs and into what I assumed was his and Joe’s room. After rummaging through a few drawers Kevin finally came up with a pair of black drawstring pants, with skulls and crossbones all over them, and a black undershirt. “They might be a little big, but at least you’ll be in uniform.” He smirked walking out of the room and letting me change.

So the clothes were obviouslytoo long, but at least the pants weren’t tight around the hips. After adjusting the drawstring and rolling the hem as much as possible, I piled my hair into a messy ponytail and made my way back down the stairs were the guys had already popped in the first Addams Family movie, and were waiting for me too press play. So seeing as Nick was hording the Diet Coke I flopped down next to him and movie night officially began.

“Wait, so are they dead?” Joe asked with a quirked eyebrow as the second movie ended.

“I don’t thinkso.” I supplied eating a Milk Dud from the box I confiscated some time during the second movie when he started to pelt me again.

“But then why wasn’t Fester electrocuted?” Nick argued confused.

I don’t know!” What are they all asking mefor? I was trying to give them my best impression of Kevin’s older brother look, when I felt it…a cheetocollide with the back of my head. “Oh, noyou didn’t!”

Really? ‘Cause it looks like, I did.” Kevin smirked from his post on the couch.

“Well, you shouldn’t have because Mama Jonas will killme if I let you boys tear up her house.” I said Milk Dud poised fro attack.

“She’s out of town along with our dad and Frankie; they won’t be back for a few days.” He smirked. Shouldn’t have said that, because the momenthe finished his sentence the chocolate left my hand and collided with his nose.

“Oh it’s on!” he yelled grabbing a pillow as a shield while we raced around the room dodging food particles.

Okay so it started out as a thing between Kevin and I, but somehow…and don’t ask me how(though I think it’s because they were caught in the cross fire anyway), it turned into Kevin and I against Joe and Nick…they never stood a chance.

Duck and cover Jonas, duck and cover!” I yelled rolling across the floor and jumping behind the couch taking a large unopened bag of cheese popcorn with me.

“Right behind you!” Kevin called out lunging over the couch having scored a couple of bags of candy corn.

“Okay, they’ll be out of amo soon, so I say we wait a little until they’ve exhausted most of their stash and then we pelt them from here.” I suggested after peeking over the couch only to find Joe crouching behind his and Nick’s makeshift fort trying to pelt us.

“They’re too far, we won’t even hit them half the time, and popcorn won’t go that far.” He pointed out.

“Okay, then youtake the popcorn, I get the candy corn, I distractthem, by pelting them repeatedly, while you sneak closer and really get them!” I shouted in a whisper…okay so I whispered excitedly?

Excellent! They’ll never know what hit them, K2and XJ-9 to the rescue!” he grinned evilly as the pelting slowly subsided, without giving them much time to reload I sprang up over the couch and started firing the Halloween candy at the two younger Joni successfully hitting my target about eighty percent of the time (that’s really good considering they were moving), giving Kevin ample time to sneak up on them. After a few minutes of this they finally surrendered declaring Kevin and I victorious.

PONED!!!” we shouted high-five-ing each other, much to Nick and Joe’s disdain.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, what I want to know is how youmanaged to hit us every time! I thought you were blind!” Joe accused pouting amidst the pile of food and popping a questionablecandy in his mouth.

“I’m farsighted.” I shrugged adjusting my glasses back on the bridge of my nose, as both Nick and Joe gaped at me, while Kevin burst out laughing.

“You’re a sniper!?” Nick asked incredulously, “You’re a movie-night-junk-food-war SNIPER! That’s so[i/] not fair!” he pouted climbing on the couch with yet another Diet Coke, and a pillow.

“Hey, FroBro, you were supposedto be on my team, but NOyou went with Joeinstead, not myfault the Coffee Bond out did the Diet Coke Bond, though ‘twice as sticky only half as strong’!” I pointed out, causing Joe and Nick to roll their eyes at my corniness, while Kevin laughed; I knewI could count on him!
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More movie night coming soon!