Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 19

Once Nick and Joe started to get drowsy Kevin and I easilyoverruled them and popped in My Best Friend’s Wedding…okay so Iover ruled the other two, while Kevin simply shrugged not caring much either way. Okaythat‘s it! If I was skeptical before his movie night apathy just proved Joe‘s point, I hate seeing him like this, it‘s like one minute he‘s the awesome Kevin, the next he‘s thatKevin times a billion, and then just as quickly he turns into zombie Kev; and I’m pretty sure this is directly related to the sorry excuse for a cell phone (don’t get me wrong it’s cool, but it’s a computernot a phone!) he’s currently browsing through.

About fifteen minutes into the movie found Nick asleep sprawled over the large couch curled up with a blanket and a closed can of Diet Coke, Kevin on the love seat watching the movie with a big fluffy down comforter (cell phone safely on the other side of the couch where he tossed it with a sigh after it vibrated a few seconds ago), and Joe on the floor asleep curled up not only with hisblanket but mineas well, leaving me to shiver in my spot next to him. Now looking back and forth between Joe and Kevin I surveyed my options, I could try and pry my blanket from Joe’s iron like grip, or try my luck with the eldest Jonas brother…making a quick decision I grabbed my pillow and made my way over to the love seat.

Standing directly in front of Kevin, giving him what I hoped was my most patheticlook I held out my pillow to him, in a silent truce.

“You’re not going too hogit are you?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, taking the pillow from my hand and placing it between himself and the armrest. I quickly shook my head as he lifted up a corner of the blanket, “Alright then, come on.” He chuckled as I jumped on the spot next to him, and he made sure we were both covered.

Now, I realize that being under this big fluffy blanket with a hot guy in over sized pjs, usually means that I should be warming up…but apparentlynot….okay well maybe it was the proximityto Kevin, and not the actualcoldness that caused me to shiver when his arm brushed mine under the covers.

“Still cold?” Kevin asked concerned draping his arm around me and pulling me closer, causing me to try and stifle the chills running up my spine…seriously girl get a grip, it’s just Kevin!'s Kevin, crapI sound like a fan girl!

“Just a little.” I chuckled getting comfortable, and resting my head on his shoulder as he rearranged the blankets so there were no annoying drafts. I guess Kevin really makes a great pillow because the next thing I know I have my eyes closed in one of those not-awake-yet-not-really-sleeping-modes, you know when you’re watching a movie and you can still heareverything that’s going on, but somehowyou’re watching a movie in your head that has nothingto do with the original, well nothing except the dialogue that is. Soon enough, I heard the television shut off, then someone placing the remote on the end table, before brushing the hair out of my face and taking off my glasses, and placing them on the table as well.

“Thank you.” I mumbled refusing to open my eyes.

“You’re welcome, now go to sleep.” he said with a hint of laughter.

“But it’s movie night, we haven’t even had our talk yet!” I gasped draping my arm over his torso.

“Okay, well seeing as youhave absolutely nointention of moving” I can hearhis eyebrow! “how about I just get more comfortable and we talk here?” he chuckled shifting his position a bit so he was now laying on the couch, with me pinned to the back rest…good thing they have hugecouches!

“ ‘Kay, but you messed up the blanket.” I informed him as I settled into my previous position, using Kevin as a pillow, causing him to chuckle.

“So, what do you wanna talk about?” he asked after a few seconds.

“Hmm, how about what’s going on with you and your cell phone?” I asked deciding I needed to bite the bullet and not beat around the bush... Partially because it’s the right thing to do, but mostlybecause the stressof it all will be my ultimate demise! No I’m not dramatic at all, I don’t know whatyou’re talking about!

Although I might have been a bit toblunt, as he stiffened for a second before answering, “I don’t know what she wants.” he sighed. Now normalpeople would feel the need to say something here…okay well maybe I just have a big mouth…but I bit back my comment knowing he needed to get this out. “Do you know she calls me more nowthan when we were actuallytogether? She apologizes, then she accusesme, then she says she…she says she lovesme…” he trailed off quietly.

“Oh Kev…” I started, shifting my position so I was looking at him, ready to go into crisis control mode, I mean I can’t let him go back to her! This isn’t even about meany more…I mean this was neverabout meit was about helping Kevin…by keepinghim awayfrom that thinghe calls an ex-girlfriend.

“No, I knowJen…I’m not thatstupid. But it just hurts more every time she contacts me, it’s like I know she messed up, I know I wasn’t really happy, but she said she lovedme…I thought that meantsomething.” he finished letting a tear roll down the side of his face.

Slowly lifting my self from my previous position I wiped the tear off his face then kissed his check. “Someday…when it’s the rightgirl babe, it will.” I whispered in his ear before looking him in the eye…well, as well as I could in the dark, at this close proximity, without my glasses. “but untilthen, remember I’mhere if you need anything.” Once I got a weak nod of acknowledgment I slid back down to my position with my head on his chest draping my right arm over his torso.

A few seconds later I felt both his arms wrap around me and his grip tighten, before he kissed the top of my head. “How could I forget?”

Kevin’s POV

I woke up the next morning to find everyone else still asleep, thinking I should start the coffee I tired to slip off the couch when I heard Jenny protest. “No…my pillow.” she mumbled burying her face further into my shirt. Trying not to chuckle…or wake her up, I settled back into my previous position, examining the tiny woman currently holding me captive. During the course of the night she somehowmanaged to lose onesock, her hair tie, and probably alloxygen flow to her brain as her head is completelycovered by the blanket only a few stray strands of curly hair peaking out.

I knowthis should be funny, really if you could see this you’d agree, but somehow it’s not. Instead all I can think about is how smallshe looks next to me, or how her clutching my shirt like this with her head in my chest just makes me want to protect her…protect her from what? Well I’m not entirelysure, but anythingthat comes her way I want to be there to hold her through it…which brings me to my last slightly more disturbingthought…how easily…no, how naturallyshe fits in my arms. Now call me crazy, but I’m pretty surethat’s notthe kind of thing best friends think about. Sure she’s attractive, she’s alwaysbeen attractive that’s not the point…the point is last night. Last night was…well last night was actually the most fun I’ve had in really long time, but the talk I had with Jenny afterwards while helpfuldidn’t really solve the problem I’m having now…well a problem I’ve been having for a while, and that is that Jennymight actually be the reasonBrittany and I broke up.

Not directly of course, we never crossed any lines, but Brittany never liked her, and if I’m being honest with myself, which trust me isn’t always easy, I think I started to compareBrittany to Jen, and she alwaysfell short…because truth be told, if I’d been unattachedwhen I met her, I would have asked Jenny out on the spot…and that’s what scares me.
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