Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 21

“MORENO GET IN HERE!!!” You have got to be kiddingme! One day back on the job and alreadyI'm in trouble! This has got to be some kind of new record or something!

“Coming Chief!” I yelled over my cubical as I hastily tried to finish typing my ideas for the next column before thy completely escaped me.

NOW!” he barked. Sheesh! Alright I'm coming, I'm coming!

Quickly finishing the word I'd been in the middle of typing I made my way into the all too familiar office.

“You bellowed?” I asked with a smirk leaning on the door frame.

“Well seeing as I haven't seen you in a while I figured it was the only way to get you in here.” he smirked hiving me a grandfatherly hug. “So how was your trip? Ready to give all this up for the L.A. Life, maybe try to become an actress, or even better a reality TV star!” he gasped.

“Oh, yeah, that's going to happen!” I laughed. “It was fun, got to hang out with the guys a bit as I let you know in my countless emails, I met Ellen, even got an invite to her show...well no set date yet but still, and I got a lot of shopping done?” I shrugged not knowing what to say.

Honestly I wrote back a lot! And really what more could he want to know? The stuff with the guys isn't all that interesting, well not to Chiefanyway, who wants to know about my stupid little crush on my best friend...CRAPI just admittedit's a crush...oh well at least I only admitted it to myselfand not like the rest of the world or anything.

“So, what's going on with lover boy? I heard he broke up with his little girlfriend.” he smirked. Wait, how does he alwaysget the scoop?

“Nothing's going on, they ended on less than pleasant terms and he and I are friends, nothing more.” I smiled as sincerely as I could, which really should have been sincerer considering it wasn’t a lie…well not really since it’s just a one sided crush…right?

Idiots, the lot of you. Back in my day if you liked someone you just went ahead and told them, what's with all this silent pining?” he demanded frustrated.

“Oh please, back in your day...everythingwas about silent pining, back when the divorce rate was down, and people still listened to their parents about everything. I'm not saying things are better now, far from it, but don't give me that line.” I countered trying no to laugh at the ridiculous logic.

“So, you admitit, youare pining.” he smirked...DAMN! He's good, and I guess I'm horrible at hiding my train of thought, because he chuckled. “Alright kid, you've had enough, now get back to work.”

Back to work…right. I'm not being sarcastic, not really it's just that, as much as I really did miss all this, the fast pace of the news room and what not, I kind of miss the guys a lot too!

Is that bad? Well it’s not like I’m up and giving this up for them or anything, I just got so used to speaking to them every day, and being able to see them even when we were all busy it wasn’t the same knowing that they were close enough for me to go bug! But I guess that's all just part of being a “grown-up”, you sometimes have to deal with little things like that, you have to learn to say goodbye and just trust that it isn't forever, and soon enough I'll be pelting Joe with synthetic products masquerading as food, stealing socks from Nick, and using Kevin as a human shield when his little brothers come after me.

So I was sitting at my desk innocently sipping on my coffee when all of a sudden, out of nowhere my cell phone decides to attackme! Okay so it was simply vibrating, but if it weren't for the name flashing on the screen impatiently I'd think it was having a seizure!

NICKY!” I greeted happily, aw he missed me too! It hasn't even been a full day since I left and already he's going through withdrawal.

“Hey Jenny.” he doesn't sound as happy as I do.

“Nicky, what's wrong?” I should have known Nick would only call me if it was something bad, he's not the most chattyperson I know.

“ you don't know?” he paused...he paused, he tells me thatthen pauses? Who taught this kid to carry a conversation a mime?

“Nick sweaty, know what?” I asked getting a little frantic.

“Oh, right, it's just it's all over the news...” again what'sall over the news! “apparently you and Kevin are the new it couple.” he finished sheepishly.

“THE WHAT?!?!”
how the heck did this happen? What happened to all of the just friends crap we fed the press, and when did it become crap? Oh my gosh, does the whole world know about my crush? Okay I know I'm not the worlds best actress, but really I'm THATobvious?

“Yeah, well it gets worse, that's why I was calling to see if you were alright...they're blaming you for...well you know.” he mumbled. You know how in movies when someone gets shocking news they always slowlysink down to the couch/bed/floor/whateverand end up sitting slightly dazed yet somewhat gracefully? Yeah, this is sonot a movie, because as soon as I heard that I crashed right off of my rolling chair and landed in a tangled heap on the floor, successfully spilling my coffee, and somehow managing to get my sketch pad to hit me over the head...yeah that'sgraceful for ya'. “Jen, are you okay?” came Nick's panicked voice from the phone on the floor.

“Yeah, Nick I'm alright, thanks.” I reassured him picking up my banged up cell phone (although that's what it gets for messing with me earlier!) “How's Kevin?” I asked a little shakier than I should have. I don't know why I feel so emotional, maybe it's because I feel a little guilty, sure I never did any of the things people are most likely saying about me, but still, I never really liked Brittany, and on some level I have to admit I did want them to break up, and I would have loved it if he'd miraculously realized that he loved me all along instead. Wait did I say love!?!? Psh, and at midnight I'll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass shoe, and that'll be the end of the fairytale.

“Hehehe...” he chuckled nervously, and I could just picture him tugging at a curl, “Alright...livid, but ... At first he was blaming himself for taking you out, but now he's mostly just mad that they linked you guys together.” he said evasively.

“Gee, I'm not thatbad!” great, I amboy replant!

NO, not like that, it's just that well he and Brittany were never really public, we have this rule you know, and now already people are linking you two together.” he covered quickly. After a few more minutes on the phone figuring out how to do some damage control, we hung up and I tried to get back to work.

Triedbeing the operative word, because no matter what I did I just couldn't get it out of my head that it must have really suckedto be Brittany. Now don't get me wrong she messed up, but still. For the last few weeks I've been driving myself crazy with this silly little crush on Keven and yet, if we wereactually dating I think I'd be miserable. Not that he's a bad guy, and I get his schedule it's not that, I just can't be that evasive about my love life, well my life in general. I've built an entire career around being honest, and most of all openabout who I am, and if I'm dating someone that would include who I'm with. Not that it'll happen any time soon, but if I'm in a relationship I want the option of yelling it at the top of my lungs, or at leastwriting about it, maybe even draw a comic strip here and there, but that would neverbe an option with a Jonas boy. The truth doesn't really help disperse my crush, but maybe if I keep reminding my self, it will help me live with it.

The next few weeks went by in whirlwind of camera dodging (which led to coffee spilling), and plenty of emails from Joe letting me know that, while he was still weird Kevin seemed to be doing better most days. Although I could have told you that without what he liked to call “The DJ Danja Daily Divulgence”, after all, Kevin isstill my closest friend.
Subject:Bored...i think I'm turning into you


Don't you just lovemy witty opening lines? Yeah I know, with charm like this it's a wonder I'm not the front man! ;) Any way, I'm just sitting here waiting for my coffee order to be up, so I'm sure if you wait a few hours you'll be able to Googleit and see exactly what I look like while I'm writing this.

Okay so aside from being bored and caffeine deprived I'm also writing to apologizes for all the press you've been getting, I know it can get old, but thank you for not being a pain about it...then again you work in the biz so you know what it's like. Heck, you might even be able to keep them from posting bad shots and make them show only good stuff, make everyone think you roll out of bed all made up!

So as far as pointless e-mails go I guess this is the best one!

Subject: RE: Bored...i think I'm turning into you

Hey you big baby!

I'll be sure to Google it soon, make sure you didn't leave the house looking like a bum!

LOL, any way it's no big deal, I know the press was part of the deal when we started hanging out...after all I am one of them MWAHAHA!

Okay, so I'm not that bad, but it's not really a problem, look at it this way, now no mater whom I date in the long run, the guy will definitelyknow what he's getting into before hand as I can't seem to get any of the paparazzi to use anyof the glamor shots I gave them as candids...wonder why? Perhaps they caught on and realized those were old shots of Angelina Jolie and not me...crap....I mean candy cane?

Speaking (typing) of candy canes it's October! You know what thatmeans? It's almost Halloween, which is practically November, which means it's just about thanksgiving, which means it might as well be Decemberwhich means IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! YAY!

Well, I have to go pretendto work now...I meanI'm a verybusy individual! =P

Love you!