Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 22

Growing up, I never really thought about what it would be like to be a celebrity…okay fineso you caughtme, but I never thought I’d actuallybe a pretty famous nobody. Not like actors whose face everyoneknows but the name alwaysgets forgotten, more like the girl everyone gossips about in high school. Not that I’m complaining, not really, I’m slightly flattered; though some days I wish the celebrity could actuallybe credited to me, and not who I know. But, I knew this was a possibility the secondI started hanging out with Kevin (and the rest of his family), it’s part of the deal and I accept it…although there are a few things I’ve learned over the past few weeks:

*High heels suckfor outrunning paparazzi (but then again as I tend to avoidrunning in general, it might notbe the shoesthat suck).
*No matter what I do the paparazzi will do the unthinkableto get the worstpossible picture of me (I don’t need thatmuch help people! Reallyjust give me a few minutes I’ll fall all on my own!).
*Wearing under things is a mustwhen not in pants (up skirting is evil…so I’ve heard).
*Nobody cares that I’m notromantically involved with Kevin.
*Anydenial just makes it more suspicious.
*Despite my knowledge that it would neverwork I have a stupidly persistent crush on my best friend (keep it to yourself or evaporate!).
*And last but not least somehow coffee makes everything just a littlebit, notbecause it reminds me of Kevin! It’s not!

So as I’ve been trying to notthink about Kevin (psh!) romanticallyin the past few weeks it’s nosurprise that, that’s allI’ve been able to do as of late! Meaning I’ve taken to wearing the skull pants I …borrowed…to sleep along with Frankie’s old shirt. The worst part is, they’re reallycomfortable, so I can’t even feel toobad about doing it, instead I’ve taken to not calling/ emailing as often which is stupidconsidering I’ve never been the best at keeping in touch anyway, and the fact that now I actually miss him. But as always, it seems these Jonas boys are just a couple of steps in front of me, because before I could even throw myself a properpity party, my phone decided to go berserk! Okay so it was just an incoming call.

Road Kill Café! You kill it, we grill it! How may I help you?” I asked into the receiver.

“Yeah, I was wondering if y’all still do your Mystery Meat Mondays?” Kevin asked not missing a beat.

“Yep, sure do, bring it in Monday, and we’ll fix ‘er up no questions asked!” I tried not to laugh, causing him to finally chuckle.

Eww.” He laughed.

Yeah.” Eloquent, I know.

“So…how’ve you been?” he asked…sadly?

“Kev, are you okay?” I asked all joking aside, going right into protective mode!

What? Yeah, I’m fine…I’ve just missedyou.” He mumbled the last part, probably hoping I wouldn’t catch it.

“I’ve missed you too.” I whispered. You know when you reallylike someone you get these awesome (slightly annoying) fluttery-flies in your stomach? Yeah, talking to Kevin is nothinglike that…it’s worse! Much worse, I think I have…pterodactyls!

Yeah?” aw, I can hear the smirk! Strangethe things you miss huh?

Definitely!” I giggled, because lets face it talking to Kevin is like talking to myself. Waitthat sounded wrong! What I meantwas, that we’re so much alike it hardly ever gets weird between us, that is unless I start shivering, stuttering, or you know avoidinghim…or some otherstupid chick flick like behavior.

“So, thatmeans that if I were to drop inunannounced, you’d…” he trailed off no doubt awaiting my reply.

“Turn you away, telling you I have a hot date.” I shrugged, even though we’ve establishedthat he can’t see me.

“Is that so?” he chuckled.

“Yep!” I confirmed.

“Even if I were standing rightoutside your door holding a largepizza and coffeegrounds?” he asked…wait what? Leaving my very warm and comfortable (did I mention warm?) bed I ran to the door, “hello?” he asked just as I swung it open, revealing a very well put together Kevin looking at his phone, holding pizza and coffee.

What are you doing here?” I asked before I could even process what was going on. “I mean, come in.” I amended stepping aside, suddenly veryaware of my pjs and unruly hair.

“Thanks.” He chuckled, making his way to the kitchen while I continued to hold the door open and watched his retreating back like a moron. “You coming?” he asked from where I can only assume he was putting on the coffee, and successfully snapping me out of my trance.

“Yeah.” I mumbled finally closing (and locking) the door, making sure to avoid any shiny mirror like surfaces on the way to the kitchen. Hey, no reason to confirmmy frumpiness. “So, not that it’s not great to see you but what’s this about?” I asked trying to prevent myself from openlygawking at him. Okay I have got to like…scarethis crush out of me, but the more I try notto think about it the worseit gets!

“Is this a bad time, should I not have dropped in? Man I’m sorry….” He started looking a little scared.

No, it’s not that. You’re alwayswelcome you know that! It’s just unexpectedto see you here, alone…and with food, and coffee.” I tried to reassure him wrapping my arms around his waist, and ignoringthe really nice coffee/ earthy smell he gave off.

Feeling his muscles relax a bit as he exhaled, I pulled away slightly giving him an expectant look, to which he sighed and rolled his eyes, before fixing two cups of coffee and setting them on the table with the pizza.

Come on, before it gets cold.” He chuckled motioning towards the food, then sitting down himself. “I wasn’t kidding earlier, I missedyou, and since I had a real, grown up, work related, excuse to come into the cityI figuredI’d take the opportunity to drop in and make sure my best friend is still breathing.” He explained giving me a slightly accusatory look, complete with raised eyebrow.

Oh…” what else couldI say, I wasavoiding him…a little bit. Okay, a lota bit, but more my crushthan him...still, he has a point.

Yeah.” Darn inquisitive eyes.

“You didn’t have to bring food.” I said guiltily, which reallytranslates into “I’m sorry, I suckand you stillfeed me.”

“Yeah well consider it payment.” He grinned taking a large gulp of coffee.

For?” I asked raising a perfectly waxed, and extremely sore, eyebrow.

Lodging.” He smirked tossing a Parmesan cheese packet at me.
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So this is just a little transition to hold y'all (me) over until I can get back home (tomorrow) and write some more. Because as much as i love my mom's computer (it works), i miss mine! =D