Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 2

So I was on my way to work, and seeing as I was early I decided to stop at a local Starbucks for some caffeinated sustenance. So, java junkies like myself stopping at a coffee shop, harmless right? Oh, so wrong! There I was at the pick up counter grabbing my ventí café americano, minding my own flipping business, all decked out in my white button up shirt, a funky plaid vest, and brown pinstripe slacks, when out of nowhere some menso(Spanish for moron), comes up to me and pours…yes pourshis coffee on me! And as if that isn’t bad enough he’s standing so close he caused me to dump my own steaming cup all over myself.

“Hey Jenny, that’s pretty funny and out of the ordinary why don’t you write about that?” he asks looking genuinely proud of himself. That’s what I get for being a regular everyone here knows me. Oh, and I intended to let this guy get to know me better, when out of nowhere I heard someone interject.

“Nice try pal, but I got to her on her way home last night I guess you’ll have to wait your turn.” Looking up I just caught the crazy-coffee-dumper walk out the door looking a bit crest fallen, and whom I assumed to be my make shift white knight looking after him to make sure he left.

“Thank you, but I could have taken him you know.” I called out trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“Oh, I know he should thank me. I saw the coffee deprived look in your eye, now mix that with a first degree burn, and that guy had it coming.” He managed to get out with an almost straight face. And dang what a face it was! Those huge hazel eyes, and that dark curly hair! “Speaking of which,” he said reaching into his LV laptop bag, and pulling out what looked to be a black ball of fabric, “here why don’t you go change into this, while I get you a replacement?” he smiled handing me what turned out to be a black t-shirt.

“Oh, you don’t have to…”

“It’s the least I can do, plus I’d love to hear what you were planning to do to that guy.” He smirked, leaving me no option but to comply.

Walking into the bathroom, I did my best to wash the obviously over sweetened (judging by the stickiness) coffee out of my curly hair hoping that the mud bath at least enriches the already dark color. Then quickly tried to salvage my white blouse. Though, I’m not holding out much hope, I might just end up dyeing it some other hue…maybe red? Any way I shoved that into the back pocket of my shoulder bag along with my vest, trying to keep them as far from my sketchbook as possible, then proceeded to put on the black t-shirt. Standing in the cramped bathroom I couldn’t help but laugh at the shirt I was now wearing, which proudly proclaimed how much I love coffee, because even on a crazy day like this it seems to be the driving force behind my life.

I quickly spotted Mr. White knight, sitting in a corner with two coffees and that seemingly ever-present smirk.

“Looks nice on you.” He smiled standing up to hand me my coffee then waiting until I took a seat to do so as well. Huh, I thought that kind was extinct.

“Thank you,” I said taking a sip of my coffee expecting it to be overly bitter, only to find it sweetened to perfection. “Mm, this is perfect.” I must admit I’m a little shocked, even my barista gets it wrong when thy try to do it for me.

“Really? The barista told me how you like it, well he tried, so I figured preparing it to my liking was safest, since, the worst that could happen is you wanted milk, or more sweetener.” He smiled sheepishly. Aw, he’s sweet! Crap, Jen calm down! You don’t even know this guy, well not really even though if I’m not mistaken he looks a heck of a lot like… “I’m Kevin by the way.” He said sticking out his hand and confirming my suspicions.

“Jenny, and thank you again, for everything, from the slightly ironic t-shirt which I will wash and return to you, to the amazing coffee.”

“Keep it, it looks better on you than the person it was intended for anyway, plus we share a coffee bond.” He smiled, lifting his cup of coffee in a silent toast.

“It’s like no other, I’ll give you that. Heck it’s better than the bat signal, how else could you have possibly known that the crazy coffee catastrophe was about to take a complicated… no I have nothing, oh well, I tried.” Okay so more than likely I’m wearing his girlfriend’s shirt, and here I am rambling like a moron smooth, Jen, very smooth.

“What can I say, my coffee senses were tingling.” He laughed. Dang nice laugh, oh well I can look right?

“Nice, but are you sure about the shirt I can pay you back for it at least, that way you can buy your girlfriend another one.” Subtle, I know but I had to check.

“Don’t worry about it really, it’s my pleasure, and it was a bad joke anyway she doesn’t even like coffee.” Now I’m sure I had a horrified look upon my face here because he laughed before making a face of his own and adding an amused “I know, I don’t get it either.”

“Well, maybe I’m bias considering I pretty much owe my livelihood to the stuff.” Which is true, without the coffee, “Based On A True Story…” wouldn’t even exist, the whole thing centers on “jenny” which is basically me, being a klutz, usually while in search of coffee.

“Really?” he asked with what if I’m not mistaken is genuine interest.

“Yeah I have a comic strip, and well a column as of a few weeks ago, but that’s not as coffee crazed as the comic. Basically the main character gets herself into all sorts of ridiculous situations in the pursuit of coffee. Well for the most part.” CRAP WORK!!! “Speaking of which, I’m late! Thanks again this was fun and I appreciate it, but I have to run…oh, get her something flowery, it’ll fly better than coffee.” I said before running out of there like a mad woman, knowing David Danes was about to serve my head on a platter.
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YAY! I love getting to write Kevin!